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Must an Ohio University grad


If you spend any time near the middle school, sooner or later you'll come upon this plate. It is on a vehicle driven by Nancy Armour, middle school teacher. And, yes, she is a 1974 Ohio University graduate.


What do you give a fourth grader for Christmas? We asked; we found the answers

Question: What do you give a fourth grader for Christmas? Answer: Read on and you will find out. We gave fourth graders in Tami Hardy's class a Christmas writing assignment for Christmas. We asked them to construction some lists. And so they did. We offer you the answers to the questions of fourth graders Christmas wish lists (according to the fourth grader) of their mom and their dad. Then, we asked them for their own list.

As an alternative with wish list, some students compiled lists of five things they wish they'd hear and other wishes.

It all follows:


Christmas: It's not what it used to be

By Joanne Niswander

Take it from someone who is experiencing her 80th (oops, now everyone knows!) Christmas season: Christmas isn't what it used to be. You've probably thought the same thing. But, before you start nodding in agreement that Christmas has gone to the dogs, read on . . .


Dec. 10-16 Southgate Lanes report

All Star
scores bowled on : Dec.10
high game

Al Simon 300
Robert Smith-Jr 279
Mike Kelly 278
Derek Dukes 258
John Nye 258
John Dunifon 257
Mike Kelly 252
Robert Smith-Jr 249


Jeremy Parkins leads Dec. 29 BFR soccer clinic

Jeremy Parkins, graduate of Bluffton High School, will lead a half-day soccer clinic on Tuesday, Dec. 29 at BFR. Parkins leads soccer clinics for the Columbus Crew professional soccer team throughout the year.

Parkins played collegiate soccer at University of Findlay and Capital before playing for the Columbus Crew.

BFR has hosted a winter camp for almost10 years, with the date moved from February to December.


BFR Sports and Fitness welcomes guests over the holidays

BFR will be open for informal recreation over the holidays, according to Carole Eneking, director. Except for closing early (at noon) on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, and being closed for Christmas Day and New Year's Day, BFR will have lots of time for guests.

Non-members may use the facility without charge when visiting with a current BFR member. Open gymnasium and arena times will be available from 9 a.m.. to 9 p.m. on most days; the daily fee for non-members is $5.