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January 15, 2021

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Bluffton card decks...going...going...


If you've not yet purchased a Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce playing card desk, act now or forever hold your peace.

The popular holiday item at only $5 a deck may disappear quicker than you can say 2010. The deck was the brainchild of Melinda Bowden of PromoHits! The Main Street company sold 52 businesses their own "card." Then, when the decks were printed, PromoHits! donated over 300 sets to the chamber as a fund raiser.

North Carolina on Albert Street

NC plate on Albert Street

Among the many Christmas weekend guests to Bluffton was the driver of this vehicle parked in a driveway on Albert Street. The NC plate promotes the Blue Ridge Parkway, a major tourist feature on the western portion of the state.


Too much Julie and Julia

Reprinted from http://steinermp.wordpress.com/

It's funny how books can influence my activities. Not funny ha ha, but funny strange....but that's a whole other blog topic. Anyway, Anne gave me Julie and Julia for Christmas, so I'm determined to finish the book before I watch the movie. Besides, Lindsay says the book is much better than the movie, so I figure I'll enjoy the best first.


2010 village general fund "only" $2.1 million

Gone are those large village projects:

  • the $1 million Main Street waterline
  • the Main Street streetscape project
  • the $2.5 million town hall renovation
  • the multi-million water tower projects
  • the Ottawa waterline project

It appears 2010 is a "breather" year for the Village of Blfufton budget. Bluffton council okayed its 2010 budget on Dec. 28. The general fund total is $2,138,316. That's lower than the 2009 general fund budget of $2,331,215.

Heidelberg connection


QUADS showed up in Bluffton on Dec. 29. It was parked on Elm Street near the town hall. Perhaps its driver was taking in a dinner on Main Street. QUADS is a Hancock County plate with a Heidelberg College logo on the plate. Readers are invited to help us identify the driver.


Jan. 6 public hearing addresses 458 postal processing concerns

The United States Postal Service will conduct a public meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 6, at 7 p.m. at Lima Senior High School, Jeffrey E. Sprague, vice president, Allen Economic Development Group, Lima, informed The Icon on Dec. 29.

Sprague said that The 458 Regional Postal Task Force has been formed in response to the potential consolidation of the Lima Processing Center to Toledo. Task Force members include business, political and community leaders along with employees of the Lima U.S. Postal Processing Center.