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January 15, 2019

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Community Assistance Program grateful for generous support

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The Bluffton Area Food Pantry, which is overseen by the Bluffton Community Assistance program, wishes to extend a huge thank you to Bluffton residents.  The Food Pantry has been blessed with generous donations and the giving has been kind and thoughtful.  The schools, churches, businesses, and residents have gone above and beyond to assist those in need in our area.

Right now the pantry is overflowing with supplies. 


I lived in Lincoln Hall for 3 years in the early 1950s

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Responding to your request for comments from viewers who once lived in Lincoln Hall on the Bluffton University campus, the hall was a women’s dorm in the early 1950s and I lived there for three years. Miss Edna Ramseyer was the House Mother during those days. Felt a bit sad it was going to be demolished, but am so grateful. Bluffton University will have a wonderful, much needed, science building.

Elfrieda Landes Ramseyer


Letter: BFR committed to continuous improvements

As we impact youth and families

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Over the last year, we have actively engaged our community through programs and member services. My team and I are committed to continuous improvement in how we impact youth and families.

This year Bluffton Family Recreation is excited to be participating in #Giving Tuesday on November 27th in conjunction with Mercy Health. All donations that Bluffton Family Recreation receives by year end will be doubled up to $5,000 by Mercy Health. We are blessed to have this partnership and need your help in reaching our goal of $5,000 by year end.


Letter: Issue 1 on Nov. 6 is wrong for crime victims

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Issue 1 on the Nov. 6 ballot does not just reduce sentences for non-violent drug crimes, it also shortens the amount of time spent in prison by 25% for almost all violent crimes.  

Thousands of criminals could be released early for Aggravated Murder (but not “murder,”) Aggravated Rape (but not “rape,”) Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Felonious Assault, Aggravated Robbery, and every other horrific felony crime you can think of, due to its specific language.


Letter: Time to remove Jim Jordan

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Some time ago, I was dismayed to learn that Jim Jordan is our congressman. His representation is sadly due to extreme gerrymandering in our county.

Jim Jordan's continued conduct in discrediting and undermining the independence of the Justice Department and the FBI is not only shameful, but frankly un-American. Jordan continues to push a "deep state" conspiracy to further divide this country.


Letter to viewers: Final thoughts on the Shannon Cemetery plan

I am grateful even though the village has decided upon a different plan that was originally created.

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(Note: click here for this writer's letter of Sept. 17, which provides additional details on this project. And, click here for survey results from the Shannon Cemetery Commission survey of the community)