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June 18, 2019

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Poetic License

It's on a white Mustang


The next white Mustang that passes you, check out the plate. It may be Charlyn. We photographed this plate while the vehicle was parked on Franklin Street between the high school and middle school. Anyone who might identify the driver, please make a comment.


Any guess on this plate?


We've seen this plate around town for several years. Any guesses on its meaning?


RUNDA... what does it mean?


RUNDA..we don't have a clue on this one. Well, the only clue is that the vehicle is usually parked in the Bren-Dell Hall parking lot. It's owned by a Bluffton University student. Any help from viewers is appreciated.


...in blue

This plate was originally on a vehicle with an obviously blue paint scheme. Today you'll find it usually parked on Church Street near the Bluffton Elementary School. It is a plate on the vehicle driven by Alice Basinger, elementary music teacher.


Husband and wife team

NDN is found on a black vehicle usually parked on Grove Street or in the Riley Court parking lot. The initials stand for Ned (and) Deb Niswander.


Oh, now I can see!

This plate requires some thought. The major hint is that it is on Dr. Mark Yoder's vehicle. Imagine you are in the chair and the doctor asks: "Better one, or better two?"