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Village of Bluffton

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419-358-2066 - Press 0 for operator
Accounts Payable
Press #
Bluffton Community Swimming Pool
Press 6
EMS chief, non-emergency
Jan Basinger, press 5
Fire Chief, non-emergency
Jon Kinn, press 5
Income Tax Administrator
Rhonda Hohenbrink, press 2
Richard Johnson, press 3
Police Chief, non-emergency
Ryan Burkholder, press 4
Police Sergeant, non-emergency
Matt Oglesbee, press 4
Street and Water Department
Press 7
Utilities clerk
Angie Essinger, press 1
Village Administrator
Jesse Blackburn, press 3
Village Fiscal Officer
Kevin Nickel, press 2
Waste Water Treatment Plant
Press 8

Civic Organizations

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AA Open Discussion
7:30 p.m., Mondays, and 11:30 a.m., Saturdays at the English Lutheran Church, 111 Grove St
Al-Anon meetings
7:30 p.m., Mondays, and 11:30 a.m., Saturdays at the English Lutheran Church, 111 Grove St.
Bluffton American Legion Post 382
Dennis Morrison, 419-358-4950
Paula Scott, Town Hall, PO Box 142
Bluffton Athletic Boosters
Beth Ackerman, 419-204-9913
Bluffton Boy Scouts
Mike Metzger, 419-358-5598
Bluffton Bucs Midget football
Zac Kohli, 419-306-2818 or Mitch Geisgie, 419-204-7291
Paula Scott, executive director, 567-525-6667
Amber Bingley, 419-358-0268 Tom Augsburger, 419-384-3674
Bluffton Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization
Crystal Camper, 419-235-7572
Bluffton Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts of Northwestern Ohio, 888-350-5090
Bluffton Hospital Auxiliary
Heather Schalk, 419-423-5342
Bluffton in Bloom
Jesse Blackburn, Village administrator
Patty Navin
Bluffton Senior Citizens (Association) Center
132 N. Main St., Tonya Meyer, director, 419-358-8971
Bluffton Swim Team
Nicole Mikesell, 419-358-0074
Bluffton Writers Group
Ruth Naylor, 419-358-6309
Campus Life
Jeremy Basinger, 419-296-9267
Cancer Support Group
Gloria Bucher, 419-429-2621
Fair Trade Town Task Force
Esther Birkey, estherbirkey@gmail.com
Friends of the Library
Deb Beer
Gardeners of the Bluffton-Pandora Area
Pat Flinn, 419-358-6766
Relay for Life/Relay for Hope
Lynda Best, 419-296-2790
S.H.A.N.N.O.N. Service Club
Duane Bollenbacher - 419-358-7365
Swiss Community Historical Society
Gary Wetherill, 419-358-1049
Sue Rysz, 419-358-4168
Transition Bluffton
Peter Badertscher


Please contact The Icon at info@blufftonicon.com for any organization changes in your listing.

112 N. Main St. - 419-358-5806 8905 Columbus Grove Road - 419-358-8588
8375 Phillips Road - 419-358-1561 111 Grove St. - 419-358-2591
101 S. Jackson St. - 419-358-5766
First Missionary Church
247 N. Lawn Ave.-419-358-7751
116 Church St. - 419-358-8921 223 W. College Ave. - 419-358-5641
160 N. Spring St. - 419-358-8631 835 N. Main St. - 419-358-1382
2022 State Route 103 - 419-358-2001

Bluffton Anthology coming soon! - Order now!


A creek runs through it
Essays on Bluffton

 $24.95 plus tax
A new book, “Bluffton Anthology – a creek runs through it,” with dozens of short essays about Bluffton, collected by Fred Steiner, will be released in the next few weeks.

“This collection brings together more than a dozen engaging writers whose own Bluffton experiences deserve retelling,” said Steiner.

“For anyone who calls Bluffton home, these stories need no further introduction,” said Steiner, about the book. “For people needing to have Bluffton explained to them, this is a great starting point.”

Contributing essays are from current and previous residents including:
• Rick Emmert                     
• Dave Essinger                  
• Ron Geiser                        
• Jeff Gundy                                                             
• Brendon Matthews
• Ruth Bundy Naylor
• Joanne Niswander
• Rick Ramseyer
• Carolyn Urich Rich
• David Rempel Smucker

In addition, the book includes an essay on Bluffton’s relationship with Riley Creek by the late Robert Kreider, several stories given to Steiner from his late, life-long friend, Charles Hilty, and an introduction by Bluffton science fiction author, Tobias Buckell.

The book includes a section on Bluffton in the 1950s written by Rudi Steiner, now of Homewood, Illinois. That section includes the account of a Bluffton legend: “Did Elvis stop in Bluffton between his Toledo and Troy performances on Saturday, Nov. 24, 1956?”

Several 15-minute interviews in this collection, originally posted on Bluffton Icon, include:

• Ben Luginbuhl once beat Ben Roethlisberger in a game of horse
• Ron Edinger participated in the overthrow of Manuel Noriega 
• Richard Minck may have created jewelry for Marlon Brandon
• John Triplehorn sat on the OSU bench with some frozen rabbits in the 1950 OSU-Michigan snow bowl

In a chapter “Bluffton Askew” the book offers additional 15-minute interviews, columns written by Steiner and brief accounts of shorter Bluffton incidents told to him by over 25 persons.

Highlights range from brief interviews and incidents recalled from Megan Weisenbarger Gustitis, Roger Triplett, Jim Kinn, John Moser, Gordon E. Alderfer, Lauren Canaday, Dave Bracy, Diana Hilty Marshall, Jamil Bazzy, Amanda Rhonemus, Scott Hey, Tim Neufeld, Jessica Edmiston, Joe Goodman, Alee Gratz-Collier, Courtney Goode, Micah Sommer, Ben Kruse, James Pannabecker, Sam Diller, Jeremy Szabo and Jaye Bumbaugh.

The book includes 190 pages and will be available in several Bluffton outlets and from Steiner. The book price is $24.95 plus tax.  

Former Bluffton resident, Andre Swartley of WorkPlay Publishing, is the book’s publisher. WorkPlay published Steiner’s earlier books, “A Good Place to Miss – Bluffton Stories 1900-1975,” and “The Bluffton We Never Knew – Photographs from our first half century.” Both titles are available from Amazon.com.

Jill Steinmetz, Bluffton High School graduate, designed the book’s cover.




Bluffton recycling bins are about to become tubbier, and it’s a good thing, according to Rumpke Waste and Recycling.

Rumpke, the contractor for Bluffton waste and recycling collection, announced this month an  expansion what it accepts as recycled items.

The addition includes polypropylene plastic tubs. These products are labeled #5. (Please note that not all #5 items may be recycled, however.)

Here’s Rumpke’s new polypropylene plastic tub recycled list:
• Plastic bottles, jugs and other containers 
• butter, sour cream and cottage cheese tubs
• yogurt and fruit cups

The addition of Rumpke now accepting polypropylene plastic tubs is made possible with a grant from The Recycling Partnership. The funding helps Rumpke add nearly $2 million in new sorting to better extract these containers for recycling.


• 2021 IS A 

This is a major election year in Bluffton.

Four council seats, three school board seats and two township trustee seats will be on the Nov. 2 general election ballot. Winners of those races will have 4-year terms beginning Jan. 1, 2022.

Bluffton council seats on the ballot are currently held by:
Jerry Cupples – Republican
Mitchell Kingsley – Democrat
David Steiner – Republican
Phillip Talavinia – No party designation
Council members not on the ballot:
Joseph Sehlhorst
Benjamin Stahl
The Bluffton mayor Richard Johnson is not on the ballot.

Council seats are partisan and Feb. 3 is the filing deadline. Candidates seeking council seats as independents have until May 3 to file.

A May 4 primary will only take place for council races if enough candidates from either party file, requiring a runoff.

Bluffton school board seats on the ballot are currently held by:
Bradley Dailey
Wesley Klinger
Kenneth Lugibihl
School board members not on the ballot:
Lawrence Hoffman
Jeremy Scoles

Richland Township trustees seats on the ballot are currently held by:
Rodney Goldsberry
Gary Lugibihl
Neither trustee, Donald Brauen, nor fiscal officer, Trisha Nieman, are on the ballot.

School board and township trustees are non-partisan races. The filing deadline to be on the Nov. 2 general election ballot is Aug. 4.

Beaverdam council seats on the ballot are currently held by:
Todd Long
Carl Murray
Jerry Neuenschwander
Thomas Nowlan
Beaverdam council members not on the ballot:
Franklin Gillette, Jr.
Anthony Myers
Beaverdam mayor, Pamela Lepine, is not on the ballot.

The following is an abridged calendar for the 2021 election.

Feb. 3 – Declarations of candidacy for partisan candidates, filing deadline, 4 p.m.
Feb. 16 – Board of elections certifies candidate petitions
April 5 – Deadline for voter registration in May 4 Ohio primary election
May 3 – Filing deadline for independent candidates for the fall generation election, 4 p.m.
May 4 – Ohio Primary election, 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
July 15 – Board of elections certifies independent candidates petitions for general election
Aug. 4 – Non-partisan candidates general election filing deadline
Oct. 4 – Deadline for voter registration in Nov. 2 general election
Nov. 3 – General election, 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.



The Bluffton High School Ricky Matter Strength and Conditioning Center is now the envy of most high schools in Ohio, thanks to a very significant equipment donation from Rogue Fitness, Columbus.

While Rogue Fitness may not be a household name to Icon viewers, the owners of the company are. Caity Matter Henniger and her husband, Bill, own of the Columbus-based company.

Caity, a BHS grad and basketball standout player, is the older sister of the late Ricky Matter, for whom the center is named.

The Icon stopped by the center earlier this week as the new equipment was being unloaded from a semi and installed. Installation should be completed by today and athletes will start using it over the weekend.

The previous equipment is staying in Bluffton, as the school donated it to Bluffton Family Recreation.

Daniel Tinch of BFR says his staff in installing that equipment at the center. Watch for a story on the Icon about that step in this story.

“I’m really proud of the building and my brother, and proud of what Rogue is able to donate,” Caity told the Icon.

Jeff Richards, BHS football coach, describe the new equipment as “Awesome. This is an all-sports-use facility and our kids know they are fortunate to be able to use it.”

He added that words don’t do it justice. “We’ve always taken pride in our facilities. This is just incredible.”

He said that the center is used every month of the year by dozens of Pirate athletes in every sport.

Gregg Denecker, Bluffton superintendent, said, “We are very grateful for the generosity of this equipment. We really have a first-class weight room.”

The donation includes the most up-to-date exercise equipment, which includes five full power racks for squats to bench to pull-ups. These allow 10 athletes to work out at the same time.

To personalize the equipment the word “Bluffton” with the familiar Pirate is engraved in customized nameplates.

Rogue manufactures the equipment in Columbus. Caity said that the company’s growth has exploded since her husband, Bill started it from scratch in 2006.

“We added 750 employees in March,” she said, “and we now have 1,300 employed with us. We have our equipment all across the United State and in Australia and Europe.”

The all-metal equipment is manufactured in Columbus. Caity said that the company’s goal is to create the equipment in the U.S., making it a unique world-manufacturer.

While working with Rogue, Caity finds that the basketball court continues to call her. The former Ohio State women’s basketball player is now the color commentator for OSU women’s basketball for The Fan (1460 AM) in Columbus.

She will work with play-by-play announcer Matt Andrews covering OSU women’s games.



Bluffton’s 2020 building permits totaled $4.4 million, according to information provided to the Icon by the Village of Bluffton.

The 80 building permits totaled $4,477,874, including:
• $3,459,843 – residential
• $1,018,031– commercial/industrial
• $33,550– demolitions

All 2020 permits were in Allen County. The single largest construction project was a permit filed totaling $953,185 by Danop LTD, (Dunkin Donuts), and a $18,650 filing by this company to demolish the Burger King building.

Bluffton’s 2019 building permits totaled $2.4 million.

Thanks to a $10 million GROB Systems building project in 2018, the previous year’s permits total a whopping $13,612,185. Removing the GROB project from the 2018 list leaves that year’s 65 permits at $3,612,185, which is $1,182,472 greater than 2019.

Coincidentally, 2019’s permits are very close to the 2017 construction total of $2,433,428. That year had 46 permits broken down as $1,773,128 for residential and $660,330 for commercial and industrial.

Building permits are required for the following:
• Construction or structural alternation of any building, including accessory building
• Change in use of an existing building or accessory building to a use of different classification
• Occupancy and use of vacant land
• Change in the use of land to a use of a different classification
• Any change in the use of a non-conforming use

Classified Ads

Apartments for Rent: 365 W. Elm St. Bluffton, OH

• 2-bedrooms & 1-bathroom - $750/month
• Great location overlooking beautiful Bluffton University campus
• Short walk to downtown shopping district & restaurants
• Secure, clean & well-maintained non-smoking apartments
• Large outdoor green space
• Spacious living area and bedroom(s)
• Full kitchen and appliances
• Access to a secure storage area
• Water, sewer & trash included in monthly rent
• Onsite parking for one vehicle
Tenant is responsible for electric & cable/internet utilities  

Landlord contact information:
Bill Gable 

NOW LEASING! Eastern Woods Senior, 15105 Birchaven Lane, Findlay. 1 and 2 bedroom apartment homes. For seniors 55+. Pennrose, Blanchard Valley Health System, Wallick Communities. Call 567-777-0089.

For Rent: Commercial office space available; 936 sq ft includes (4) 8 x 10 offices, lobby, reception area, bathroom, and kitchenette. Nice downtown location at 324 N Main, Bluffton. Inquire at (419) 235-3368.

168 E. Elm St., Bluffton – Two bedroom one bath ranch home. Features electric heat, central air, one car garage, deck and fenced yard. Tenant pays all utilities. Rent $900 month plus deposit. No pets, No smoking. Realtor Owned. Call 419-230-7158 or email blufftonsold@gmail.com for an application. 

Eastside Apartments
606 E. Lincoln Ave.
Ada, OH 45810
Call 419-303-8869 for availability

Realtor owned

Independent Sr. Living
137 Vance St. Bluffton, OH 45817
Accepting applications for Efficiency and 1-bedroom apartments 
24-hour Emergency Maintenance
On-Site Managers
On-site Laundry 
Community rooms on every floor
Sunroom and more
Income Guidelines Apply
Call 419-358-7795 10-4, Monday through Friday

Garage Sale- 13061 County Rd. 12 Rawson. Friday and Saturday 8:00 am
to 4:00pm rain or shine. Longaberger pottery. Little girl clothes to teen.
Lots of household and misc.

Huge Garage Sale / Thursday June 24th 8-5 / !61 Huber St Bluffton. Something for everyone! Luggage, Longenberger Baskets, Vera Bradley Purses, Magazine Stand, Leg Exerciser, BBQ Grill, Mens & Womens Clothing (50 cents each), Toys, Bird Houses, Pictures, Rugs, Antique Can Bottom Rocker, Lamps, Baby Swing & Misc baby items, Wine Glasses, Microwavable Rice Bags, Garden Leaf Casts and much more. Everything priced to sell - Check this sale out! 

Garage sale Thursday and Friday 9-4, 504 East Highland, Ada, miscellaneous, glassware, fishing poles, towels, hot pads, tools . 3 family.

GARAGE SALE: 8315 PHILLIPS RD, BLUFFTON. June 17-19. Thursday & Friday 9-5. Saturday 9-12. Teen girl clothing (lots of dresses, sweaters and jeans), winter coats, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, antiques, kitchen items, Taste of Homes cookbooks, antique wagon, and many other miscellaneous items.

Barn sale -- Friday & Saturday, June 18 & 19.  9-5 at 15139 Township Road 51, Bluffton - Polaris 700 Twin 4x4, JD LT155 lawnmower (no deck), china, glassware, cookware, lots of Princess House, Lefton pieces, milkglass, corningware, vinyl albums, pictures, lots of vintage costume jewelry, old scout badges, knickknacks,  women's clothes, shoes and lots of misc items.

Garage sale – Multi family sale, Friday and Saturday, June 18-19, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., 4027 County Road 50, Ada. 

Planning a garage sale?
• All garage sales we received automatically go on both Bluffton Icon and Ada Icon
• We post garage sales the week that they are held 
• There is no word limit on garage sales - just don't write a novel
• We can accept 1 photo featuring your garage sale if you send it with the ad.
• Our garage sale map is printer friendly, so you can take it with you when shopping
• Click here to view the map 
• There's no deadline in sending a garage sale ad. We'll generally post it the day we receive it
• Please do not send garage sales in all capital letters. We simply copy and paste your ad. We have to retype ads in all caps and that will delay posting your ad.
• Send your ad to: info@blufftonicon.com or info@adaicon.com. Either will work.

Garage Sale - Thursday and Friday, June 17th and 18th, 9:00-? 150 S. Bentley
Rd., Bluffton (up and across the street from the Dairy Freeze).  Items
include name brand clothes in excellent condition, shoes, rugs, lamps, home
decor, and tons of miscellaneous!

Garage sale - Name brand clothes.  Nike, Under Armor, Pink, North Face, Ohio State. All sizes - Housewares, pictures, bedding. Air hockey table. House decorations. Wedding dress.  20386 Township Road 51 Bluffton. 

Free treadmill and upright piano. j-pitts@onu.edu

New Leaf Garden Center, 0395 State Route 235, Ada, has special offers for Father's Day, a garden plant sale featuring $1 items and a large selection of perennials.

Gary's Repair - 2667 Road P, Pandora
Is now a Ferris zero-turn mower dealer.
Mondays-Fridays 8 - 5
Saturdays 8 - noon

If you need to get rid of old books and need more space email me. I'll come pick them up for you. eric@bravebuys.com

Maple Crest of Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio, 700 Maple Crest Court, has an independent living summer sale on 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. This offer ends on July 31. Call 419-358-1015, ext. 100, or www.mhcoliving.org

Legal Notice
Notice is hereby given of a public hearing before the Village Council of Bluffton, OH at 7:15 pm on Monday, June 21, 2021.  The hearing will be held at the Bluffton Town Hall at 154 N. Main St., Bluffton, OH in the Community Room on the third floor.  The purpose of the meeting is to consider the following recommendation from the Planning Commission:

The Planning Commission has approved a variance from the required 80 feet of lot width listed in Section 153.083 of the Zoning Code of the Village of Bluffton, OH for a future lot.  The proposed future lot will exist on Washington Street between N. Spring St. and N. Lawn Street.

The Planning Commission also expressed support of future front and/or rear yard setback variances for proposed building lots on Washington and Riley Street between N. Lawn and N. Spring Street.

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We are looking for someone who can thoroughly clean our house we are in the process of selling. 4 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms and basement, need house cleaned to help get ready for new owners. We can negotiate a price looking to have house cleaned next week if possible. Please call, txt, or email  David at 614-716-8763 or strayer239@yahoo.com.

Mercy Health - St. Rita’s Hosting In-Person RN Hiring Event  - Mercy Health is hosting an in-person Registered Nurse hiring event Tuesday, June 29, for  experienced and new graduate candidates. The event will take place from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. at Mercy Health - St. Rita’s Medical Center, 730 W. Market St. Lima. Each interview will last 30 minutes and will be scheduled during the hours of 11 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. Candidates interested can use the following link to RSVP https://intsignup.indeed.com/interview/c9346ebc-ba5f-413b-8b68-4396b50c9...



School opening - Upper Scioto Valley, Waynesfield and Botkins schools have an opening for a school psychologist. Persons wanting more information may contact Jeanie Riethman, student services administrator at Midwest Regional ESC at jriethman@mresc.org.



Bluffton Child Development Center is looking for a full-time teacher in our infant room. Please call 419-358-8222 or stop by 325 County Line, Road Bluffton

Church Administrative Assistant wanted: First Mennonite Church is in search of an Administrative Assistant. Duties include: Weekly, monthly and annual routine clerical responsibilities and record keeping, production of church bulletins and other communications (internally and externally), social media & website oversight, work with public, church members and staff team. Hourly wage starting at $15, depending upon experience. Up to thirty-six hours per week. Health Insurance available. Contact FMC at fmc@fmcbluffton.org. Please provide your name and best contact information. An application and job description will be sent to you.

                                                                                                         ~ Staff Relations 

Church Custodian wanted: First Mennonite Church is in search of a church custodian. Duties include: routine cleaning of the building, light maintenance, set-up for events, outside lawn mowing and snow removal, other duties as agreed upon. Hourly wage starts at $15/hr depending upon experience. Up to 20 hours/wk. Health Insurance available. Contact FMC at fmc@fmcbluffton.org. Please provide your name and best contact information. An application and job description will be sent to you. 

Diamond Manufacturing of Bluffton, an Equal Opportunity Employer, is looking for Assembly Operators with the following qualifications:
Ability to assemble parts at high level of quality
Capable of reading a tape measure accurately
Ability to operate power tools (drills, impacts, ratchets, saws, etc)
Ability to work in team environment
Quality focused; must be able to pay very close attention to detail to meet customer demands
Willing to cross train in other areas of production
Blue Print reading is a plus but not mandatory
Must have good math and calculating skills
Must receive forklift certification in order to move assembled parts
Observe all plant and safety guidelines
Assist or fill in for other employees as directed
Maintain a neat and orderly workplace

Diamond Manufacturing works a four (4) day/10-hour work schedule Tuesday through Friday.  If necessary, overtime work is scheduled on Monday.  Starting pay for assembler is $13.50/hr with pay increases at 6 months, 12 months and annually thereafter.

Great benefit package available DAY 1 of employment including:  medical, dental, vision, STD, LTD, and life insurance. 401(k) benefit along with company match available after 90 days of service.

We are a growing company looking for people that are excited to join our team!  If you are interested in having a direct impact on Diamond’s performance, quality, safety, and value, then this is the position for you.

Please go to www.diamondmb.com/employment and apply on line.  Walk ins are welcome to fill out application on site.

Help Wanted - Experienced Plumber and HVAC Technician
Yates and Young of Findlay, Ohio is looking for a full-time Plumber / HVAC
Technician with 5 years of experience (preferred) We are most dependable
plumbing and HVAC company, providing top-notch residential and commercial
services to our customers since day one. We are a family first company and
have created an environment in which our employees feel they have a career
and not just a job. Our great success is attributed to our technicians who
continue to provide the best service for all our clients.
 Come join our family! If you feel that you would be right for this Plumber and HVAC Technician position, stop in and fill out an application at 1501 Lima Ave Findlay, Ohio 45840 or email your resume to contact@yatesandyoung.com

Looking for a full time bookkeeper/legal assistant focusing on real estate.
Please submit resume to sbasinger@hotmail.com

Associated Plastics Corp - help wanted
502 Eric Wolber Ave. - Ada

Associated Plastics Corporation in Ada is looking for employees for ALL 3 Shifts!
• Operators, Floor Help and Foreman Trainees
• Competitive wages, Insurance and Retirement and Signing Bonus!
• The pandemic has not slowed us down and we continue to grow our business.

Interested applicants should apply in person to:
Associated Plastics Corporation
502 Eric Wolber Dr.
Ada,  OH  45810
You will be contacted to schedule a personal interview. Please NO phone calls.

Wilson Sporting Goods Co., the world’s premier ball sports equipment manufacturing company, has 1st shift openings in our Production Department at our Wilson Football Plant located at 217 Liberty Street, Ada, OH. 

Positions currently available include:
Puritan Operator
Ball Turner
Utility Operator B – Assembly

We offer a competitive wage and benefit package.  Benefits are available on the 1st of the month after 30 days of employment.  401k eligible on the 1st of the month following the date of hire.  The current match is 50% of each dollar you contribute on the first 8% of eligible pay that you defer to the plan.

If you meet our requirements and are interested in joining our legacy of achievement, please visit the Wilson Careers page at www.wilson.com for more information and to apply.

Wilson Sporting Goods Co. is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/VD/V

Dual ophthalmology/optometry practice with locations in Findlay & Lima, OH is seeking full-time Patient Service Specialists to work at our front desk.

Successful candidates must possess Microsoft Office knowledge including Outlook. Experience with EHR software, payment processing, insurance claims and patient scheduling is a plus. A minimum of one year experience working in a medical office setting is required.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Warmly greeting patients upon arrival to the office
Collecting pertinent information from the patient and update chart
Scanning insurance cards into patient charts
Collecting payments and insurance co-pays from the patient 
Checking out patients at the end of their visit 
Scheduling future appointments
Complying with all State & Federal regulations

Competitive compensation package with benefits including health insurance, flex spending account, paid time off, discounted eye care and eyewear and 401k plan with match (after one year of service).

Please email your resume to spectrum@spectrumeyecareinc.com or visit the Careers section at www.spectrumeyecareinc.com to upload your resume.

Thank you for your interest in a career with Spectrum Eye Care!

Dual ophthalmology/optometry practice with locations in Findlay & Lima OH is seeking full-time Ophthalmic Technicians.

Successful candidates must possess Microsoft Office knowledge including Outlook. One year experience with EHR software and patient interaction is a plus. If you are punctual, friendly, enthusiastic and a team player, we want to talk to you!

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Rooming patients
Collecting patient histories while also updating medical records
Performing preliminary tests before the patient sees the doctor
Taking patients’ ocular measurements
Thoroughly sanitizing ophthalmic equipment after each use
Complying with all State and Federal regulations

Competitive compensation package with benefits including health insurance, flex spending account, paid time off, discounted eye care and eyewear and 401k plan with match (after one year of service).

Please email your resume to spectrum@spectrumeyecareinc.com or visit the Careers section at www.spectrumeyecareinc.com

Thank you for your interest in a career with Spectrum Eye Care!

Wendy's of Bluffton
has openings!

352 State Route 103 -
Competitive pay,
advancement opportunities,
employee meal discounts.

You may apply now at:
EZ Apply
Text: Pigtails to 25000

Blanchard Valley Health System - To view career openings in the Blanchard Valley Health System please click here.

OHIO MEANS JOBS is an agency of the State of Ohio.
• CLICK HERE to view jobs listed within 10 miles of BLUFFTON.
• CLICK HERE to view jobs listed within 10 miles of ADA.

Ohio Northern University -  Office of Human Resources, 525 S.. Main St., Ada, Ohio 45810, employment opportunities. Click here for current job postings.