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May 26, 2020

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United Way at 44 percent of goal

The Bluffton-Beaverdam-Richland Township United Way reached 44.27 percent of its goal on Dec. 7, according to Neil Reichenbach, United Way treasurer.

As of Dec. 7 the 209-10 campaign has reached $11,068. The total goal is $25,000. Persons may continue to make donations at Citizens National Bank.

Our scientific snow survey and more

Our extremely scientific poll of early November asked viewers when we would experience the first snowfall of the season.

Figuring that Dec. 7 was that significant event, we referred to our poll (see previous polls). Here's what viewers predicted:

21 percent said it would snow by Nov. 14

44 percent said it would snow between Nov. 15 and Nov. 30

36 percent said it would not snow until December.

And more...


University hosts financial aid annual meeting

Bluffton University will host more than 50 financial aid counselors from across Ohio for the annual meeting of the Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Counselors, Tuesday, Dec. 8.

From the ZB era

182 ZB

Here's another long-standing Bluffton license plate from the ZB era. At one time it no doubt meant a house number. Any viewer who can identify the owner of this plate, please advise.


Masthead, other new features added to The Icon

Viewers will begin to notice several changes in The Bluffton Icon starting today.

First, we are excited to unveil our official masthead, which is in the top left corner of this page. It was designed by Fred Steiner using InDesign. It will begin to appear on various Icon promotional pieces.

"We wanted a modern look that is a bit on the edge," said Steiner. This one one of about 12 designs we've played around with since The Icon was launched. The masthead will change colors from month to month, as it is a fluid piece.



This morning, as little Ben Hartzler walked carefully down the aisle with his mom, Laura, carrying an unlit candle in his hand, my mind was suddenly jolted back to a long-ago Advent season. Ben ~Ac^a'not^aEURoe his hand steadied by his mother~Ac^a'not^a"cs ~Ac^a'not^aEURoe carefully lit his own candle from the flame of last week~Ac^a'not^a"cs candle, then used it to light the next pillar. Whew ~Ac^a'not^aEURoe the wick caught the flame. I suddenly realized I was holding my breath, remembering the year that the candle wouldn~Ac^a'not^a"ct light.