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Historical Bluffton

66 years of Bluffton postal history

The Icon recently asked readers to date the Bluffton Post Office at 132 S. Main, which has been serving the community for over eighty years. In a recent post, goes well beyond that time frame:

"The six Bluffton postmasters in this portrait taken by Will Triplett represent 66 years of postal history in Bluffton. The eras these men served extend from 1868 to 1934. They are, standing from left, Russell Day, M.M. Murray and Gibson Locher. Seated from left are Henry L. Romey, Andrew Hauenstein and George W. Lewis."

Who was Tom Fett?

We've probably all driven down Tom Fett Rd. Have you ever wondered who Tom was? The Icon wonders why this road includes a first name and not just a last name, like so many others. The answer to the first question is provided by, which provides this introduction to the topic:

Many country roads in Richland Township have familiar local family names. These include Augsburger, Bixel, Bentley, Grismore, Huber, Lugabill, Phillips, Shifferly, Snider and Zurflugh. One township road with two names, Tom Fett Road, is also among those. To discover how Tom Fett Road was named read the story in Swiss Connections at

Forgotten Bluffton: Former Diller School

Bluffton Icon founder Fred Steiner has a story about Forgotten Bluffton that reveals the Diller country school at 7370 Grismore Road had some exceptional graduates.

"The Diller country school in northwest Richland Township had two rooms, which was unusual for country schools. But, it was most famous for the fact that from six to 10 of its graduates entered the medical profession."

You can read Steiner's full story at

Bluffton's brewery cave 

This photo could easily be one of Bluffton’s top 10 mysterious locations. This doorway no longer exists and you have to be in your seventh, eighth or older decade to recognize its location. It was once the entrance to a cave used by a brewery near Thurman and Washington streets. The story is at

When Santa lived in Bluffton

The Icon dipped into in search of Christmas-themed content and discovered that Santa once lived in Bluffton:

"Lazarus 'Lotzy' Basinger, (also known as Santa Claus) [was] a familiar face in the Bluffton crowd over his 90-year life span. Here is his story pieced together by the Bluffton Forever staff.

Luginbuhl roots on

According to, the name Luginbuhl has its roots in South German (Luginbühl) as a topographic name meaning 'to watch or (lie in) wait' + bühel 'hillock.'

If you are or know a Bluffton and Pandora-area Luginbuhl, check out for an account of the family tree of Bluffton-Pandora Swiss pioneers Christian John and Katherine Steiner Luginbuhl.