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January 17, 2021

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Financial News

With ultra-low rates, should you still invest in bonds?

By Ryan DeMarco
Financial advisor

If you’ve been investing for many years and you’ve owned bonds, you’ve seen some pretty big changes on your financial statements. In 2000, the average yield on a 10-year U.S.

Treasury security was about 6%; in 2010, it had dropped to slightly over 3%, and for most of 2020, it was less than 1%. That’s an enormous difference, and it may lead you to this question: With yields so low on bonds, why should you even consider them?


Are you a do-it-yourselfer? 

The problem is that sometimes ways of learning can potentially leave you with a false sense of knowledge

By Kathi Dunlap
at Faith Investment Services

My husband is a contractor and I frequently go with him to do estimates for home projects. 

We walk in, meet the homeowners, and then begin listening to their desire for a new kitchen or bathroom or other remodeling project. It is quite common, as they are verbalizing their desires, to hear “I was watching HGTV and I saw…” as part of the narrative. 

Many people get ideas from places like Pinterest and HGTV and want to replicate those designs in their home. No problem, right?!


When you inherit qualified money

Here are some of the options available to you

By Kathi Dunlap at Faith Investment Services
If someone dear to you passes away, you may inherit some money from them.  

What to do with the money (accounts held at a bank, brokerage, or other means) often depends on two things – whether the accounts are tax-qualified or not AND what your relationship is to the deceased. 

Let me break that down:


Don’t (*blindly) trust trusts 

Consult trusted advisers before you take action

By Kathi Dunlap
Faith Investment Services

You open your mailbox and see a glossy invitation for a steak dinner, promising a short presentation on Wills or Trusts.  Promises like “Avoid probate with a Trust” or “Don’t let the nursing home get everything you’ve worked for” seem to make a lot of sense and who can pass up a free steak?!


Faith, finances and voting

By Gary Reese
Faith Investment Services

The way we vote should reflect what we believe in.  

As Americans, we have been given the ballot box to express our values and desires for how the country is run.  The results of elections end up affecting so many aspects of our lives – our personal safety and well-being – as well as our national defense, our taxation, our ability to invest (with or without government intrusion), how we raise our families, our retirement, and more. 


Teaching financial responsibility

Some ideas for your children

By Faith Investment Services intern, James Garrett
Being financially responsible is a very important aspect of life. By doing the right things with your money, you can live a fruitful time on earth from beginning to end. But do you remember when you learned about how to manage money?

Learning about financial responsibility is important for everyone to understand, even children. But how do you teach them?