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May 6, 2016


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Reagan Mittendorf's letter to Santa

Santa shared Reagan's letter with the Icon and mentioned how he always loves when the kids draw him pictures.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want Lego friends sets.  Next I want a novi stars doll. Probably una verse. Next I want the purple password journal.  I want McKenna, the American girl doll. I want some new clothes and dresses.  I also want app store and itunes money. I really want a kindle. And the thing I want most is a purple microphone with sparkled designs. That is all I want for Christmas.

Reagan Mittendorf, 8

Bluffton, Ohio


Gabby Scott's letter to Santa

Santa let a letter out of the bag for the Icon.  Gabby writes:

Dear Santa,

My name is Gabby Scott and for Christmas I would like an American Girl horse stall and the horse to come with it.  I would also like some new wii games like Mario games.  I also wnat a dog for Christmas, a nice one like the stray dog that came to my house. A dog that is trained or an easy dog to train. 


Gabrielle Scott


Grant Scott writes to Santa

Santa provided the Icon access to some letters from Icon kids.   Grant writes:

Dear Santa...

I would like some Power Rangers and some nerf guns with hot wheels and I want a lot of Lego's and I would like Iron Man action figure and a Star Wars spaceship.  I will like an Ipad please or an Ipod 5 with a new case please and I wish I could have my own guitar or drums please and I really want a Xbox 360 and games and I want a board game and I would like to have some new wii num chucks for me and my sister.

to Santa

from Grant

Happy Christmas


Letter: Your generosity helps a student in Tanzania

Dear Farmers market friends,
Thank you all for your generosity. You donated $1,043 for orphans in Tanzania. This money will pay for three years of education (and other support) for 13-year-old Jackeline.
(http://www.mewaiki.de/Mithelfen/Patenschfaften/ ).

Thanks again! Have a nice Christmas!  
Sabine's Bavarian Pretzels


Dear Santa...from Collin

Here's a Christmas letter to Santa from "Collin."

The Icon will post letters to Santa that are placed in the special mailbox in the Bluffton Post Office.



Icon accepting letters to Santa Claus

The Bluffton Icon welcomes letters to Santa Claus.  The letters may be emailed to info@blufftonicon.com or delivered to a special Santa mailbox in the Bluffton Post Office.

If parents wish to have their children's names signed on the Icon, please print them legibly  on the letter.

Here is our first letter:

Dear Santa,

This is my Christmas list. I've tried really hard to be a good girl. We will leave you cookies and milk. Do you want chocolate or white milk? This is the stuff I want for Chrismas:


Letter: Just say no to abortion

Icon viewers:


Bluffton Senior Center cookie walk invite community groups to participate

Dear Bluffton Community Member,

Happy Holidays! I know it seems liike the Christmas holiday is still many months away,
but it will be here before we know it!

This year Bluffton Senior Center and Signature Health Services will be hosting the first ever Christmas Cookie Walk as a fundraiser for the activities that the Senior Center provides for our area seniors.


Letter: Looking for a farm to care take, rent or work for rent

Icon viewers:

We are in need of a farm to care take/rent/ or  work for rent; that is off
the road, away from commercial  chemical farming, with housing,outbuildings
and pasture, prefer woven wire fencing.


Letter: Arborvitae flower stolen from Stratton Greenhouses - have you seen it?

Icon viewers:

Have you seen my arborvitae flower in a cedar box (see photo)?  

While we were in Maine it was stolen from our parking lot. It had to have taken two people because it is at least 150 lbs. And it is a $275.-$300 item, one of a kind.

If you have seen this arborvitae flower in a cedar box,  please call 419-358-6950 or the Sheriff at 419-227-3535.   

 I have already called the Sheriff so I have filed a report on the item.