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August 12, 2020

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Historical Bluffton

At least 170 halftime shows ago

Here's Bluffton High School band seniors during the 2003 football season - members of the class of 2004. That's approximatley 170 halftime shows ago.

Top row left to right: Stephanie (Morris) Nonnamaker, Heather (Carmack) Cox, Lauren Welch, Micah Boehr, Colin Dyck, Tyler Badertscher, Jeremy Mummert, Anna Enderle and Mary (Miller) Glick.

Second row left to right: Tiffany (Bixel) Jones, Tia (Prowant) Gaster, Alee Gratz-Collier, Jessica Edmiston, Krysti (Groman) Schey and Alan Way.

1965-66 in the old school auditorium

This is a two-page spread photo from the 1966 Bluffton High School yearbook. The scene is in the old auditorium and the audience might be applauding for a class play. Several students and parents of students are in the audience.

At the page fold is Miss Slusser and Miss Keel. Miss Duffield is one row behind on the other side of the aisle, looking at the photograher.

Others identified include the Greding family, Swank family, Matthewson family, Pannabecker family and Balmer family.

The Icon invites additional viewer comments.

16 layers deep to find this art work

Historic photos like this one don't come along every day. Here's Jeff Richards, Bluffton High School teacher and football coach as a BHS senior. The year in 2004 and it's senior street painting night.

There are 37 additional coats of paint under Jeff's art work, and 16 coats on top of it, not counting at least one street paving job. So, Jeff's art work is probably gone but not forgotten.

Bluffton Kindergartners' 2002 Christmas concert

It was 2002 and Bluffton Kindergartners were probably singing "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth." That makes this group either the Bluffton HS graduating class of 2015 or 2016.

As for historic, we consider any photo where we've lost track of who is in the photo as entering the historical realm. Even so, we've spotted some students who we've recognized.

We welcome viewers to offer identification of any student pictured.



Write a caption - winner gets a Padrone's Pizza

Some things never change. We have about 25 different years of this photo. The only change from one photo to the next is the cast of characters.

This 2002 classic Pirate photo serves several purposes.

First, it is part of our Historical Bluffton photo series. The problem is we don't have the the names of these fine young men. We do know that the photo was taken during the 2002 Bluffton HS homecoming parade.

They played basketball during the 1918 flu epidemic

This Bluffton College men’s basketball team play its games during the 1918 flu epidemic and were not yet called "Beavers."

Front from left, Vernon Ramseyer and Gordon Bixel.

Center, Menno Lehmann, Oliver Kratz (coach) and Donavin Baumgartner, captain

Top, Herbert Gottshall, Ezra  Moser, Harold Guth andAllen Day. Not photographed, the team manager was Wilmer Shelly.