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Tammy Bradshaw

October 17, 2017

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Letter: Blaze set up needs lots of volunteers

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I am contacting you about the Blaze of Lights.

The committee from the last 15 years are no longer putting up the display, so it is sent back to the town.

I have been in contact with the mayor and set up dates are Saturday, Nov 11, and Nov 18, from 9 a.m. to noon.

We have a real need for help. A paper was passed at chamber and only 1 person signed up to help. If we are to continue to have the Blaze we need more help.

Groups who can help are church groups,  Boy Scouts and families or individuals.


Letter: Three candidates for Bluffton council seats state their case

Dear Bluffton Voters:

We are candidates for Bluffton Village Council. We are all former Councilmen with combined total of more than 50 years of service to the Village. Our candidacy stems from alarming events witnessed in the past several years.

Example One. Experienced, key employees were treated poorly and are no longer with the Village. The loss of these employees has put the Village at risk and tarnished the image of Bluffton.


Letter: Thanks for Summerfest fundraiser support

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The Bluffton Fire Department would like to thank everyone who came out and made our Summerfest Fundraiser at Southgate Lanes a great success. 

Without the support of the local businesses that sponsored corn hole boards for the tournament, those that participated in the silent auctions, enjoyed the pulled pork dinners and stayed into the evening for great music and fun, the fundraiser would not have been as big of a success. 


Letter: Follow-up on suggestion on Bluffton's drug problems

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Mayor Judy, thank you for sharing my concerns with the Chief. Chief Ryan came to my home this afternoon. We had a very open, honest and  enlightening discussion. 

I have a better understanding of the problems and what the Bluffton Police force is doing. I believe the Chief is on top of the situation and is doing all he and his force can do. I encourage the council to continue its full support of the Police Department, and suggest that (as much as possible) the community be kept inform and encouraged to support the efforts being made. 


Letter: A suggestion on driving the drug problem out of Bluffton

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Mayor Judy, greetings.  As a former resident of the village and a current landlord in the village I believe I have a small voice in the community.  Here is what is on my mind.  Recently I have read and heard about "Home Invasions" and some 'Drug Abuse' occurring.

These problems are a national problem, however my concern is for OUR community. Bluffton is a wonderful village, unique in many ways. Through the efforts of current and past residents Bluffton has developed a terrific reputation. 


Letter: Thanks for everyone's assistance with Wheels' Fest

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On Friday afternoon, June 16, the Bluffton Lions Club put on the 50th Anniversary of the Festival of Wheels and Cruise-in.

We strive to make it a better show each year. It takes a lot of volunteers to make it a success. The weather has a lot to do with it, but the volunteers are the main factor.


Letter: Ride to Remember was a wonderful experience

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Thank you to the Bluffton Lions Club, the numerous volunteers, and the
sponsors who made the "Ride to Remember" day a wonderful experience. 

The check-in workers, snack providers, and support team all greeted us with smiles
and words of encouragement plus we enjoyed the camaraderie from the other

We look forward to riding in it again next year.   
Harlan and Pat Basinger


Letter: Thank you Relay for Hope donors

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Letter: Does not benefit our community

Adding more competing healthcare services to the community where health care has existed for nearly 110 years

Community Friends,

My wife and I just recently returned from being out of town and I decided to catch-up on some local news. While pouring over the pages, I noticed several
advertisements and articles about St. Rita's Medical Center bringing
healthcare services to the Bluffton community (as if there is not already a
local provider).


Letter: Inviting businesses and community members to assist in National Night Out

It's Tuesday, Aug. 1, at the swimming pool

Dear Business and Community Partners,

The Bluffton Police Department, in conjunction with the Pandora Police Department, is once again in the planning stages for holding our 4th annual National Night Out celebration. 

This year’s event will be held on Tuesday August 1st, 2017.  The Bluffton, Beaverdam, and Pandora Fire and EMS Departments will also be participating in this event.   The Bluffton, Pandora, and Beaverdam communities are all invited to attend.