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Ben Moser

January 21, 2017


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Poetic License

You'll see this plate on a white Ford. It stands for a former Bluffton business, Dunifon Oil.

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Vanity Plates

Go east young man

FWS 5125

No, it's not an Ohio plate. It's our neighboring state from the east, Pennsylvania. We saw this license plate in the Rosenberger Drive parking lot at Bluffton University.


A Buckeye fan and maybe OSU grad


You've seen this familiar plate around town on a dark colored van. Can any viewer identify the OSU fan who owns this plate?


This plate has a ring to it


Greg Ring doesn't make it easy to take a photo of his license plates. He covers the plates with some sort of protective devise. It really causes a glare when you take a photo with a flash. Greg ought to know better. GMDE stands for Greg, Mary, Don and Ethan Ring.


It's from Berne, Indiana

Berne, indiana license plate

If this car is not from Berne, Ind., then my name is not Menno Simon. We saw this plate in the Rosenberger Drive parking lot recently. Berne is in Adams County, Indiana.


Come in please


This is KC8ISC, do you read me? This plate belongs on an amateur radio operator,


That's a Hawkeye plate - not a Buckeye plate

Iowa 696 SZT

We found this car waiting in the Kirtland Auto parking lot, all the way from Washington County, Iowa.


It's a Putnam County plate for certain

JR 86

It's from Putnam County. That's obvious. But who is JR and what does 85 represent? JR's year of birth, graduation from high school, marriage or football jersey?


Hey! That's not an Ohio plate!

WPQ 090

Hey! That's not an Ohio plate! You are correct. It's from Kansas. The Icon snapped it in the Rosenberger Drive parking lot. It belongs to a Bluffton University student.


What's the message here?


This plate was seen in the Rosenberger Drive parking lot at Bluffton University. On first glance doesn't it appear to state "Amish"? or is that our own imagination. We do not know the real meaning of the plate.


Probably an OSU grad

AG 98

What do you want to bet that AG is a '97 grad of Ohio State University?