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March 23, 2019

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Historical Bluffton

It's the BHS class of 1981 in Kindergarten

Here's another Bluffton elementary class photo.

Jon Szabo provided the following identification:

BHS class of 1981. Probably taken in 1967 or 1968, afternoon Kindergarten.

Front: Dennis Goodwin, __________, Tom Palte, Barbara Hensley, Cindy Born, Teresa Fruth, James Pletcher, Scott Parkins.

Middle: Amy Jordan, Gregg Snyder, Ruth Hicks, Peggy Moser, Jon Szabo, Rebecca Spallinger.

Bluffton first grade in 1971-72

Esther Emmert’s first grade class during the 1971-72 school year. This is the BHS class of  1983.

First row: Kurtis Badertscher, Sherrie McKee, Pamela Stoodt, Eddie Plaugher, Deron Geiser, Jared Diller, Mindy Jolliff, Nancy Gay, Rex Steele, Bob Burris.

Second row: Don Edinger, Tommy Mullenhour, Vonda Dalke, Jonathan Laing, Tim Jordan, John Harmon, Christine May, Lynn Newman, Mark Hensley, Leslie Kohli.

87 school years ago - BHS student senate

Here's the Bluffton High School student senate from the 1930-31 school year. At this time, the senate had representatives from various school organizations.

The names of the members are above the photo, however, the names are not in the order that the students are sitting.

Early 1940s Bluffton parade

Here's a Blufton parade in the early 1940s. This is the Bluffton Masonic Lodge. Several observations:
• 48-star flags
• Western Ohio Railroad interuban tracks still evident on Main Street
• Elk Restaurant in the building that today houses Ellerbrock Spine and Soft Tissue
• Check out the awnings on the restaurant
• Muma's Electric Shop, radio service in is the office that today houses Faith Investment Services
• Apparently, behind that Oscar Velasquez mural is a large mural ad for a 5 cent cigar that is "truly a 10 cent quality"


Cory-Rawson HS band in 1986 Bluffton parade

Here's the Cory-Rawson High School band. It's marching in the 1986 Bluffton 125th anniversary parade. Merlin Marshall, director, is with the band, on the left side of the photo.

Merlin's son, John, relates this interesting story about this photo. He says:

"I had forgotten about those beautiful green pants! That was taken on the day of my brother Rick's wedding at Bethel Church on 30, east of 235 outside Ada. That's right, we marched in the parade, went home, cleaned up and got ready for the wedding.  Boy was that a hot day!

It wasn't always paved

We think you can identify this Bluffton location. Take a walk toward College Hall from Ropp Hall, after you cross the Riley. Then, there's a small footbridge over the  lagoon. That's this view from the 1934 Bluffton High School yearbook. The photo was in an advertisement for Bluffton College.