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November 24, 2017

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The Bluffton Icon intends to become the center of information and commerce for Bluffton, Ohio, focusing on the present and future with visions of what used to be. We will promote Bluffton through advertising, the printed word, photographs and other tools of technology.

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Icon Q & A

Welcome to the Bluffton Icon. For first-viewers, here's a helpful question and answer session with the Icon creator, Fred Steiner.

Q: What's the Icon?
A: First, I'll tell you what it is not. It's not a newspaper. Instead, it is an electronic news source.

Q: What does that mean?
A: It means that as you continue to view The Icon there are several points you need to understand. This site will change immediately as events develop, but you will never miss a story. That's because everything we provide will be archived.

Q: Okay, how much do I pay to view the Icon?
A: Nothing. It's free to view.

Q: That's great, but how do you make any money to create it?
A: Two ways: Advertisements and supporters. We offer easy ways for advertisers to reach potential customers by linking their website to The Icon site. We also pass the hat for persons who believe this is a worthy cause and wish to show appreciation through donations. Don't consider us a tax deduction, however. As a supporter you simply belong to a special club of viewers. We'll probably throw a pizza party for you once a year.

Q: What might we expect to find in The Icon?
A: All sorts of things. We hope to offer you coverage of the Bluffton council, school board, Bluffton University and Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce. In addition, we'll provide engagements, weddings, anniversaries, club news, calendar items, church news, obituaries ... you know, the basic stuff. Plus, you'll view several feature stories about people with Bluffton connections. We also have a couple secrets we're holding for later. You'll be really impressed when we launch them.

Q: That's great. Who's going to provide all this material?
A: We've created a great working relationship with Bowling Green State University's School of Journalism. You'll view stories written by Icon interns and see photographs taken by them.

Q: Do you have other contributing writers on your staff?
A: Of course. You'll view material from a wide assortment of contributors. We'll name them very soon.

Q: So, what's your role?
A: Since this is not a newspaper, I'm not the editor. I'll have to create a title. How about iconoclast?

Q: What other features might viewers expect as the Icon develops?
A: Lots of things. We've created a weekly poll, mostly for fun. We'll offer you movie reviews. Add to that lots of photographs, each in color. You'll begin to see more and more interviews with Bluffton residents. They'll be quick Q and A like this one. We'll toss in some opinion pieces, old photographs and contests.

Q: Anything else?
A: Yes. We will attract lots of former residents curious about Bluffton. We'll even interview some of them.

Q: We have other questions, but will save them for another time, Any final thoughts?
A: Yes. We really intend this site to become a magnet for Bluffton information and a place where viewers may express their own points of views. Look at it sort of like a coffee shop, it will become a gathering point for people. We simply ask viewers to keep checking, tell your friends about us, and give us a little time to come up to speed. As we grow in readers, we will become great source for businesses to promote their products, their websites and attract Bluffton customers.

Q: One final question, where did you come up with the name Icon?
A: Well, one evening I made a list of every name I could come up with. There were at least 30 ideas, most were pretty good, so i thought. This list ranged from The Blufftonian, all the way to puns using Pirate and Beaver references. I wanted something that would stick in people's minds. I presented my list to my wife. She politely told me that every idea I offered needed help. Then, like a light bulb going off in her head she announced “The Icon!” The rest is, history.