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January 21, 2019

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Letter: Thank you Relay for Hope donors

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Letter: Does not benefit our community

Adding more competing healthcare services to the community where health care has existed for nearly 110 years

Community Friends,

My wife and I just recently returned from being out of town and I decided to catch-up on some local news. While pouring over the pages, I noticed several
advertisements and articles about St. Rita's Medical Center bringing
healthcare services to the Bluffton community (as if there is not already a
local provider).


Letter: Inviting businesses and community members to assist in National Night Out

It's Tuesday, Aug. 1, at the swimming pool

Dear Business and Community Partners,

The Bluffton Police Department, in conjunction with the Pandora Police Department, is once again in the planning stages for holding our 4th annual National Night Out celebration. 

This year’s event will be held on Tuesday August 1st, 2017.  The Bluffton, Beaverdam, and Pandora Fire and EMS Departments will also be participating in this event.   The Bluffton, Pandora, and Beaverdam communities are all invited to attend. 


Letter: Athletic Boosters say thanks to reverse raffle supporters

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The Bluffton Athletic Boosters just concluded their annual Reverse Raffle and would like to take a moment to thank all that contributed to its success.  Many individuals and businesses made this year’s raffle another huge success. 

Whether you purchased a ticket, or donated a product, service, or your valuable time, we cannot thank you enough.  The Reverse Raffle couldn’t be effective without the help of all the volunteers. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s raffle.

Bluffton Athletic Boosters


Letters: Dog walkers mind your manners on Augsburger Bike Path

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Today I walked a partial stretch of the Augsburger Bike Path, picking up trash. In the walk I picked up a plastic bag having dog poop in it, tossed a ways into the woods. 

My message is: dog walkers we are glad they like the path, but please mind your manners when it comes to carrying your dog's "stuff" to the nearest trash can.  We live here!

Ellie Unruh


Letter: Bluffton has no "state law yield to pedestrian" signs

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There are no "end of school zones" signs on Main Street. No "state law yield to pedestrian" signs placed in the middle of the road at a crosswalk. Lima Senior has them both.

Jason Crawfis