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David Yoder

May 27, 2017


Poetic License

Who ya for? The answer: both. This ONU and OSU supporter wears his school loyalty on his sleeve...or, in this case, his license plate. The two-university plate was spotted on a black Altima on ONU's campus.

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Poetic License

Right-side up or up-side down, it's still MEW


How many plates have you seen that can be read upside down? Upside down, this on could read L MEW. We spotted this one on the Bluffton University campus. It's a Hancock County plate.


Was there ever an Old Blue 1?

OLD BLU 2 is, naturally, on a blue vehicle. We wonder if there was once an Old Blue 1. We spotted this plate in the Bren Dell parking lot.


One of Bluffton's longest-running speciality plates

54 CH

This plate is one of Bluffton's longest-running speciality license plates. If we didn't know better we'd think CH stands for Charles Hankish. We spotted it in the St. Mary's parking lot.


Is this the name your driver calls you?


This much we know: the vehicle is from Conneaut and it's a Bluffton University student car. We don't know Delylah, unless she's a girl friend or the pet name the driver uses to call the vehicle.


We only know one local Notre Dame grad

ND 1992

Let's see: ND 1991. Must mean Notre Dame and its a 1991 graduate. The only such person we know in Bluffton is J.D. Yoder.


Bluffton, Indiana, in Bluffton, Ohio

A Bluffton, "Indiana" vehicle

This plate needs a little explaining. Check out the name of the car dealer and the hometown of the car dealer. You'll find the information in the top left corner of this photo, which shows an Indiana license plate found on the Bluffton University campus.


Message on a Purple Heart

You may easily understand the meaning of the plate, which is on a vehicle driven by someone who has been awarded the Purple Heart.


Biggest Buckeye fan this side of Putnam County


The driver of the vehicle must be the most loyal Ohio State fan in Putnam County. Not only is the vanity plate a special Ohio State University plate. The wording on the plate says it all. Obviously "4BUCKS" must have already been taken.


48 hours late for Presidents' Day

We looked high and low for Old Abe, and finally found him in the Rosenberger parking lot. A bit late for Prez Day, but it was the thought that counts.


A statement of faith


This license plate reflects a Christian religious theme. We spotted it behind Common Grounds.