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January 20, 2017


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Poetic License

You'll see this plate on a white Ford. It stands for a former Bluffton business, Dunifon Oil.

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Icon add advertiser Facebook links to Advertiser Index

Links to over 70 area businesses - all Icon advertisers - are included

The Bluffton Icon recently added a new feature for advertisers and viewers.

The Icon Advertiser Index now includes links to advertiser Facebooks. When the Index was first created website links and phone numbers were included. With the popularity of Facebook pages, those are now added.

The Bluffton Icon has over 70 advertisers listed in its Index. The Index is one of the most viewed features on the website, simply because it is the only comprehensive listing of Bluffton area businesses with phone numbers, website links and now Facebook links.


Listen to the speech of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at ONU

He visited Ada on Jan. 11, 1968

On Jan. 11, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke at Ohio Northern University. At the time of his visit to Ada, Ohio and ONU, Dr. King was an international figure.

He was the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Prize and only the 12th American to ever do so. He was at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement and a key social figure of the turbulent 1960s.

The entire recording of his speech can be heard by clickin the link below - this link takes viewers to the Ohio Northern University Facebook site, where the speech is available.


We've shared Bluffton photos from 2016 - here's Ada's

You'll dicover there's lots in common between Bluffton and Ada

Earlier this week, the Bluffton Icon posted 12+ photos that represent Bluffton in 2016. The Ada Icon did the same.

We are sharing Bluffton Icon's photos with Ada Icon viewers and Ada Icon photos with Bluffton Icon viewers.

• To view the Bluffton 2016 photos click here.

• To view the Ada Icon 2016 photos open the attachment below.




Lee Cookson was probably the last guy to ever pump gas for customers

When we think of Lee Cookson, who died on Dec. 31, (click here for his obituary) the first story that comes to mind is pretty funny and can never be repeated – ever.

MORE ON THE PHOTO: Taken at one of the early Bluffton car shows Lee Cookson stands behind this classic Kaiser Darrin (1954 model?). Lee's dad, Richard cleans the windshield as Lloyd Hardwick stands in front of the car. Photo complliments of Dennis Morrison.)


Here's the January events calendar at Bluffton University

Bluffton University January Arts and Events Calendar
Events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted
Jan. 8 Art Exhibit: “Twee Kunstenaars” art by Tom Duimstra and Michael Peoples, Grace Albrecht Gallery of Bluffton University’s Sauder Visual Arts Center, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 1-5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays through Jan. 27
Jan. 17 Forum:
“My Voice, My Community, My Bluffton: Race on Campus” Damascus Road Readers Theatre, 11 a.m., Yoder Recital Hall


Jim Kinn, Bluffton vehicle physician, diagnoses his last engine noise

Main Street business person since mid-1980s retires on Dec. 27

Icon viewers know that Jim Kinn is a pretty private guy. He didn’t announce his retirement publically. The Icon discovered his plans through anonymous sources. This column attempts to paint a picture of Bluffton’s retiring vehicle physician. His last day on the job was Dec. 27.

By Fred Steiner
If only auto service centers gave honorary doctor degrees. Jim Kinn’s wall would be covered with them.

Try blindfolding him. Then, drive your car through the Stratton Auto Group’s Bluffton Auto Repair Center lot.


Dreaming of Christmases, like the ones I used to know

A highlight of the season was a shopping trip to downtown Lima

No question about it.

My memories of the best Christmas ever come in a package wrapped from stores
located in the Lima public square.

I know. It’s sounds impossible to viewers born after Neil A. walked on the moon;
but it’s true.

There was nothing...nothing like going to Lima and shopping downtown for
Christmas in the 1950s.


If the first Christmas was in 2016

Using poetic license, here's the Icon's version of a familiar story

The Icon offers this Christmas story, repeated from last Christmas.

In the eighth year in the reign of Obama, legislation passed that all U.S. citizens be counted in the county where their ancestors had settled. This unusual census was when Kasich was governor of Ohio and Jordan was fourth district representative.


Town and Country's "Winter Wonderland" will put you in the spirit of the season

Christmas in Bluffton means many things.

There's the Ream folk art holiday outdoor display. And, the Gift of Giving light show. There are also countless Main Street shops with attractive holiday window displays and many residential lawn displays.

On the list is also Town and Country Flowers "winter wonderland." It's on the Icon's "must see" Christmas season list.

For a preview watch our brief video of the wonderland by clicking this link:



New movie starting J. Denny and Jenny Beaver

Bluffton University mascots J. Denny Beaver and Jenny Beaver star in a holiday video produced this month on campus.

It's titled "The Night Before Finals." We recommend you sit back check the link below and be ready for some entertainment.