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January 21, 2019

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Letter: Why I'm supporting Mike Galbraith for U.S. Congress

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Former President Obama said recently that “the biggest threat to Democracy is indifference.” 

According to the web, Indifference is a noun meaning lack of interest, concern or sympathy.  When I wake up in the morning and listen to the news, I find myself shaking my head with a visceral (deep-felt response) when attempting to make sense of our current world. 


Letter to editor: Writer asks for community discussion on original plan passed on Shannon Cemetery

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Here’s some important background information on the Shannon Cemetery that needs to be considered prior to council making a decision on how to proceed with cemetery plan.

Cause for concern
A small group has brought forth a second-hand “grid,” which supposedly locates many original graves for the purpose of putting back many gravestones throughout the Shannon Cemetery on Jefferson Street.

Our own volunteers have asked this group for a copy of this authentic grid, but have yet to receive it.


Letter: Thanks for flag project support

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The S.H.A.N.N.O.N. Service Club of Bluffton, in conjunction with the Village of Bluffton, the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Bluffton American Legion, says thank you to the many businesses and individuals who helped to sponsor the 2018 Main Street flag project. The cooperation among so many people who helped this project in so many ways is truly inspiring.  And the stories behind the people who are honored  and memorialized  are heartwarming.         


Letter: Would like council to write out achievable action plan on Shannon Cemetery

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Responding to Dick Boehr's July 31, 2018 letter to the Icon editor -

To begin, I would like to thank Mr. Boehr for his countless hours of time, energy, and enthusiasm he has dedicated to our community. 

Likewise, Sue Cramer deserves a big thank you for all her many efforts on behalf of our historically significant Shannon Cemetery. 

And Bernie Ludwig should be commended on making the Shannon Cemetery grounds look incredibly better than they have in a very long time.


Letter: "Shannon Cemetery Park” proposal of April 2013 needs to move forward

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Hello, Bluffton. It has been three years with very little action from our village council regarding the improving of Bluffton Shannon Cemetery.

Considerable efforts have been put upon mayors, administrators, and council members to put all the cemetery stones back, similar to where they were.

It seems to some of us volunteers that there was a broad majority to encourage the proposed “Shannon Cemetery Park” proposal of April 2013.

Now we need to let the new council, mayor and administrator know how the Bluffton populous feels.


Letter: Thank you 20 businesses who provided promotional items

Ride Two Remember cinch sack donations

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The Bluffton Ride to Remember committee would like to thank all the Bluffton businesses that provided promotional items for the cinch sacks each rider received.

The sacks were full of pens, pencils, sticky note pads, water, popcorn, chap sticks, eye glass cleaning cloths, a keychain bottle opener, highlighters, bookmarks, tea and loads of coupons with a value of more than $65 off purchases at businesses here in Bluffton. One rider said it was the best cinch sack he had ever received.