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October 27, 2016


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Meet CHRS MSN. The Icon spotted this plate on a red Chrysler 300 S in the Mennonite Memorial Home parking lot in Bluffton. It has a Hancock County sticker. If Chris is viewing this, please tell us the meaning of this plate.

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Iconoclast View

Never turn left when you see this sign - but, where is it?

Okay, you know everything about Bluffton.

Tell the Icon where one might find this sign? (Denny Morrison is not eligible to enter this because we think he know the answer.)

Here are some hints:

• You'll only find this sign turned on two times a day
• When it turns on it doesn't remain on very long
• It's on the east side of Main Street
• It's a very old sign
• It's message is very wise - it would be very risky to turn left this the sign is on

Answer is the in the photo below:



A Bluffton ghost story that's over 100 years old

It involves Maple Grove Cemetery and apparitions seen there at night

By Fred-in-Stein
Ready for a couple Bluffton ghost stories?

Here’s one you’ve probably never heard. I’ll share two versions.

Sometime in the early 1980s Rolland Stratton, longtime Bluffton resident, told me his version from memory. I wrote it down after hearing it, wondering if he was telling me the truth.

Then, in a dusty file folder in a forgotten drawer in third floor of the town hall – before it was renovated - I discovered the second version. It was beautifully hand-scribed in India ink, almost too faded to read.


The three sides of Joan Bauman

Missionary, teacher, businesswoman

We knew three sides of Joan Bauman:
• teacher at Cory-Rawson for 30 years
• owner of a Bluffton bed and breakfast
• a person with an international view

For those 30 school years at Cory-Rawson, students knew “Mrs. Bauman” as the teacher whose room was in the top right corner of the old Rawson school.

As a third grade teacher, former students describe her in glowing terms:

“my all-time favorite teacher,” “phenomenal,” “a teacher with a big heart,” and “larger than life.”


Be one - today's vitamin

St. John's United Church of Christ message board, at the corner of Jackson and College, continually offers thought-provoking viewer messages.

Here's the latest message: Best vitamin for a Christian: B1.




67 school years later...here's the BHS class of 1949

Members of the Bluffton High School class of 1949 met on Oct. 1 for their class 67th reunion.

Attending were, seated from left, Treva Stratton, Colletta Mullenhour and Anita Huber.

Standing from left, Marlene Baumgartner, Dean Sommers, Beatrice Parcell and Sara McCune.

The reunion took place at St. John's United Church of Christ, Bluffton.


Life is a great sunrise

Every poet, song writer and artist who created a sunrise must have viewed one like this sunrise in Bluffton on Oct. 11. This view is from Grove Street at 7:30 a.m.

Or as Vladimir Nabokov put it: "Life is a great sunrise."


There's a good story with this photo for antique tractor lovers

The Icon took this photo at this year's antique tractor show at Maple Crest on Sept. 24.

Not being an antique tractor aficionado, quite honestly, we didn't know one tractor from the next.

Until T.R. Steiner asked for a copy of the photo. Here's his comment:

"That particular tractor is very rare with less than 200 made.  It was specifically designed for eatable bean production and only sold new in Michigan. 


Spelling your name couldn't be easier

You may never try spelling your name again - especially if it is long.

Here's a "Spell Your NAme" and do the workout from Bluffton Family Recreation.

You simply follow the instructions by your letter and pretty soon, your workout is in process.

Let's see how it works: Icon

I = 60-second plank
C = 20 crunches
O = 20 lunges
N =10 pushups

Don't let us hold you back. Just start spelling.


Gregg Luginbuhl - Bluffton's artist laureate

He played a pretty mean basketball and baseball game, too

By Fred Steiner

A Gregg Luginbuhl coffee mug sits at my keyboard as I write this. Perhaps you hold one as you read this.

Gregg was artist laureate of Bluffton. The title passed to him from his father, Darvin. Before Darvin, it belonged to John Klassen. Gregg also belongs in the same class with other former Bluffton artists Richard Minck and Paul Soldner.


Icon updating its "Civic Organization" list

Please review our list and provide us with updates

How many organizations exist in Bluffton?

Would you believe the answer is "over 30"?

The Icon post organizations names, their contact person and phone number and website (if it is available).

To help us keep updated, please check the civic organization list in the attachment. If you organization is listed, let us know if the information is correct. If changes are needed, please send the information.