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Tammy Bradshaw

October 17, 2017

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Poetic License

Here's a real Lincoln Highway fan

This is an Ada license plate, belonging to Norm Rex, who is a historic Lincoln Highway promoter.


What's this one mean?

Spotted this plate in Ada. Working on a mean, but we need help. Any suggestions?


This driver is Heaven-bound

Welcome to "Poetic License." The Icon features a variety of license plates in this column. This plate was photographed on Bluffton's Main Street.


We’re in Kansas, now

Our new weekly feature “Poetic License” highlights interesting license plates in the Icon viewership area. This plate was photographed in the Ada school parking lot.


Lots of Good plates in Ohio

GOOD 701 - does that mean there might be 700 "Good" plates in Ohio? The Icon spotted number 701 in the BFR Sports and Fitness parking lot.


J.S. Bach up

The Icon spotted this plate in the Moisman Hall parking lot. Turns out this  belongs to Jon Peterson, member of the university music faculty. No surprise.


SML RED - can only mean one thing

SML RED - we take to mean "Small Red." The Icon spotted this small red vehicle in the Bluffton University Bentley Road parking lot. Check out the photo below and you'll see how the license plate came to be.


Introducing T Baker

TBAKER3 - must mean somewhere in Ohio is TBAKER2 and TBAKER1. The Icon spotted this plate recently in an Ohio Northern University parking lot.


H Row

H Row plus TBDBITL plus "Script Ohio" can only mean thing: someone is an Ohio State University band alum. You'll find this plate usually on Jackson Street at the high school.



The Icon spotted this Hancock County plate recently in Ada. Can any viewer explain the meaning?