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April 25, 2019

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What if things didn’t turn out as you hoped?

Thinking about your 2018 taxes

By Kathi Dunlap
Faith Investment Services
This scenario plays out all over the world, day after day.  Things didn’t turn out as you had hoped. 

Maybe you tried really hard to master a new skill or information, but didn’t pass the required test.

Maybe you asked a girl out and she turned you down.  Maybe you entered a contest for a cruise, but didn’t get chosen. 

Maybe you simply wanted to get from the office to your car without papers blowing everywhere.  Somewhere along the way, things didn’t turn out as you had hoped.


What you need to know about identity theft

Here are some suggestions that spell out S C A M

This column provided by Faith Investment Services, Bluffton

Fans of “The Office” will appreciate this glimpse into identity theft.  

For most Americans, identity theft is a very real threat and definitely no joke.  The likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft increases in your 50’s – probably because you are reaching a pinnacle financially, before beginning the retirement years. 


Little known facts about Roth IRAs

They have a “hidden secret” that provides a ton of flexibility

While we encourage folks to save long-term for retirement, the Roth IRA has a “hidden secret” that provides a ton of flexibility. When you have had any Roth IRA for a period of 5 years or more, you are able to withdraw the contribution portion (not the gains) without tax or penalty. There are many situations where this can be helpful:


Financial column: Who can deduct?

You still have time to contribute to your traditional and Roth IRAs for 2018

Contributing to your IRA is a wonderful way to save for your future. You still have time to contribute to your traditional and Roth IRAs for the 2018 tax year; even though we have already begun 2019.

Using an IRA, whether it is a traditional or Roth, gives investors the opportunity for tax-deferred growth during the accumulation phase. 

For many, the accumulation phase is from the time they start earning income from a job or career to the time they retire from the workforce.


A look at financial volatility

My family and rollercoasters

I have four children and they are split 50-50 as far as their enjoyment of rollercoasters. 

The thrill of the climb, the shock of the drop, the blood rushing through their veins – two of them enjoy every moment of the experience, but two not so much.  They were all raised in a similar environment, have common parents, same gene pool, etc. but two of them have a stomach for risk and two do not. 


Faith Investment Services celebrates 15th anniversary

Office will move in December to rear of 101 N. Main St.

Faith Investment Services recently celebrated its 15th anniversary as a financial firm in Bluffton. Gary Reese started in the financial services industry in 1987 and transitioned to owning his own firm in October, 2003. He has been a successful Financial Adviser with Faith Investment Services since 2003. He is registered with cfd Investments based in Kokomo, Indiana.