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May 23, 2019

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Historical Bluffton

93 school years ago - Bluffton College girls' glee club

Niswander, Amstutz, Sprunger, Habeggar, Gerber, Ramseyer, Diller, Steiner and Bixel are among the familiar Bluffton and Pandora area last names in this photo. It's the Bluffton College girl's glee club taken from the 1926 college yearbook, the Ista.93

Home economics lab 101 school years ago

It's the Bluffton College home economics laboratory 101 school years ago. This photo and the description is from the 1918 Bluffton College Ista.

101 girls' college basketball seasons ago

Here's the 1918 Bluffton College women's basketball team and a summary of the season from the colleege yearbook, The Ista.

Bluffton High School 1911

You don't need to be ancient to recognize this building. But, you do have to be nearly 35 (at the youngest) to recognize it.

This is the 1911 Bluffton High School building. This photograph was taken before the current "old section of the high school" was even in the dream stage.

Where was it? Stand at the St. John's United Church of Christ corner of College Avenue and Jackson Street and gaze toward the current high school.

Somewhere in the mist, you'll see it.

Kibler Street - early 1950s

It was spring in the early 1950s when this aerial photo of new homes on West Kibler Street was taken. Riley Creek overflowed its banks, washing was on the line to dry and no vehicles were on the street. The Motter farm extended just to the edge of the curve in street. Several homes now located here were yet to be constructed. An alley acutally exists and appears to be used.

1942 Bluffton College tennis team

Here's the Bluffton College men's tennis team in 1942. From left Richard Berky, Jason Tripplehorn, Otto Elmer, H.W. Berky (coach), Darvin Luginbuhl, John Boehr, Robert Simcox and Dale Good.

The squad played the following opponents two times each: Wilberforce, Ohio Northern, Findlay and Bowling Green.