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Letter: Bluffton Poinsettia Club--104 years old!

The Bluffton Poinsettia Club was founded in 1920 by a group of women seeking friendship, laughter and an opportunity to do some good in this world. Today the Poinsettia Club has the same goals. Our motto is a quote by Madeline Bridges – “Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.”

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month--April through November--at a location chosen by the hostess. We will begin our 104th year with our first meeting on April 16 hosted by Fairy Parkins. At the meetings members enjoy lunch and many times a presentation by a representative of a local organization that often becomes the recipient of a donation. In previous years the Bluffton Poinsettia Club has donated to Hope House and City Mission in Findlay, The Bluffton Community Assistance Food Pantry and the Mt. Cory Food Pantry as well as the Women’s Center of Findlay and the Fuller Center, among others.



Letter: What makes a thing into a souvenir? 

By Wendy Chappell-Dick

Clearly objects can hold memories for people. When we experience a momentous occasion, small souvenirs can bring back the memories of that time and place. The April 8 total eclipse will be a once-in-a-lifetime memory, and it is interesting to see what we will choose as our souvenirs. 


LETTER Soil erosion rates and the cover crop option

By Matt Burkholder
The Nature Conservancy 
Farmer Advocate for Conservation Coordinator 
[email protected]

Does Riley creek have to turn brown after a rainfall event?

The short answer is no. But why does it turn brown? Most farm field’s drain into lakes and streams in our community. Unfortunately last fall many farm fields were tilled bare, exposing soil to erosion. Often a fall tillage pass is done to break up the soil and reduce compaction caused by heavy machinery.  Heavy machinery will always make some compaction. The last two fall seasons were very dry; as a result I would argue there wasn’t as much compaction made as farmers think. After a tillage pass is made rain water does infiltrate into the soil quickly. Soon after that the topsoil crusts over and water infiltration begins to decline, resulting in the need for another tillage pass. As farmers and landowners it is our responsibility to reduce erosion. The annual rate of soil erosion in Ohio is approximately 2.7 tons. That is not acceptable and it doesn’t have to be this way. 


LETTER Bluffton Food Pantry needs continue

Getting a bag ready for Scouting for Food on Saturday, March 9 or considering making a direct donation? Here's a list of needed items from Bluffton Community Assistance, which runs the Food Pantry at St. Johns UCC, 223 W College Ave.


Letter: Thank you from Margaret Misch

From Margaret Misch

Francis Paul Misch passed away 2/26/2024 at the age of 76 

We were married for 38 years. Bluffton, thank for your love, kindness, and support for the last two years where we have been living with my step daughter’s family.


Letter: Isn't it time?

Isn’t it time:

To seek solutions rather than blame!

To seek progress over revenge!

To seek truth over fear!

To seek policies over party politics and personalities!

To seek to govern from the middle where compromise is possible rather than from the edges where there is no hope!

To seek to believe in a constitution that has been in effect for 235 years.