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February 23, 2019

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Where the heck is it?

So, you think you know Bluffton?

Okay, identify this portion of a building, located somewhere within the village limits. The answer is found with all the Icon display ads, located on the bottom of each inside page.

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Looking at the effects of waste

And, researching students’ attitudes toward recycling

University senior combines passions to pursue environmental sociology

Alicia Loch, a senior from Quakertown, Pa., is in the middle of a year-long research project studying sustainability at Bluffton University. While the project fulfills her sociology field-experience requirement, the project combines elements from both of her majors—biology and sociology.  


Was it just a dream?

A story for Halloween

This is a story told to me by my grandfather, Fred Hahn, who lived at 215 W. Elm St., Bluffton. As an adult, while cleaning out a box of family letters and photos, bits and pieces of the story again surfaced. This story happened 100 years ago this winter.

By Fred Steiner
One night in early December 1918, Fred Hahn dreamed that his brother, Harry, a railroad brakeman, tried to call him – but couldn’t make contact. The dream captivated Fred for the rest of his life.


Mr. Bluffton Pirate

Bluffton High School social studies teacher, Nick Rackley, aka, Blackbeard, dressed the part during the high school homecoming parade on Friday.


The crowns of Bluffton

In case you're wondering, here's a close up of the crowns of Bluffton High School. Jamie Nygaard captured them on Friday before all the hub-bub.


It's Queen Leah and King Kaleb

Leah Conley was named 2017 Bluffton High School homecoming queen and Kaleb Jefferson was named king.

The announcement was made in a pre-game ceremony Friday night on Harmon Field.

Other seniors on the homecoming court are Allison Wise and Sydney Hoff and Christian Groman and Dakota Bricker.