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October 1, 2016


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Poetic License

Spotted this plate in Ada. Working on a mean, but we need help. Any suggestions?

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Vanity Plates

Taxation without representation

Here's a rare license plate seldom seen in Bluffton - Washington, D.C., The Icon spotted this on Cherry Street.


A hummingbird special

Here's a license plate from south of the Ohio River. The Icon spotted this Kentucky plate in the Bluffton Hospital parking lot last week.


The Natural State

This Arkansas plate was spotted in the Riley Court parking lot.


From the sunshine state

Here's a bright yellow license plate from the state known as "Sunshine." The Icon spotted it in downtown Bluffton recently.


The Holy Ghost lives in Allen County

Here's a plate you don't see every day. The Icon spotted it in Lima. It's comforting to know that the Holy Ghost resides in Allen County.


Must be Allen County

Nothing fancy about this plate. It's an Ohio "county" license plate. The Icon spotted this in the BFR parking lot.


Pingle is an OSU fan

We know one thing - Pingle is an Ohio State fan. But, who is Pingle? The Icon spotted this plate on Main Street.



The Icon caught this plate on Main Street. We suppose "DUCKS" was already taken. "DUKS" is a pretty good alternative. It's on a Hancock County plate.



The Icon spotted this plate on Cherry Street in January. The plate is from Cuyahoga County. Maybe the driver stopped in for a cup of coffee at Common Grounds. Any thoughts on the meaning of the plate?


What does ZT mean?

ZT means only one thing: Pandora. The Icon spotted this plate in Bluffton but it belongs to a time when each community had its own letters. ZT mean Pandora.