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April 23, 2018

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Bluffton shock jocks create buzz

By Natalie Nikitas
What happens when two college sport fanatics get together with access to a sound board and division three athletes? The Beaver Buzz is born.

Those sport crazy college fans are sophomore Evan Skilliter (BHS grad) and freshman Mitch Gatzke, both of whom are involved in the communication major at Bluffton University.

Together with their love of sports, the idea of a radio show dedicated solely to broadcasts concerning all forms of athletics seemed perfect for the pair. "The Beaver Buzz is the first of its kind here at Bluffton," Skilliter said. "It's a show focused just on Bluffton athletics from the perspective of players, fans, and students".

Recently, the show's focus has been directed towards the more obscure sports on campus, choosing the tennis and track teams for its maiden broadcasts. This decision proved interesting for the two shock jocks.

"The track and tennis people are very appreciative of us getting their respective sports attention and recognition," Gatske said. "However, it was really different covering a sport I wasn't familiar with and I got to have a pretty interesting learning experience with all the different terms and lingo of the two sports."

Along with gaining new insight to different sports, the two are drawn to what the radio show has done for the community of Bluffton. "It's cool to walk around campus and have people come up who listen to the shows talk to you and even request stuff," Gatske said. "The students have been really receptive and I feel like when we come back next year, we'll be able to do even more stuff and get people more interested."

The pair has also taken on another endeavor, broadcasting their own individual opinions concerning national sport teams weekly. The Weekly Roundup, a show dedicated to updating listeners on the world of sports, is another show created by Skilliter and Gatske.

"We just want to keep people updated on any relevant national story that has to do with sports," Skilliter said. "We want to keep the two shows going for however long we can because it's something we feel that's good for Bluffton and the community."

The Beaver Buzz airs Wednesday s at 10 p.m., followed by re-airings on Friday at noon and Saturday at 11 a.m.. The Weekly Roundup airs on Friday and Saturday immediately following the Beaver Buzz at 12:30 p.m. and 11:30 a.m.

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Natalie Nikitas is a 2014 Adolescent Young Adult History Major and Communication Minor from Jeffersonville, Ind., and a student in the Broadcasting and Journalism program at Bluffton University.