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June 18, 2019

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Historical Bluffton

Know anyone in this class photo? It's first graders 1968-69

The teacher is Linda Sommer. The school year is 1968-69 and this is a first grade class, making these students part of the Bluffton High School graduating class of 1980.

Here's Linda's attempt at identification.

Middle row:   ? ,    ? ,  Shawn Smith,   ? ,    Tammy Wideman,  Tom Van Atta,  Peter Yost,  Michelle Smith
Front row:  Janice Sherrick,   ?   ,    Rebecca Searcy,   Letitia Triplett,   ?   ,  Dennis Smith,  ?   ,    ?   ,   ?

Helen Geiger's elementary class

Here's another Bluffton elementary photo begging for an identification. Helen Geiger is the teacher. What's the year of the photo and what graduating class is it.

Send identifications to: info!@blufftonicon.com

Were you in a class taught by Mrs. Shetler?

Bluffton High School class of 1978 as third graders 
Geneva Shetler's class

1st row —Jeff Althaus, Tom Falk, Valli Badertscher, Rebecca Luginbuhl, Alan Begg, Mike Warren, Roy Davis , Stephen Shook, Marjorie Miller and Karen Moser.

2nd row—Mike Gleason, Liz Chidester, Barb Alspach, Christine Moser, Carol or Cathy Warren ( they were twins so not sure), Mark Huber, Kay Snare and ____

Miss Stepleton's first grade

Here's another classic Leland Gerber photo. It's a Meredith Stepelton first grade. Thelma Gratz is also in the photo. We see lots of familiar faces.

We invite class members to provide us with names of the students, the year the photo was taken and the graduating class year.

Send to: info@blufftonicon.com

It's the BHS class of 1981 in Kindergarten

Here's another Bluffton elementary class photo.

Jon Szabo provided the following identification:

BHS class of 1981. Probably taken in 1967 or 1968, afternoon Kindergarten.

Front: Dennis Goodwin, __________, Tom Palte, Barbara Hensley, Cindy Born, Teresa Fruth, James Pletcher, Scott Parkins.

Middle: Amy Jordan, Gregg Snyder, Ruth Hicks, Peggy Moser, Jon Szabo, Rebecca Spallinger.

Bluffton first grade in 1971-72

Esther Emmert’s first grade class during the 1971-72 school year. This is the BHS class of  1983.

First row: Kurtis Badertscher, Sherrie McKee, Pamela Stoodt, Eddie Plaugher, Deron Geiser, Jared Diller, Mindy Jolliff, Nancy Gay, Rex Steele, Bob Burris.

Second row: Don Edinger, Tommy Mullenhour, Vonda Dalke, Jonathan Laing, Tim Jordan, John Harmon, Christine May, Lynn Newman, Mark Hensley, Leslie Kohli.