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Letter: Sponsors keep Main Street flags flying

Letter from Duane Bollenbacher

The S.H.A.N.N.O.N. (Sharing Hopes And Nourishing Needs Of Neighbors) Service Club of Bluffton (in cooperation with the Village of Bluffton, the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Bluffton American Legion) is inviting you to help decorate Main Street of Bluffton with American Flags flying in the wind.  These bright red, white, and blue pennants are already adding a touch of colorful beauty to our Bluffton Community this summer.  

This is a WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN situation for all of us.


Letter: Volunteerism furthers the mission of non-profits

Volunteerism! Most of, if not all non-profits depend on the volunteers to further their mission. Without volunteers the Boy Scouts of America would not be able to serve millions of youth nationwide over the past 120 years with the leadership, character, citizenship and fitness training that makes youth prepared for life and the leaders of tomorrow.  


Letter: American Legion response to Memorial Day editorial


This is our Bluffton American Legion Post 382 response to the June 3, 2022, Iconoclast View:

This year we asked a Veteran to speak and verbally gave him our guidelines. Some may agree with his ideas, and some may disagree. Either way the speech was not appropriate for Memorial Day. Memorial Day is to honor our fallen comrades. We will in the future give written guidelines so this does not happen again. We have had excellent speakers and will continue to strive in the future to honor the fallen on Memorial Day.


Letter: Continued Thin Blue Line Concern

To:  Mayor Johnson, City Council Members, and Citizens of Bluffton, OH

I recently sent a letter to our mayor council members and also to the ICON, voicing concern about the thin blue line proposal.  At this time I would like to continue expressing my concern. While many of us oppose the painting of the street, we are not opposed to honoring our law enforcement community as a whole and our fallen officers, in particular.


Letter: Appropriate memorial already exists

To the editor:

A suggestion is before Bluffton council to paint a thin blue line on Main Street, and/or blue American flags hung there in relation to Dominic Francis’ memory.


Letter: Re Thin Blue Line

An open letter to the citizens of Bluffton:

Bluffton is a good town, a good place to live, a good place to raise children, a good place to retire.  Most recently, the tragic death of Officer Dominic Francis has simultaneously increased unity and also disparity within our community.