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March 28, 2020

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And, now for something completely different

The Icon brings you "Weird Bluffton Scavenger Hunt"

And now for something completely different: Weird Bluffton Scavenger Hunt.

Bluffton may be small, but we’re generous, collaborative, and hard-working. We’re also weird, and proud of it. And, we have Ron Headings to thank for creating a distraction that you might find worthwhile.

(We've even provided a hint at the bottom of this story)

Read on:


This column is not a pun by any stretch

Under the circumstances, we simply want your jokes, funny stories or a quick laugh

He who laughs last thinks slowest, or so we are told.

This column is not a pun by any stretch. It’s also not an attempt to duplicate The Onion, America’s finest news source. However, we read The Onion, whose current lead story states: Congress allocates $2 trillion to bail out struggling bailout industry.” (We believe every word)

Due to the current State of the Union, The Icon invites viewers to submit jokes, puns, funny stories and anything else that offers a five-second chuckle.


Had an interesting chat with Old Man Bluffton

He has lots to say about everything good and not-so-good in town

Had an interesting chat with Old Man Bluffton recently in Twisted Whisk. 

He's the guy who sort of runs the town, or thinks he does. After all, it is his town.

Years ago he retired to warmer climes, and shows up in Bluffton announced, usually during the holidays to pick up on gossip and peanut brittle at the Senior Center.

He still think Larry Core is village administrator and I’m not about to straighten him out.

As expected, he did most of the talking, but then, when Old Man Bluffton talks, people listen.


Shiloh Hughes wins 5 theatre passes

Shiloh Hughes is the winner of five Shannon Theatre passes. She was the third contestant to enter the contest. The Icon asked viewers to identify the location of the pirate in the photo. It is located above the doorway of room 216 at Bluffton High School.

Watch for the next Shannon Theatre pass give away coming soon.