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July 23, 2019

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Letter: What is common sense gun control?

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We keep hearing about common sense gun control. What is common sense gun control? Is it banning five to ten million AR-15 type?

The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates there are roughly five to ten million AR-15 rifles owned in the United States, a small share of the roughly 300 million firearms owned by Americans. If banned, what would happen to these guns? Does anybody believe that people would turn them in or sell to the government?


Letter: Second Amendment must stop being a political game

High powered, rapid fire weapons, be they rifles or hand guns, are not needed by hunters or citizens

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High powered, rapid fire weapons, be they rifles or hand guns, are not needed by hunters or citizens.

Tragically they are used over and over again at schools, churches, malls, entertainment venues, work places and even military bases to kill people. It was only in 2008 in Justice Antonin Scalia’s 5-4 Supreme Court opinion that it was determined for the first time in our country’s history that the Second Amendment provided protection for the individual’s right to own guns.


Letter: BFR shoe drive collected 5,550 pair of shoes

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Bluffton Family Recreation would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of our recent Shoe Drive Fundraiser. 

Together we collected 222 bags of shoes (25 pairs each) for a grand total of 5, 550 pairs of shoes!!! By keeping all these shoes out of a landfill and instead sending them to 24 non-profits all over the world to be refurbished and used, BFR earned over $2,000, which will be used to enhance our facility and the programs offered by Bluffton Family Recreation.


Letter: more about the hot air balloon over Bluffton 1905

Note: This letter is in reference to the following story CLICK HERE.

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When I saw the “Hot air balloon over Bluffton - 1905” that was posted on January 2, I wondered if the story was truly “lost in history.” And were early air balloons really potato shaped? Here’s what I found: This airship could be piloted by Augustus Roy Knabenshue, an aviation pioneer born in 1875 in Lancaster, Ohio.


Letter: January is the month for shining the light on modern day slavery

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Many are shocked to learn that slavery is more prevalent in 2018 than in the years prior to 1865. 

The International Labor Organization estimates that there are approximately 21 million people trapped in Human Trafficking world-wide and it is estimated that several million people in the U.S. are victims of trafficking.  The proceeds from sex trafficking and forced labor generate over $150 billion annually.  This past year over 200 cases have been investigated in Ohio (the 4th largest caseload in the country).


Letter: Winter can be beautiful

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Fred, many thanks for the beautiful New Year's Eve walk in the park that you shared through the Icon. Winter CAN be beautiful!!!
Joanne Niswander