November 22, 2014


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Letter: So glad Icon exists


I just found this and am so glad it exists. I miss Bluffton and this will be a way to keep up with what is happening. Thank you for doing this site.

Ruth Whitt


Letter: Parent proud of BHS wrestling program


Have you ever stumbled upon something quite by accident, than over a period of time realized you found something worthwhile, something life-changing.

I am a Bluffton High School parent who has found that something! My son came to us his Sophomore year expressing an interest in joining the Bluffton High School wrestling team.


Letter: Thank you Bluffton businesses for your support

I would like to personally thank those businesses in the Bluffton Village who helped further my dreams of playing professional football at the next level by sponsoring me for the Hansen All-Star Senior Bowl in Virginia Beach, Virginia on January 16th.


Letter: Thank you for working with so many on the book


Thank you for working with so many to put the book about Bluffton together...

I used to sit with my Grandmother (Ruth Shilling Culp) for hours - listening to stories about Pandora and what life was like when she was growing up.

I never met my Grandfather Milliard Herr, (though I did find his name in the graduating class! in your book) nor did I know my Grandma Herr (although I did meet her and did spend a few holidays) I never had the opportunity of sitting and talking about when she grew up as I did with my Grandmother Shilling.)


The Icon's llama friends send a letter to Santa

Milk Toast

The Icon received a letter to Santa from one of the llamas at the Hard Rock Llama farm, rural Bluffton. Anyone who attends the Bluffton Arts and Crafts show each May has had a chance to say hello to some of the llamas. The farm is operated by Mike, Wendy and Mandy Gerken.

The letter came from a baby llama, who is yet to have a name, however, it signed the letter "Milk Toast."

We invited viewers to read the letter and to get an update on the life of llamas in rural Bluffton.


Letter: Thanks for diligent employees in village utility department

Icon viewers:

I wanted to take a moment to once again thank the diligent employees we have in the Bluffton Utilities Dept. No matter what time of day they are there to help you with your emergency situation with calm and professionalism.
Thank you
Kyle Apkarian
Triplett Corp.


Dear Santa...I want a tablet instead

Drawing to Santa from Sam Derstine

dear santa:

I want a table instead.

From kyler


Dear Santa:

I want a:
1. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Kirby's Dreamland
3. Candy
4. Nunchucks
5. Baby doll for Charlie
6. Star Wars
7. DS game
Thank you, Terron Boblitt


From Trey Boblitt
Basketball shoe's
Gey blades
i phone


Letters - Dear Santa: I'd like some owl things

Note: a Santa mailbox is in the lobby of the Bluffton Post Office. The post office and The Icon sponsor the mailbox. All letters to Santa placed in the special box will be published in The Icon. Here are recent installments.

To: santa to the north pole

dear santa,

I want a psp touch screen
the newest one or a Ipod

From Kyler to Santa

Dear Santa:

I have been a good girl. These are some of the things that I would like:


Letter: Enjoyed the Andrew Bixel interview

Message to Andrew Bixel:

My wife and I enjoyed the Bixel interview. My wife, Joy, is also a Hope College graduate, and I am a Bluffton College graduate. Small world. We have been married 45 years. Kindly pass along to Andrew that the liberal arts of both colleges make for an ideal relationship.

Thanks NSB,


Letter: I enjoy your book "A Good Place to Miss"


I've been browsing in "AGood Place To Miss" and having a fine time remembering my younger years. It was a great idea to compile it.

Phil Yost