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October 15, 2018

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If this is 1890, it must be Bluffton

If this is 1890, then this must be Bluffton.

It is Bluffton and it is Main and Cherry in one of the earliest photos of Main Street. Will Triplett took this photo.

Please look at the addition two photos below - we've enlarged portions of the original photo to look closer at this scene.

Here are some observations:

• The belfry of the school is on the far left.
• The Methodist Church (replaced in 1915 by the present building) is the next steeple.
• The only building in this photo standing today is the 101-103 N. Main St. block. • Additions were added later to rear of the 101 N. Main St. building.
• Trees are planted along Main Street.
• The trees are protected by wooden frames taller than the men on the street.
• Three of the buildings have second floor balconies.
• That might be a water pump in front of 101 N. Main.
• There’s also a horse trough and water pump on Cherry Street.
• There’s a jewelry store with a large sign in the shape of a pocket watch on the side of the building.
• A barber pole directs customers to a second-floor barber.
• Trees are also planted along what is today Church Street.
• The street is not yet paved.
• The Commercial Bank building - today housing John Wagner's National Agency, is not yet built.
• Will Triplett posed this photo as he had store owners stand in front of their businesses.