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Tammy Bradshaw

October 17, 2017

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Poetic License

What kind of year was 1992?

At first glance this plate appears to state "Ohio 1992." But, there's no doubt a second story here. It's just that we don't know that verse. Could it be a 1992 high school grad?


Do you suppose there is a 2 MBL?

Spotted in the Burcky Gym parking lot. You take it from there.


What high school do you attend?

Yeah, we know. It's not a vanity plate. Even so, we've searched for "BHS" plates for a long time, have seen several, but never spotted one in Bluffton. Until now. Too bad the Ohio license bureau wouldn't make BHS plates available exclusively to Bluffton residents. That would make life interesting.


Big Sky genius

Icon viewer, Bo Antibus, on sabattical in Montana, spotted this plate in a Montana State University parking lot and passed it along to us. There's probably a similar plate from Ohio floating around somewhere.


Somewhere in Putnam County...

Somewhere in Putnam County live A.M. and C.M. At least that's the way we figure this plate. We spotted it in front of the Shannon Theatre.


Hey, Buddy, what's your last name?

These is certainly an Icon viewer in the house who can figure this one out. Sorry, we're lost, however. Bud N...or something like that. We spotted this plate on Main Street.


A hybrid Virginia-Ohio plate

This is one of the most unusual plates we've ever spotted. It is a State of Virginia plate with a strong Ohio flavor. Study it a moment; you'll see what we mean. And, in a stretch, it almost spells "Ohio."


A hybrid Virginia-Ohio plate?

This one is pretty unusual. It's a State of Virginia license plate, but look at all the Ohio references. "Ohio State" on the bottom; the OSU logo on the left; and in a stretch, the plate almost spells "Ohio." Study it a little and it will jump out at you.


A Mercer County plate

We spotted this plate in the Bluffton University parking lot. Assuming BM are initials, what's the meaning of 600?


A rare plate in northwestern Ohio

This plate is a rarity in northwestern Ohio, where there are more BGSU and OSU plates. This one is on a van driven by Lindsay Steiner, a doctorate student at Kent.