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Historical Bluffton

Great grandma's Dilly Bread

Family recipes give special meaning to the phrase “living history.” The following Dilly Bread recipe comes from Kaye Phillips of the Swiss Community Historical Society ( While a similar recipe was made famous in 1960 as a winning Pillsbury Bake-Off entry, this version of a yeasted, cottage cheese-based bread has distinctly local roots. Kaye explains:

Baking Dilly Bread can give your home the aroma of years gone by. The flavor and versatility makes this recipe a favorite in our family. 

Presentation on historic interurban railroads

Author, local historian and former Bluffton Icon owner Fred Steiner will give a free presentation on Bluffton’s electric trolleys at the Bluffton Senior Citizens Center at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 15.

According to director Tonya Meyer, the talk is titled “115 years ahead of its time, or what are those rails doing under Main Street?” The presentation will include over 75 Bluffton-related images including photos, maps and timetables.

1910 Sanborn Fire Insurance map details are revealing

The Ohio History Connection recently featured the digitization of Sanborn Fire Insurance maps for the Open Access Kent State collection and invited viewers to look for their town's map.

Corner of Lawn and Elm - 135 years past

This Bluffton photo was taken around 1886. It shows the home of Rudolf and Barbara Amstutz Althaus, with their daughter, Bertha, standing at their gate. 

The house is at the corner of Lawn and Elm, today just north of the St. Mary's Catholic Church parking lot.

Forgotten Bluffton architecture

You'd have to be 72 or older to appreciate and recognize this former Bluffton scene. It's a fire escape on the Bluffton grade school that was razed in 1954. The building stood on the site what is now the elementary multipurpose room and playground. Paul Diller took this photo and Jim, his son, shares it with Icon viewers.

Last day of school 2004

On the final day of school in 2004 Phil Zimmerly, at the time a bus driver for Buckeye Charter, drove his sister and a group of her friends to the Bluffton Dairy Freeze as an end-of-school treat.

We found this photo is a box of miscellanous Blufffton photos. 

From left, Elvira Tatarkov, Lauren Kenoyer, Meredith Bixel, Katlyn Sheridan, Ashton Cluts, Amber Risner, Andrea Spallinger and Brittany Spence. This was the end of 5th grade for these girls.