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December 1, 2015


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Senior citizens send thank you to voters


Thank you so much to the voters of Allen County for the passage of our Senior Citizens Services Levy! The seniors thank you as well. We will now have just the one levy in Allen County to go before voters every 5 years. It includes a renewal of our .5 mil levy and an increase of .5 mil. We will stop collecting on a .3 mil levy that was also in place. The agencies that share this levy include Bluffton Senior Center, Delphos Senior Citizens, Allen County Council on Aging, and Senior Citizens Services of Lima.


Letter: Friends of the Library book sale thank you and a request

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The Friends of the Library would like to thank the community for their support in making the fall book sale the best ever. BUT, we really need donations of books, histories, mysteries, anything but text books, work books and encyclopedias. donating books supports the library.

Sallie Jones
Friends of Library


Letter to the editor: From Stratton Greenhouses

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We at Stratton Greenhouses, Inc. would like to thank all of our flowerpot sponsors for the 2015 season. You can walk up and down Main St. and read the labels, but we would like to thank everyone for their contributions.


Letter: National Night Out was successful thanks to many sponsors

"The Aug. 4 National Night Out was a huge success," Matt Oglesbee of the Bluffton Police Department, told the Icon. "But it didn't happen on its own. Many sponsors made donations.

Those sponsors are listed below:

National Sponsors


Letter: More on the Pure Oil station photo posted recently

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Thanks Fred for sharing the photo of the Pure Oil station at Main and Elm with the old Marathon station in the background. 

By 1965, I thought that the Pure station was run by Bob Renner. That station ultimately closed and was replaced with a new Union 76 (successor to Pure Oil) station at the corner of Main and Jefferson, where Stratton's car business is now. 


Letter: Main Street flags are flying

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The S.H.A.N.N.O.N. Service Club of Bluffton, in conjunction with the Village of Bluffton, the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Bluffton American Legion, says thank you to the many businesses and individuals who helped to sponsor the 2015 Main Street flag project.

The cooperation among so many people who helped this project in so many ways is truly inspiring. And the stories behind the people who are honored and memorized are heartwarming.        


Letter: Thanks to Cindy Basinger and Susie Stratton for BFR spruce up

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Bluffton Family Recreation would like to thank Cindy Basinger of Backyard Perennials & More and Susie Stratton of Stratton Greenhouses for the plants they donated to the “Spruce Up” project at BFR. 

Cindy donated a beautiful coral-bells plant and Susie donated a delightful flat of annuals.  We have had some trouble with the geese and ducks playing havoc with our plantings but we are enjoying the beautiful colors the plants have added to BFR’s landscape. 

Thank you Cindy and Susie!


Letter: Thanks to all the Friends of the Library 5-K run/walk sponsors

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Thank you to all our sponsors, participants and volunteers for making our Run for Literacy 5K Run/Walk a success.

Our sponsors:



Letter: Richard Boehr's project will improve the cemetery

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We support Richard Boehr and his dedication to Bluffton. His on going project to improve the Shannon cemetery is a wonderful way to memorialize and honor the deceased.

Sam and Janette Reineke


Letter: Give Richard Boehr support - he's doing a good job

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It’s about time that Blufftonites stick up for Richard Boehr and all that he has done for Bluffton, including the Shannon Cemetery, which he is thoroughly trying to improve. Where were all you complainers when the cemetery was in shambles?

Why is it that the person in this town who does something productive, gets blasted from people who do nothing but cause turmoil?

The good souls who live above ground and now who will be memorialized are shaking their fingers at the people who can’t leave well enough alone.