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January 23, 2021

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Letter: A Rog Edwards story provided by Sam Diller

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David Smucker's story  - click here to read it - brings to mind Rog Edwards story about he and Ralf Steiner and some others riding around setting off fire crackers when Ralf who was driving, lit a big one, and threw it out the window.  Only the window was closed.  That's was the end of the story.  Rog said the explosion did no damage but was very loud.

Sam Diller


Letter: Family reflections on Peggy Ann Bowyer

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Click here for Peggy Ann Young Bowyer’s obituary.

Peggy Ann Bowyer (Young) lived a long life and devoted herself to raising her children through various bumps, bruises, and more than a few broken limbs. Ever resourceful, she taught herself how to can and freeze vegetables from the family’s large garden and her freezer jam (grape, strawberry, peach, and black raspberry) was much enjoyed by her family.


Letter from Mayor Johnson: It has been a very challenging and interesting year

2021 is right around the corner and the village is optimistic and hopeful that we will continue to make Bluffton successful and prosperous.

To each and every one of you in the Village of Bluffton:

Here we are almost in the end of 2020. It has been a very challenging and interesting year to say the least. No matter what each of us faced in our personal lives or professionals lives, basically covid-19 consumed our lives, for the majority of 2020. I believe I can speak for most, to say this was something never experienced in our lifetime, and never want to experience again.


Letter: Presidential transition needed to protect America

The election is over, and President Trump lost

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President Trump is trying to steal the election.

He's making false claims of fraud and refusing to help the transition to President-Elect Biden. That transition process should include briefings for President-Elect Biden  on national security and on the federal response to the pandemic, among other issues. President Trump is blocking those briefings.

The losers here are the American people.


Letter: USPS Operation Santa begins soon

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For more than 108 years, USPS Operation Santa has helped bring joy to kids across the country. This year the magic of Santa has expanded nationwide with the digital Operation Santa online platform including, Bluffton, Ohio. 

But Santa needs your help. Please spread the word that children can begin sending in their letters. Also, customers can be one of Santa’s Elves by adopting letters to Santa online and anonymously, granting the wishes of children in need.


Letter: First time both JV and Varsity Bluffton Bucs win Super Bowls

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Bluffton has a lot of great football to look forward in the community years. Here are the accomplishments made by both Bluffton Bucs midget football teams this year,  starting with the Varsity.

They have been in the Super Bowl 3 of the last 4 years and have won as 4th graders and as 6th graders. They have talent across the board and many have started all 4 years of their Bucs career.