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January 21, 2019

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Historical Bluffton

1942-43 Bluffton College Witmarsum staff

Here is the staff of the Bluffton College Witmarsum, the campus newspaper in the 1942-43 school year.

Standing from left, Evelyn Johnson, Hildred Eversole, Lysle Sommers, Herbert Fretz, Harold Thiessen, Robert Simcox, Norman Beidler, Marvin Wasser, Paul Sauder, Wilma Mumma, Ellen Clark.

Seated from left, Eleanor Keenney, Grace Adams, Lucia Grieser, Adelaide McGinnis, Lois Sommer, Wanda Suter, Grace Geissinger, Betty Steinman.

From "The Bluffton You Never Knew"

Here's the earliest known photograph of Bluffton's downtown taken from the town hall clock tower.

Will Triplett took the photograph sometime before 1899. Here are some observations:

76 season ago

Here's the Bluffton College Beavers men's basketball team from 1941-42. A. C. Burcky was the coach. Player names are under the photo.

69 concert seasons ago

Here's a photo and identification of members of the Bluffton High School choir from the 1948-49 school year.,

Hot air balloon over Bluffton - 1905

This  Bluffton postcard postmarked Dec. 22, 1905, by an unknown photographer shows a person riding in a hot air balloon over Bluffton. Certainly this was the Wilbur Wright of Bluffton. Certainly an interesting story lost in history.

1968 Memorial Day parade

Here is the 1968 Bluffton Memorial Day parade. On the extreme left is Harry Blausey, director. Majorettes are Cathy Kirtland and Beth Dailey.

Businesses on Main Street include Bruce Shelly's Nationwide Agency, Greding Hardware, Watermire's, Gratz Shoes, Western Auto and Basinger Furniture.