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May 25, 2020

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Letter: We are temporarily shutdown - Lulu's Diner

Justin andAmy Musil: "It's a tremendous honor to serve you and we look forward to doing so again real soon." 

Icon viewers:
We have spent countless hours playing every scenario possible to make things work, but being able to provide our employees (our friends/family) with what they need to make ends meet just isn't possible at this time. It has been extremely difficult the last couple of days as we prepare our locations for this temporary shutdown. 

The thought of not being able to provide the personal service to our patrons, truthfully our friends and family that we have grown to know and love over the years, is a tough pill to swallow. 


"EdChoice voucher program undermines public education"

Letter from six Hardin County school superintendents explains their position

Superintendents for Ada, Upper Scioto Valley, Kenton, Hardin Northern, Ridgemont and Midwest Regional ESC last week posted a letter to citizens of Hardin County stating that Ohio’s growing EdChoice voucher program threatens to undermined the system of public education in Ohio.

Stating several facts about taxes and the voucher program, the letter states:

“Vouchers cost $4,650 for K-8 students and $6,000 each year for high school students, taking money from the public schools to pay for private and parochial tuition.


Letter: Impressed by the sportsmanship of your team and student body

Icon viewers:

I wanted to send you an email to tell you how impressed I was by the sportsmanship of not only your team, but your student body. My wife and I sat directly behind your junior high basketball players at the top of the student section. I was very impressed by how well behaved, polite, and respectful all of them were before, during, and after the game. They even said nice things about Mr. Hanna when we were joking around with them at halftime.



Letter: What problem can we help you solve?

Girl Scouts ask residents of area retirement house developments

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Did you know? 

Residents at Bluffton area retirement housing developments were asked by a local Girl Scout troop "What problem could we help you solve?" The residents said: Better snow and ice removal so that we can get around in the winter.

When you look at snow and ice conditions at your place of business, could you navigate the area with a walker, cane, wheelchair, or stroller?

It is our responsibility and a good business practice to promptly remove snow from sidewalks and parking lots.


More details of Harmon Field

To Icon:
In response to your old picture of Harmon Field (click here to see the picture, posted 12/16/19) , it occurred to me that I had done some research on other Harmon fields for my On The Road Ohio radio series that airs on 1330 WFIN, Findlay (8:32am, M-F) and 1430 WFOB, Fostoria (10:44am, M-F). 


Chamber thanks Southgate Lanes for hosting trivia night and much more

Dear editor,

In October, Southgate Lanes hosted a Trivia Night and Wine Tasting event to benefit the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce. That makes us the most recent beneficiary of the bowling alley's generosity, which includes their Summerfest fundraisers for a variety of local organizations.