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Amy Jordan King

October 26, 2016


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Poetic License

Meet CHRS MSN. The Icon spotted this plate on a red Chrysler 300 S in the Mennonite Memorial Home parking lot in Bluffton. It has a Hancock County sticker. If Chris is viewing this, please tell us the meaning of this plate.

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Vanity Plates

State the state

The Icon spotted this plate downtown Bluffton recently. Can you identify the state?


Reverend doctor

This one belongs to Rev. Dr. Matthew Zuehlke, pastor of Bluffton Presbyterian Church.


Peterson from Arkansas

Meet the Petersons from Arkansas. The Icon snapped this photo in the Mennonite Memorial Home parking lot.


Amateur radio

The Icon spotted this amateur radio operator's special plate on Main Street.


When ZT meant Pandora

For a moment we thought it was 1960. The Icon spotted this 76 ZT plate in downtown Bluffton. In a previous Ohio license plate system, ZT plates were available only in Pandora. Someone kept number 76 for a very long time.


Rocken - not Don Rock

If we didn't know Donald Rock already had a vanity plate, we might think this is his. It's not. We welcome Icon views thoughts on this owner of this plate.


Corn Maze

This one is a cinch. The Icon spotted this at Jerry and Nancy Suter's earlier this summer. It's time for the Corn Maze.


Who is BKEK?

The Icon spotted this Vietnam Vet's plate during the Hancock Handlebars visit to Bluffton on Sept. 18.


13 Free

13 FREE - spotted on Main Street on Friday. Viewers who may offer the meaning of the plate are encouraged to do so.


Madi B

Somewhere there's a Madi B with a license plate like this. The Icon spotted this just off Main Street.