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David Yoder

May 27, 2017


Poetic License

Who ya for? The answer: both. This ONU and OSU supporter wears his school loyalty on his sleeve...or, in this case, his license plate. The two-university plate was spotted on a black Altima on ONU's campus.

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Poetic License

Just like the song

Like the Aretha Franklin song lyrics...R A S P E C T. The Icon spotted this plate in the parking lot on Thurman Street.


Ada Korean War veteran

The Icon snapped this photo recently in Ada. It belongs to a Korean War veteran from Hardin County.


a Hello kitty lover

We know this much - the driver is a Hello Kitty lover. The Ada Icon spotted this plate in the Ada Technologies Inc. associate's parking lot.


License plate from concert on the lawn

ABSHIER - The Icon spotted this plate in the Mennonite Memorial Home parking lot during the concert on the lawn. The plate is from Hancock County,.


Pop's plate for certain

Okay, you interprete this one. The Icon spotted this Allen County plate in Ada recently.


All four Ohio State

We've seen several combination of plates proclaiming the driver as an Ohio State fan. Here's one of those versions. The Icon spotted this plate in Ada. It's a Franklin County plate.


A Putnam peace plate

This means there are at least six other "Peace" plates in Ohio. The Icon spotted this one on Main Street earlier this week. It's a Putnam County plate.



It's a unusual plate. The Icon spotted it recently in Dayton.


Yes, Virginia, Browns fans still exist

Yes, Virginia, Cleveland Browns fans still exist. The Icon spotted this one in Ada.


"33" for Hardin County

This plate has a "33" on the left bottom corner for Hardin County. The Icon spotted this car at the Ada swimming pool.