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February 23, 2019

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Urban forestry - how is Bluffton doing?

Taking a closer look at our community resources

Note: America in Bloom judges will visit Bluffton July 19-20. To help viewers understand the Bloom judging process, each week on the Icon the Bluffton in Bloom board will describe one of the "Bloom" categories. Questions can be emailed to BlufftonInBloom@gmail.com.

Two judges from America in Bloom will visit Bluffton on July 19-20 to evaluate our town. They will judge Bluffton on several categories.

Last week Landscaped Areas was highlighted.  Another judging category is Urban Forestry, which is defined as:  “Trees and related programs for the leadership, management, design, installation, and maintenance on public and private lands.”

How would you rank Bluffton on these Environmental Efforts?
• Tree board/commission is active
• Municipal ordinance(s) enacted/enforced for tree preservation on public and private property
• Currently a Tree City USA community and/or has the Growth Award designation
• Management program for dead, imperiled, and/or invasive trees
• Arboretum in place with labels and descriptive signage
• Watering, Mulching, and Pruning: program for watering new trees; proper mulching (i.e., no volcano mulching); appropriate pruning, removal of dead limbs and canopies raised adequately above vehicle and pedestrian areas
• Recognition and protection of heritage trees

Last year was the first year that Bluffton participated in the America in Bloom program, earning three out of five possible blooms.  Bluffton was awarded an America in Bloom Outstanding Achievement Award for Urban Forestry.  

This year, Bluffton in Bloom has been created to make Bluffton a more welcoming village for our residents and neighbors through charitable contributions that benefit our heritage, gardens, parks, trees, clean environment, health and fitness, schools and businesses, ensuring future community vitality and prosperity.

Bluffton in Bloom board
Bloom board members are Tom Schmidt, chair, Nancy Benroth, Denise Fett, Becky Ramey and Mark Simmons. Jesse Blackburn, village administrator, is the village liaison to the board.

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