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June 27, 2017


Poetic License

Here's a plate frequently seen on West College Avenue across from St. John's United Church of Christ. It belongs to Rev. Carol Clements, pastor of the church. It's on a grey-blue GMC Terrain.

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Historical Bluffton

Bluffton High School Varsity B 1963-64

Here's members of the Bluffton High School Varsity B during the 1963-64 school year.

100 swimming seasons ago in Bluffton

Let's swim in the Buckeye. Here's a photo of the earliest Bluffton Buckeye swimming area taken some time between 1910 and 1920.

Imagine that you are on the south bank looking north on the Spring Street side of the Buckeye. That's location of the pool.

You'll see a rope. It separates the deep end from the shallow end. The deep end includes a diving board.

The man on the deck is Steiner Geiger, who gave swim lessons. It is possible that his two sisters are on the diving board.

The Bluffton post office at the turn of an earlier century

In 1904 the Bluffton post office was on Vine Street and this photo proves it. The post office was located in what is today Richard Boehr's building.

In this photo, from left, are (unidentified), Charles Steingraber, (unidentified), Ross Bogart, George Lewis, Mrs. Lewis and Emma Bigler Swank. (From the Richard Boehr collection)

Oh, for a dive into the Buckeye!

Beth Carr provided this photo of the Bluffton Community Swimming Pool in its "Buckeye days." Beth was on the swimming pool staff  and now lives in Texas.

This view shows the old pool from the east bank of Marsh Run looking toward the Buckeye. This pool went from about three feet to five or six feet. Beyond that, the Buckeye was roped off for swimming in the east side.

Swim meets were held in the pool.

They created the 1963-64 BHS yearbook

Members of the Bluffton High School yearbook staff during the 1963-64 school year.

Front from left, Karen Schmidt, Gayle Gerber, Larry Grant, sports editor, Karen Diller, typist; Joyce Eikenbary, typist.

Back from left, Garth Gerber, photographer, Jane Herr, copy editor; Jayne Barnett, Kay Motter, Sue Marshall, Jeanne Waidmann, Karen Mericle, typist, Mr. Kauffman, advisor.

Missing: Beth Balmer, layout editor, Susan Lehman, Jim Sheets, Anne Bucher, senior editor.

Bluffton HS FFA 1965-66

Here's the Bluffton High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) from the 1965-66 school year. Names of members are under the photo.

BHS Future Farmers of America 1973-74

Here are members of the Bluffton High School FFA from the 1973-74 school year. Don Overmyer was the FFA advisor. Names are under the photo.

Early Bluffton-Pandora vehicle - 1910 Rio?

Here's one of the early Bluffton-Pandora vehicles. Harvey Suter is in the driver's seat (notice the steering wheel on the right side) and his sister, Leola, is sitting with him. The car is believed to be Philip Neuenschwander's Rio (Harvey's uncle). Our guess on the model is close to a 1910 Rio. Harvey was born in 1893, making him 17 in 1910.

David D. and Elizabeth (Neuenschwander) Suter family

Earlier this year the Icon posted a photo of the David D. and Elizabeth (Neuenschwander) Suter family of Pandora.

Here’s a photo taken on their front porch. This photo is earlier than the previous photo. Click here for the previous family photo.

Front row from left, Selina, Harvey, Harry, Clement and Corinna.

Back row from left, Pauline, Enos, David D., Elizabeth holding Vernon, Amos and Della.

David D. Suter was born in Riley Township in 1854 and died in May 1923.

1979 Bluffton College May Day Court

Here's the Bluffton College May Day court from 39 May Days ago.

Back row from left, Jeff Boehr, escort, and Rich Bindernagle, chairman. Front from left, Louise Matthews, attendant, Cathy Beery, queen and Kent Yoder, most popular man.

May pole dancers, not in the photo were: Mary Liechty and Eric Simxcox, Brenda Liechty and Joe Suter, Cincy Ramseyer and Kevin Kapanka, Judy Stutzman and Kevin Augsburger, Jenny Clinehens and Greg Stenson, Sue Ramseyer and Dan Parent, Peggy Culp and Ron Moyer and Carla Augspurger and Bill Suter.