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September 19, 2021

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Iconoclast View

Bluffton's motherlode

Thoughts on Mother's Day from a very, very long time ago

This is an essay by Fred Steiner published in Bluffton Anthology. For more information about the book click here.

It’s difficult to count how many mothers have touched one’s life. Go ahead. Try counting.

Being Mother’s Day weekend, I’ll make a feeble attempt to demonstrate what I mean. My account could be the same as your account. Only the names would change.


3 council candidates and 4 council vacancies

What that could mean if we aren't careful

All politics is local, or so goes the phrase.

That’s so true here.

Watching Bluffton politics as we have since the 1970s several things come to mind.

• No one runs for mayor, council or school board when thing in the village and the school district appear to be operating smoothly.
• When chaos erupts suddenly the ballot is packed.

Case in point: In 2017 10 persons ran for 4 Bluffton council seats.  

We recall an earlier mayoral election when 5 candidate were on the ballot.


If I'm in the U.S. I'll dress this way...

but if I'm in Japan, I'll dress this way

Ada Icon spring intern,
Mana Hashimoto's
ONU capstone project

FROM ADA ICON - Mana Hashimoto, a spring 2021 Ohio Northern University intern for the Ada Icon, created this video.

Her video is a senior capstone project. Its focus is on clothing Mana wears in the U.S. versus what she wears in Japan. She's taken a humorous approached  – we think – by not showing her face.

Mana is a senior writing and multimedia studies major, from Mie, Japan. Following graduatation she hopes to return to Japan where she will look for full-time employment in her profession.


Icon invites viewers to share how they use Bluffton pathways

Has it changed your outlook on exercise? How would you rate it as a positive feature of the community? What are your thoughts for its future?

• How do you use the Bluffton pathway?
• Has it changed your outlook on exercise?
• How would you rate it as a positive feature of the community?
• What are your thoughts for its future?

Bluffton Icon invites viewers to share their thoughts on the pathway as it weaves its way around the community.

The Icon is developing a series of stories on the Bluffton pathway project, and invites viewers to share their stories and thoughts.

As the pathway program expands, more and more residents use it to walk, run, bike, push strollers and even skate.


Remembering Dave Smucker

He was a very, very smart guy. No, not a geek. Despite the fact that he held a bachelor’s from Oberlin, master’s from Hartford Seminary and doctorate from Boston University

David Rempel Smucker – we knew him as Dave Smucker. He was the guy you wanted to sit beside in study hall.

To read is obituary, click here.

He could answer math questions that you had no idea how to solve – while he did his own homework.


How to charge for house calls at night

Dr. Howard Shelly took the advice of Dr. F.D. Rodabaugh on this matter

For more information about "Bluffton Anthology" click here.

The following is from an interview with the late Dr. Howard Shelly, M.D.
When I started to make house calls at night I asked Dr. Rodabaugh what he charged for a night house call.

He gave me his classic answer: Well, when the phone rings and it’s one in the morning I say to myself, I’m going to charge this guy thirty bucks.