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May 1, 2017


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BACH 3 - Does this mean that somewhere in Ohio is a BACH 1 and a BACH 2? The Icon spotted this plate in Ada.

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Historical Bluffton

1979 Bluffton College May Day Court

Here's the Bluffton College May Day court from 39 May Days ago.

Back row from left, Jeff Boehr, escort, and Rich Bindernagle, chairman. Front from left, Louise Matthews, attendant, Cathy Beery, queen and Kent Yoder, most popular man.

May pole dancers, not in the photo were: Mary Liechty and Eric Simxcox, Brenda Liechty and Joe Suter, Cincy Ramseyer and Kevin Kapanka, Judy Stutzman and Kevin Augsburger, Jenny Clinehens and Greg Stenson, Sue Ramseyer and Dan Parent, Peggy Culp and Ron Moyer and Carla Augspurger and Bill Suter.

One of the oldest remaining Bluffton school class photos

This is one of the oldest existing photographs of a Bluffton school class. It is possibly two classes combined. We know that some of the students in the photo graduated in 1903.

Supposing those students were in the sixth grade when this photo was taken, that dates this photo to the 1896-97 school year.

Several of the members of the class of 1903 are very roughly identified.

Front row: Ruth Dukes Mohler, far left.

43 athletic seasons ago - Bluffton HS Varsity B

Here's the Bluffton High School Varsity B from the 1973-74 school year. This group of athletes was part of several great Pirate teams in many sports.

Member names are under the photo.

Neuenschwander-Suter family portrait

Here's a photo of the David D. and Elizabeth (Neuenschwander) Suter family of Pandora, circa 1910.

Top row from left, Harvey, Enos and Amos.

Center row from left, Pauline, Harry, Selina, Corinna, Clement and Della.

From row, Elizabeth, Leola, Vernon and David D.

David D. Suter was born in Riley Township in 1854 and died in May 1923. Harvey Suter (top row, left, was born in June, 1893 and died in 1966.)

St. John's UCC junior choir - 1973

Here is the junior choir of St. John's United Church of Christ, Bluffton, photo taken for its 100th anniverstiy history book in 1973.

Names of choir members are listed under the photo.

Here's a Nordhaus band

Here's the Bluffton High School band from the 1972-73 school year. Fred Nordhaus was the director. Names of band members are under the photo.

The yearbook omitted several names of band members on the back row.

It's now the Village Cut 'n' Curl on Cherry Street

Thanks to a correction from Sam Diller, here's the "real" information about the above photo, from Sam (we originally stated that this building is no longer standing):

"The picture of the former Don Edie Body Shop on Cherry Street and the statement that it is the former Chev Amstutz building and is no longer standing will come as surprise to the owner of Village Cut and Curl which is located in said building. 

Bluffton school float in 1986 parade

That's Clarence Kooker and the Bluffton schools float in the 1986 Bluffton 125th anniversary parade.

Who else can we recognize? Looks like Matt Steinmetz in the dunce hat. But we need some help identifying the other students. Help us!

Richard Boehr took this photo.

Geiger cousins in 1900

If your last name is Geiger or if you are related to the Geiger's chances are pretty good that you have an ancestor is this group of youngesters.

On the back of the photo is the message: Geiger counsins. Taken about 1900 near Pandora, Ohio, Gegier homestead. The address today of this farm is 3096 Road Q, Pandora.


Bluffton's contribution to the Edsel V-8

Did you know that engines for Edels were built in Lima?

Dennis Morrison shared with the Icon this photo of his father, Jack, who Dennis says was either the first or second person hired at the Lima Engine Plant when it opened.

He later became a maintenance foreman and retired from Lima after 30 years of service.

This photo shows Dennis’ father hot testing the 410 Edsel engines. The engines were V-8s. This photo was taken in December 1957.

Dennis also worked at the plant for 40 years, upon graduation from BHS in 1965 until 2006.