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Our most-read stories of 2021

Here are the Bluffton Icon's most-read stories of 2021. We have grouped the December 11 police incident and obituaries as single topics. The surprise entry to this editor, if not to past editors, is that a 2012 story about the coexist bumper sticker, item #3, attracted 873 readers.

  1.  Multiple stories regarding the December 11 shooting and manhunt:

Truth in advertising: Motter Park

The Icon's editor found this message on Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District's Facebook page:

"It's the hectic week before Christmas. Are you feeling overwhelmed? One of the BEST stress relievers is taking a walk! With the mild temperatures and sunny skies predicted this week, take a walk at any of the Johnny Appleseed Metro Parks.


November 2021 Bluffton Community Calendar

The Bluffton community calendar is located at

Please send the Icon events, meetings, closures, corrections, and items of general public interest to [email protected].


Email update supplement October 6

For our email update readers, the October 7 message is missing our two leading stories:

Chamber meets at Bluffton Airport

October 9 Big Day for Birding


Initial thoughts on filling an Iconoclast’s shoes

Effective October 1, 2021, I am the full-time editor-owner of the Bluffton and Ada Icons. In following founder Fred Steiner, I know that I have big shoes to fill. Fred took a big leap when he created the Bluffton Icon in 2009 and, in 2012, the Ada Icon. My leap from employee to self-employed is much, much smaller. I’m inheriting some 20,000 monthly viewers of Bluffton area news and some 8,500 monthly viewers of Ada area news.

I’m also resting on the shoulders of Icon tech master and interim owner Ryan Lowry, who is still the wizard who keeps the online magic working.


Card-carrying patron of Bluffton Public Library

By Paula Scott, Bluffton Icon

My library card is a tiny sliver on my keychain. It’s a key to lots of free stuff. 

Print books

Audio books





Music CDs

Interlibrary loans from other libraries

Research databases

Public computers (and printing for a small fee)

I am a big library fan. I have a vivid memory of being told (at perhaps age five) that I could check out as many books as I wanted to, or at least as many as I could carry. Eureka!