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January 24, 2020

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Iconoclast View

Had an interesting chat with Old Man Bluffton

He has lots to say about everything good and not-so-good in town

Had an interesting chat with Old Man Bluffton recently in Twisted Whisk. 

He's the guy who sort of runs the town, or thinks he does. After all, it is his town.

Years ago he retired to warmer climes, and shows up in Bluffton announced, usually during the holidays to pick up on gossip and peanut brittle at the Senior Center.

He still think Larry Core is village administrator and I’m not about to straighten him out.

As expected, he did most of the talking, but then, when Old Man Bluffton talks, people listen.


Shiloh Hughes wins 5 theatre passes

Shiloh Hughes is the winner of five Shannon Theatre passes. She was the third contestant to enter the contest. The Icon asked viewers to identify the location of the pirate in the photo. It is located above the doorway of room 216 at Bluffton High School.

Watch for the next Shannon Theatre pass give away coming soon.


Know where this is? Shannon Theatre tickets to the winner

This drawing is posted above a doorway at Bluffton High School. The third Icon viewer to correctly identify the room number will win 5 tickets to the Shannon Theatre. Email your answer to: info@blufftonicon.com


Remembering Geneva Shetler

Always a curious and avid learner

Geneva Shetler died Sept. 13, 2019. The following column is provided by her family. To read her obituary, click here.

Geneva Shetler was born Geneva May Stamm on July 8, 1919, to Gustav and Priscilla (Stuckey) Stamm on a farm near Archbold, Ohio. 

She was the 6th of 10 children and Geneva worked with her brothers and sisters helping take care of the younger children, raising the animals, working in the garden and truck patch, and putting up produce. 


4 photos and high-tailing out of there

Driving on County Line Road just north of Lincoln Highway between Ada and Bluffton, the photographer saw a deer in a field.

Stopping the car and grabbing a camera, only four photos were snapped, and the deer and its fawn (see photo 2) disappeared into the corn field.

This scene took place in less than 30 seconds.


It all started in 1944

Sunday marks the 75th year of a Bluffton institution - the trout derby

The photo, taken by Leland Gerber, shows Kimmel Marshall (left) and an unidentified sportsman promoting the 1955 trout derby.

• CLICK HERE for details on this year's derby.

Sunday is the 75th anniversary Bluffton Sportsmen's Club trout derby. Eugene Benroth once said that the derby, which he played a huge part of promoting, was started during World War II as a way to bring the community together during a trying time.