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Everything changes

By Paula Scott
Bluffton Icon editor

Watching students cross Main St. at College Ave. after school on a windy 27 degree day in January is educational. Several aren’t wearing coats or even long pants. But most press the crosswalk beacon button and use the crosswalk--however, the flashes rarely sync with my camera.

Most drivers stop for these pedestrians, but northbound traffic is much slower to brake. Some drivers that need to cross Main put the pedal to the medal to do so.

Have you been part of discussions about the need for improved safety measures at the intersection of Main St. and College Ave.? Since a January 10 crash involving a young pedestrian, some residents have voiced strong opinions online and at a January 23 Bluffton council meeting.


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A Bentley Rd. mystery solved, November vehicle-deer crash count

In December 2022, a Bluffton Icon reader inquired about an accident that had occurred on Bentley Rd. near Bixel in mid-November. He had picked up pieces from a vehicle in his field and seen utility pole damage–so he was surprised that no local news outlets had reported the incident.

The Icon’s inquiries at that time yielded no information. Recently, we have become more familiar with the Ohio Department of Public Safety crash statistics services, which include the opportunity to search for reports by county. 


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Main Street safety for pedestrians and drivers in 2023

Should Bluffton install a traffic light at Main and College? Do you yield to pedestrians?

A January 10 accident on Main St. near College Ave. has village residents talking about long-standing concerns regarding traffic and pedestrian safety at this location. The police report has not yet been released, but preliminary information indicates that a youth was struck by a vehicle and then transported by EMS to Lima Memorial Hospital. It is expected to take several days for a report to be filed by the Bluffton Police Department.

The incident has reheated anxiety that has simmered since the traffic signal at Main St. and College was removed in 2009. Those most affected are the children who attend the schools on one side of Main and use the Bluffton Public Library and school sports facilities on the other side.