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May 26, 2020

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Historical Bluffton

Bluffton women in 1906

Here is a group of young women in Bluffton taken in 1906.

From left, Hulda Schaublin, Clara Wilson, Verba Ronston Ulch, Ora Kimmel, Elvina Hover, Florence Wilson Hilty, Bessie Bonnell and Blanche Williams Triplett.

The identification are thanks to someone taking the time to write the names on the back of the photo.

Some of the local relationships in this photo include Florence Wilson Hilty (sixth from left). She is the paternal great-grandmother of Cara Young Davies and Brandt Young.

In Bluffton during an earlier pandemic

Bluffton College Choral Society officers in 1917-18 - during an earlier pandemic.

Top from left, Paul Adams (Adam Bridge carries his name), Pearl Bogart (for many years a Bluffton piano teacher), Ruth Ringelman and C.D. Amstutz.

Front from left, Noah Burkhalter, Cleora Basinger and G.A. "Dad" Lehman.

Ada's Brewer Block

No, it's not Bluffton. It's Main Street Ada. You'll find the Brewer Block on the east side of Main, directly across from the Ada railroad depot.

When this photo above was taken, the stately Brewer Block was home to the Ada post office. The street was bricked, the Pennsylvania Railroad had a double track through town, street lights were relatively new, windows were more expansive and a taller building stood where Cole's car lot is located today.

Bluffton first grade 1938-39

BHS CLASS OF 1950 - celebrating its 70th graduation year – Class members as first graders in the 1938-39 school. 

Front for left, unidentified, unidentified, Sara Badertscher, Rosella Moser, Jane Damon, Marilyn Amstutz, Peggy Young and Donald Schumacher.

Second row from left, Elwood Brauen, Donald Burkholder, unidentified, Roger Lehman, Carolyn Matter, Richard Steiner, Josephine Augsburger, Edgar Wenger and Micky unidentified.

Bluffton College Student Senate 1977-78

Members of the Bluffton College Student Senate during the 1977-78 school year. 

Front from left, Kent Yoder, Mary Forney, Steve Steiner, Scott Smith.

Second row from left, Kim Barber, Ricky Fricke, J.P. Porzelius, Joy Ramseyer, Curt Roeschley, Randy Keeler.

Third row from left, Cathy Aleshire, Beth Gundy, Kate Gundy, Craig Guerra, Ron Moyer, Greg Gundy, John Wackler.

'41-42 Bluffton College debate team

Here's members of the Bluffton College debate team during the 1941-42 school year. Standing is Ellis Guthrie. Seated from left, Robert Blough, Leland Lehman, Lora Schultz, Mark Houshower and Bert Smucker.