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June 18, 2019

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15 Minutes With...

15 with Nicholas Slinger…on his observations as an RA, intriguing historians, and lessons learned from high school band

 Interview by Sophie Marcum
Over winter break we had the chance to catch up with Nicholas Slinger. He graduated from Bluffton High School in 2013 and has shared some great insights from the perspective of a college upperclassman.
Where do you attend school and what are you studying there?
Ashland University studying Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Political Science. 
What led you to choose this major?

15 with Adel Sommers…on inspiring children to reach their potential and the perks of a liberal arts education

Interview by Sophie Marcum

As one of Bluffton High School’s most recent graduates, Adel has been immersed in her freshman year. She is at Grace College and Seminary, Winona Lake, Ind., and is majoring in Elementary Education. We had the opportunity to ask her about life since graduating. Here’s what we learned…

15 minutes with high school principal Marc Shaner

15 minutes with Marc Shaner

What year did you graduate from Bluffton High School?

It's been quite a while since we've talked last. Update yourself, please. 
My wife, Heather, and I live in Bradley, Ill.. Bradley is approximately 50 miles south of Chicago. I have lived here for the last 16 years (since I graduated from college).

15 with Hannah Chappell-Dick…on living in the moment, her running career, and visions for future society

Interviewed by Sophie Marcum

Hannah graduated from BHS in 2012 and will graduate college this spring. She took the time to reflect on her experiences in college and share her ambitions for the future with us.

Where do you attend school and what are you studying?
I go to Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I am a Biology major with minors in Exercise Science, Coaching, and Honors.

15 with Emily Swisher on her passion for nursing, campus involvement and more

By Sophia Marcum

Our previoius interview was with a BGSU freshman from Bluffton High School, so we decided to keep the ball rolling. Emily Swisher has dived into her major and tells us all about how she’s pursuing her passions in her first semester on campus. 

Where are you attending school and what are you studying?
I am currently majoring in Pre-Nursing at Bowling Green State University.

15 with John Oakley…on freshman year, creativity in the video game industry, and paperless homework

By Sophia Marcum

I had the exciting opportunity to catch up with John Oakley who is a member of Bluffton High School’s most recently graduated class. After his first few weeks of college he shared some of his initial reactions and insights into his freshman year. 

Where are you attending school and what are you studying?
I am attending Bowling Green State University and I am studying Computer Science.