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October 22, 2020

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Icon music review: The Rarities - Mariah Carey

The album is can’t miss listening for Mariah Carey fans

Reviewed by Craig Hoffman
The Rarities is the eighth compilation album by American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey, released in October by Columbia and Legacy Records.

The artist is also a record producer, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Carey is the definition of megastar and has the talent to more than back that description.


Icon movie review: Here's another scary October flashback

Jaws works so well precisely because of what it doesn’t do: show you the shark

As I considered what to review next, I asked myself the question “what’s a horror movie the family can watch together?”

Turns out, horror doesn’t lend itself to producing those sorts of movies! But in the summer of 1975, a horror/thriller was released that you may have heard of: Jaws.


A nostalgic ride back to Estefan’s glory days

Icon music review: Brazil305 - Gloria Estefan

Reviewed by Craig Hoffman
Gloria Estefan released Brazil305 in August 2020. It is the fourteenth studio album by the three-time Grammy Award winning Cuban-American singer. It is also her first album since the 2013 release of Standards.

Estefan pioneered the first Latin pop explosion, paving the way for artists like Ricky Martin and Shakira. Her earlier works combined pop, R&B, salsa, and Latin funk with great success. It’s perfect timing for the album as Latin pop music is once more en vogue in the music world.


Icon book review: John Grisham's Camino Winds

This is Grisham's 43rd novel, and continues his very earnest genre writing

Review by Robert McCool

Get blown away by the end of hurricane season.

John Grisham scores again.

In Camino Winds (Doubleday ISBN 978-385-5493-8) John Grisham sets his opening during Hurricane Leo, and a questionable death of one of Camino Island's writers.


Icon movie review: It's October, let the screaming begin

A look back and some spooky movies

Now that we’ve entered October, it feels appropriate to entertain some spookier fare. This month my goal is to share about some horror classics and why they’re worthy of revisiting in 2020. First up, is 1996’s Scream.

Scream opens with the best sequence in the film that runs close to 15 minutes as Casey Becker (DREW BARRYMORE) is terrorized by the film’s killer.


Icon music review: ALICIA- Alicia Keys

Not Keys’ finest work by any stretch of the imagination. Still, there are enough good tunes and her smooth vocals to recommend it.

Reviewed By Craig Hoffman
American singer-songwriter and actress Alicia Keys is out with her seventh studio album Alicia (stylized all caps) in 2020. This comes after a number of delays due to COVID-19. Keys has received numerous awards in her fantastic career, including 15 (competitive) Grammy Awards. 

The artist was the host for the Awards show in 2019 becoming the first woman in 15 years to do so. She repeated the feat in 2020 in addition to singing a soulful tribute to the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant.