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Tim Maag

October 23, 2017

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Historical Bluffton

50th anniversary of May Day

After posting this photo we've learned more about it. From Carrie Phillips: "It could be the 50th anniversary May Day weekend."

She adds: My grandparents, Ray and Lucile Holcomb, are in the back row, 3rd and 4th from the left.

The first row include faculty members.

Persons identified on the second row are sixth from left, Wanda Suter Pannabecker, next is Earl Lehman. Arden Slotter is 13th from left. Robert Simcox is fourth from right.

A 1950s trip to the cider press

Not much appears to have changed at the Morning Star Cider Press on Road R. Here's a color slide taken by Paul Diller in the early 1950s.

Looks like an early 1950s Ford, GMC truck, maybe a Chrysler and Studebaker in line for cider. (Photo from Jim Diller collection)

1955-56 Bluffton Kindergarten

Here’s Elfrieda Howe’s morning Kindergarten in 1955-56. It was the final year for private Kindergartens in Bluffton.

Front row from left, Mary Herr, Linda Marshall, Connie Sommers, Kathy Kirtland, Ann Balmer, Patricia Benroth, Barbara Basinger, _____ Anderson, Rick Emmert.

Second row from left, John Simcox, James Henry, Fred Steiner, Ron Benroth.

Third row from left, Judy Lehman, Beth Dailey, Candice Swank.

Fourth row from left, Chris ______,  Michael_______, Judy Westrick, Kent Kinsinger, Dan Steiner, John Lehman (with cat), Jon Sommer, Mrs. Howe.

Bluffton High School Future Homemakers of America - 1956-57

FHA - Future Homemakers of America. Here are members of that Bluffton High School organization during the 1956-57 school year. Names are under the photo.

The 1925 BHS football team

Wearing new crimson football sweaters adopted by the high school that fall, the 1925 Bluffton High School football squad took a stance for the team photograph. The photo was taken in parking lot beside the 1911 gym (no longer standing).

After going scoreless, losing its first four games to Lima Central, Ada, Lima South and Forest, the team rallied to defeat Pandora, St. Marys and Oakwood to finish the season.

Jesse Steiner (standing left in the rear) was the faculty manager. Lewis Pearsall (standing right in the rear) was the coach.

Here's Bluffton in 1880

If you've ever wondered what the layout of Bluffton was like in 1880, here's the answer. In two different pieces are portions of a Bluffton plat map from that year.

You'll notice several interesting things:
• College Avenue is called Blanchard Avenue
• Lawn Avenue is called Mill Street
• There's no bridge over Riley Creek at Jefferson Street

There's lots more and we'll let you discover it by examining the map.

College Hiking Club 1924-25

It was 93 school years ago. This is the Bluffton College women's Hiking Club. The page is from the Ista and it tells about the club and identifies members (but not in standing order.)

There are many familiar Bluffton last names, including Steiner, Hilty, Sprunger, Yoder, Lehman, Lugibihl, Gratz, Gerber, Schumacher, Diller and Niswander.

1944 at the Buckeye

This is the Buckeye quarry in the summer of 1944. The Bluffton Lions Club gathered for a picnic to celebrate the renovation and clean-up at the Buckeye park. This photo is taken from the east end of the quarry. Look closely and you can see a platform for diving into the Buckeye.

BHS class of '63 in 7th grade

Here's the Bluffton High School class of 1963 as seventh graders during the 1957-58 school year - a mere 60 school years ago. Names of the students are under the photograph.

Beaverdam HS GAA - 1962-63

Here's a photograph from the Beaverdam High School 1963 yearbook. It's the Beaverdam Girls' Athletic Association (GAA). This was the last year for Beaverdam High School. Names of student members are under the photo.