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Poetic License

This plate's from Rockport

The Icon spotted this plate in Rockport. There's another one there that's very similar to this one. You'll see it here next.


On a red Mustang

The Icon spotted this in First National Bank's parking lot on a red Mustang. Holy Book?


Karin from Putnam County

The Icon spotted this Putnam County plate at Maple Crest earlier in the week. Who is Karin M?



VENNE - The Icon spotted this plate on Bluffton, cut the details are hazy. Anyone with a clue to the meaning or ownership, let us know.


Caught at the derby

The Icon caught 11 YL at the fishing derby on Sunday. YL is a Buckeye fan.


Bluffton, Virginia?

Here's a rare license plate. Nothing unusual about 45817 - Bluffton's zip code. But, did you catch the state name? Look again, closer. We know the owner of this plate. Do you?


Spotted on a Virginia plate

An Icon viewer sent us this interesting Virginia license plate.


Muscle car

GO 442 - The Icon has has this plate on deck since last year's Bluffton cruise in. We spotted this plate on one of the muscle cars on Main Street.


Just cruising

The Icon spotted this plate at a car cruise-in. It figures.


DI 1947

DI 47 - Should we assume DI was born in 1947? The Icon spotted this plate in the Bluffton parking lot on the east side of Main Street.