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July 23, 2019

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Poetic License

Dinosaur license plate

Icon viewer Bob Antibus (on sabbatical in Montana) sent us the photo of this license plate with the following explanation: A Troodon is a type of dinosaur - small with long arms - you can read about it at the link below - I thought the plate was cool as it had the T rex and was a Museum of Rockies plate. I don't know who owns the car (vanity plates are big in Montana - both my sabbatical sponsor and her husband have plates linked to their jobs). The Museum of the Rockies is famous for being the home of Jack Horner and the collection of dinosaur eggs and nests.


What's I PROMO?


Melinda Bowden of PromoHits!, a Main Street, Bluffton business, broadcasts her business name on her license plate.


What's 66 PB?

67 PB

Paul Businger's high school football jersey was not forgotten when he created this license plate. His number was 66.


What's CAB BU?

Celia Amstutz Blough, Bluffton University

CAB BU stands for Celia Amstutz Blough, Bluffton University.


If you taught strings, how your license plate read?


Okay, work this one on phonetically. Here's a hint. The plate is on a vehicle parked along Jackson Street near the elementary school generally Mondays through Fridays. The plate is owned by Rachael Lewis, strings instructor in the Bluffton schools.


This week's vanity plate - B STEG

B STEG belongs to Bluffton University student Brittany Stegmaier.

B STEG belongs to Bluffton University student Brittany Stegmaier.