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January 21, 2017


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Poetic License

You'll see this plate on a white Ford. It stands for a former Bluffton business, Dunifon Oil.

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Vanity Plates


You'll see this plate on a white Ford. It stands for a former Bluffton business, Dunifon Oil.



Youths who have taken driver's education know this plate. It's on a Silver Buick Century Special Edition. It belong tyo Drive Time Driving Instruction. You will it in Bluffton and Ada.

And, there is a Drive Time 1 and Drive Time 2.



You don't need to think very long about the make of this car that the Icon spotted on North Main Street, Ada. It's a Lincoln Town Car.


I Peter 5:7

If we aren't mistaken this plate belongs to Sue Epp and you'll find it on a silver Mercury Monterey parked on school days in the school parking lot. I Peter, chapter 5, verse 7 offers an encouraging message to everyone.



Spotted on a Hancock County car driving south on Main Street in Ada. This driver is a parachutist.


There's only one family who could have this plate

NYGAARD - There's only one family in Bluffton with that last name. You'll find this plate on a silver-grey Honda Odyssey parked on Anna Circle. It belongs to Christian and Jamie Nygaard.


A true biker

The Icon spotted this BIKE ONE plate just off Main Street in Ada.


This can only be Steve Yarnell's plate

The Icon spotted this plate in the Sommer Center parting lot. You'll see it on a a right red Dodge pickup. With a little imagination, we think this plate belongs to Steve Yarnell, university volleyball coach.


Lots of information in just six letters

This plate provides a lot of information with just six letters. It belongs to David Retterer, Ada, mayor. You'll find it on a bright red Ford F150 pickup.

How many other university towns in the U.S. could you pull this off?


You won't find this plate on the street

You won't find this plate on the street. It's a combination of nine different license plates that spells "TOMMY TIRE."  It's on diplay in the Bluffton office. We see mostly Ohio plates and two states that we can't identify used in this artistic work.