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October 22, 2020

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Happy feet with diabetes

How to take care of your feet if you have diabetes

This column provided by ONU Healthwise Pharmacy.
Diabetes can lead to complications throughout your body, even in your feet. Learn how to keep your feet healthy and happy.

In people with diabetes, the feet face a two-sided attack. First, diabetes can slow blood flow to the feet, which can make it harder for cuts, sores and blisters to heal. Second, diabetes can lead to nerve damage — or neuropathy — that causes your feet to go numb.


What comes after covid-19?

For some, symptoms may stick around for weeks or months

This column provided by Ohio Northern University HealthWise Pharmacy.

For many people who get COVID-19, symptoms end within a couple of weeks. But for others, post-COVID-19 symptoms may stick around for weeks or months.

As the coronavirus pandemic has grown, researchers and health officials have gained new insight into the virus and how it affects people. One thing that has become clear to experts as time has passed is that COVID-19 recovery looks different for different people.


Want peace of mind that someone will know if you need help?

Active Aging with Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio

Want peace of mind that someone will know if you need help?  Snug Safety is a free, friendly daily check-in service for people living alone. 

The app is simple and easy to understand, no matter how comfortable (or uncomfortable!) one may be with new technology. It works on an iPhone and the Android smartphone.  

It's my personal check-in buddy that I've used for well over two years. It gives me the confidence knowing someone has my back and is looking out for my safety.  


Concussions: What are the risks?

This column provided by ONU HealthWise Pharmacy –
Concussions are more than just a blow to the head. They can have serious short- and long-term effects.

Many people, such as kids who play contact sports, may want to just laugh it off after they've sustained a concussion. But that's typically not advisable.

Below, we'll take a look at the risks tied to concussions and what to do if you've had a head injury.

What Is a Concussion?


Is downsizing right for you?

Active Aging with Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio

Downsizing is a hot topic among older adults. 

In a recent conversation via the Empower'd Aging Group on Facebook, we asked the 'ASK ME ANYTHING' expert, Thomesa Lydon, founder of Lydon Senior Pathways, questions about relocation and downsizing. 

Question: "What's the first piece of advice you give someone when they hope to downsize?"


Weekend doctor: Gallstones

Gallstones are commonly diagnosed with an ultrasound though other modalities can be used as well

By Thomas Strigle, MD
General Surgery
Surgical Associates of Northwest Ohio

Gallstones are precipitations (collections) of bile that form into stones that range in size from sand crystals to golf balls.

They usually form in the gallbladder which is a sac-like organ sitting beneath the liver on the right side of the abdomen. The gallbladder’s purpose is to store the bile that the liver creates.