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December 8, 2016


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Poetic License

NYGAARD - There's only one family in Bluffton with that last name. You'll find this plate on a silver-grey Honda Odyssey parked on Anna Circle. It belongs to Christian and Jamie Nygaard.

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Vanity Plates

That's a Hawkeye plate - not a Buckeye plate

Iowa 696 SZT

We found this car waiting in the Kirtland Auto parking lot, all the way from Washington County, Iowa.


It's a Putnam County plate for certain

JR 86

It's from Putnam County. That's obvious. But who is JR and what does 85 represent? JR's year of birth, graduation from high school, marriage or football jersey?


Hey! That's not an Ohio plate!

WPQ 090

Hey! That's not an Ohio plate! You are correct. It's from Kansas. The Icon snapped it in the Rosenberger Drive parking lot. It belongs to a Bluffton University student.


What's the message here?


This plate was seen in the Rosenberger Drive parking lot at Bluffton University. On first glance doesn't it appear to state "Amish"? or is that our own imagination. We do not know the real meaning of the plate.


Probably an OSU grad

AG 98

What do you want to bet that AG is a '97 grad of Ohio State University?


A Blue Jackets fan


Here's what we can tell you about 5 LFD. The driver is a member of the AFL-CIO and is a Columbus Blue Jackets fan. Any other information provided by viewers is welcomed.


Birth date or zip code


We caught this plate in front of the Shannon Theatre during an afternoon movie matinee. Is it the driver's birth date, or is it a zip code from the west coast?


The K stands for Kathy

We've searched for this one

We've knew this one existed, but never had a camera on us when we spotted it, until now. BRAUEN K translates to Kathy Brauen.



Diller, Dunifon, Doty, Dukes?

Assuming these are initials do they belong to a Diller, Dunifon, Doty, Downey, Dukes, Dyck or Dunlap? We don't know the answer, except that the driver lives in Allen County.


The year was 1973

We know this much: PK lives in Hancock County. What we don't know is this: was PK born in 1973 or is PK a 1973 graduate of Cory-Rawson?