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December 8, 2016


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Poetic License

NYGAARD - There's only one family in Bluffton with that last name. You'll find this plate on a silver-grey Honda Odyssey parked on Anna Circle. It belongs to Christian and Jamie Nygaard.

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Vanity Plates


The Icon spotted this plate in the Bluffton Hospital parking lot. Viewers are welcome to explain its meaning.


EC 66 biking plate

EC 66 belongs to Everett Collier. Check out the biker on the plate.


70 YZ - but it's not what you think

We've posted hundreds of license plates on The Icon, but this one is in a class by itself.

Study it for a moment. What do you see? You see a traditional Bluffton "YZ" but the plate is not Ohio. The plate is Arizona.

What's going on here? The answer is that "70 YZ" once upon a time belonged to James F. West of Sunset Drive. His son, John, moved to Arizona and took a little of Bluffton with him. John obtained the vanity plate for his dad's old Ohio plate.


Co-exist bumpersticker - and its meaning

You've seen this bumpersticker in Bluffton. Here's what it means:

The designer, Piotr Mlodozeniec's basic coexistence design is uncomplicated and easy to understand. The design uses three symbols that stand for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Mlodozeniec modified the word "coexist" in the following ways:


45817 can only mean Bluffton

We wondered how long it might be until someone with a 45817 zip code snatched up this plate. We've seen 48577 and 45816 driving around town, but never 45817 - until today.


Back home again in Indiana

Back home again - Here's an Indiana license plate The Icon spotted in a university parking lot.


Let Toys

Here's a one-of-a-kind Ohio plate. The Icon spotted it in Idea Imagines parking lot.


Green Mountain State

A Vermont resident passed through town recently. The Icon spotted this Green Mountain State plate in Bluffton last week.


Hello "NANA DEB"

It was a rainy morning last week when the Icon spotted NANA DEB in the Garau Street hospital parking.


Taxation without representation

Here's a rare license plate seldom seen in Bluffton - Washington, D.C., The Icon spotted this on Cherry Street.