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October 22, 2020

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Allen County returns to Risk Level 3 (Red) for COVID-19

Recent public health data has led the Ohio Department of Health to designate Allen County as being in a Red Alert Level 3 as defined by the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. 

Allen County moves into Red after being in Orange Level 2 since Aug. 13.

The information contained in this Public Health Update describes the alert and the safety measures everyone needs to take to slow the spread of COVID-19.

This update also explains what Allen County residents need to know to comply with current orders of the Director of the Ohio Department of Health. 

An important Bluffton senior citizen turns 50 this year

Q: How can a senior citizen be only 50? A: When it's the Bluffton Senior Citizen Center

An important Bluffton senior citizen celebrates 50 years on Dec. 7 – and wait a minute, how can a senior citizen be only 50?

Answer: It’s the Bluffton Senior Citizen Association.

The December event is a combined Christmas, anniversary and annual meeting party, according to Tonya Meyer, director. It will take place at The Centre at Bluffton and additional details are still being put together.

The event includes a lunch, vote on board members, an annual memorial service and celebration of some of its members reaching 90 years.

"Controlled burn" could take place this week

8 to 10 acres at Motter Metro Park

Johnny Appleseed Metro Park employees plan a “controlled burn” of a section of Bluffton's Motter Metro Park the later this month.

The date depends upon several conditions including wind, temperature, humidity and condition of the ground.

A park spokesperson told the Icon earlier this week that the burn was planned for Thursday morning, but the rains of yesterday may have changed that.

The area to be burned includes 8 to 10 acres on the west side of the parking area back to the fence row.

So, you think you know Bluffton - the answer

So, you think you know Bluffton? The answer is below.

Red Lights mean stop! Next week is National School Bus Safety Week

Oct. 19 to 23 is National School Bus Safety Week and the theme is "Red Lights Mean STOP!" 

This year’s national campaign reminds motorists that they need to use caution around school buses and come to a stop when the bus is displaying its red flashing lights. 

Ohio law requires motorists to stop clear of the school bus until the bus driver cancels the red lights.

So, you think you know Bluffton?

So, you think you know Bluffton? Okay, where is this? Answer tomorrow.