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June 20, 2019

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15 Minutes With...

15 minutes with Ashley (aka Ashley Gratz-Collier)

BHS 2002 grad lives in New York City

15 minutes with Ashley Garland
aka Ashley Gratz-Collier

When did you graduate from Bluffton High School?
I understand you live in New York City. Tell us exactly where you live.

15 minutes with Eric Garmatter

"As a team you can achieve more playing together than as a group of individuals"

15 minutes with Eric Garmatter
Bluffton High School girls' basketball coach

Eric, when you aren't coaching basketball, what do you do?
I work very hard for Coca-Cola.

When you attended Bluffton High School what sports did you play?
I played football, basketball and baseball at Bluffton.

How many hours a week might you average in your coaching duties during the season?
25-30 hours.

15 minutes with Todd Boblitt

It is the sound of a bouncing ball in an empty gym that lives within me

The Icon invited Bluffton High School winter varsity coaches to participate in our "15 minutes" series. Here's our chat with Todd Boblitt, boys' varsity basketball coach.
Your coaching position:
Bluffton High School varsity basketball coach
In addition to coaching, what do you teach, or what is your job:

15 minutes with Tanya Augsburger

In grade school, I wanted to be a veterinarian or an archaeologist - like a female Indiana Jones

15 minutes with Tanya Augsburger,
Bluffton Public Library staff member

What's your position at the library?
I'm the Adult Services Coordinator.

How long have you been on the library staff?
Five years.

What is the most frequent question you are asked at the library?
Most recently, it has been, “Where are the DVD’s?” We have been moving materials around to make better use of space and to more logically organize the library – you should come check it out.

15 minutes with Old Man Bluffton

Retired world traveler always show up here in December

15 minutes with Old Man Bluffton.

Note from Icon: Old Man Bluffton, retired and now world traveler, shows up in Bluffton briefly each December. If he’s in the mood, he allows the Icon to interview him.

Earlier this week the Icon met him in Twisted Whisk and he was in the mood – although the Icon bought the coffee. Here’s a paraphrase of our conversation.

A chat with Bluffton's newest family practitioner

Dr. Leah Eiden, M.D., will see patients in Bluffton this fall

Dr. Leah Eiden, M.D., Bluffton’s newest general practitioner, feels right at home in Bluffton Hospital.

After all, she was born in the hospital. The first person she met in Bluffton was Dr. Howard Shelly, M.D., who delivered her. Dr. Eiden will see patients soon at Bluffton Primary Care, an office currently under renovation.

The Icon sat down with her recently for Q and A. Her youngest son, Jack, sat in on our interview. Here’s what we’d like to share with viewers.