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November 27, 2015

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Letter: Arborvitae flower stolen from Stratton Greenhouses - have you seen it?

Icon viewers:

Have you seen my arborvitae flower in a cedar box (see photo)?  

While we were in Maine it was stolen from our parking lot. It had to have taken two people because it is at least 150 lbs. And it is a $275.-$300 item, one of a kind.

If you have seen this arborvitae flower in a cedar box,  please call 419-358-6950 or the Sheriff at 419-227-3535.   

 I have already called the Sheriff so I have filed a report on the item.


Letter: Who cares about the Model T's!

Who cares about the Model T’s.! (this week's historical Bluffton photo). Check out the 1958 Chevy Impala convertible (with top down) in front of Niswander’s newsstand. The color is Black Onyx. It has wide white wall tires, fender skirts and a Continental tire on the extended bumper.


A United Way volunteer will ring your doorbell tonight

Icon Reader:

I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors of the United Way of Bluffton, Beaverdam, and Richland Township.  As we start our Door-to-Door Campaign, TONIGHT, Tuesday, September 18, 2012, we are excited about the opportunity that all of us possess to assist the many organizations that support the residents of Bluffton, Beaverdam, and Richland Township.

These local groups benefit practically EVERY PERSON, and especially EVERY CHILD, in our local United Way district. 


Letter: From Ronald Rich - "Who guards the guardians themselves?"

Note: The Icon printed this letter exactly as it was received.
Dear Icon:
A question in our Latin class (long ago!) was, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?", or, if I have it right, "Who guards the guardians themselves?". The media have freedom of the press, but the constitutional guarantee is supposed to be for all citizens, not just a special class. How can we be protected from editors who distort things themselves?


Letter: Zabi Rahat fundraiser Sunday, Aug. 5

My name is Ahmad Zabi Rahat, I am from Kabul, Afghanistan. I have a Bachelor's of Arts in economics with a minor in political science, from Bluffton University.
I have been accepted at Eastern Mennonite University Peace and Justice master's program. It is a two-year, full-time program focusing on different approaching towards conflict and peace building. I believe that this program is essential to my future plans of peace building in the Middle East.


Letter: We appreciate all the help we had in clean up after the storm

We would like to thank all the helping hands that were on Columbus Grove Road horse barn cleaning up storm debris. We really appreciate it!
With great gratitude,
Shawn, Nancy, Shane & Kolton Stratton


Letter: It takes lots and lots of volunteers to put on a car show

On Friday afternoon, June 15th of this year the Bluffton Lions Club put on its annual car show the 45th Festival of Wheels and Cruise-in. We strive to make it a better show each year. It takes a lot of volunteers to make it a success.


Letter: Missing tire found


Thank you Icon for allowing me to post a few days ago about my big missing tire, as ridiculous as it sounded (Who takes a big tire?) .

This morning I received a phone call from Lynda Best who saw the ad on your site. Her and her husband found the tire ditched in the weeds behind their house and were not sure what to do with it.


Letter: ...showed what Bluffton is really about!

Jeanne's Kitchen shared this letter she received from three Bluffton University students earlier this spring.

Dear Jeanne:

We were so happy that we were finally able to have lunch at your kitchen. Thank you so much for giving us the blueberry cobbler for dessert! It summed up our entire college career and truely showed what Bluffton really about!


Emma Schwinn
Kayla Berkey
Jessica McDonald


Letter: Craft vendor appreciated craft show

Bluffton chamber:

Thank you so much for allowing us to attend the Bluffton Arts and Craft Show. We had a very good time and made a tad bit of money as well! We wanted to let you know that we were very impressed with the town, the people, and the atmosphere! Bluffton was clean and beautiful, the people were very friendly and kind, and the atmosphere was festive and charming. This is not our normal experience at all craft shows, so we were very plesently surprised and wanted to let you know. Thank you again for the pleasent experience!