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Tim Maag

October 23, 2017

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He was always watching BHS sporting events, even though he wasn’t in the stands

Tom Clark left Bluffton after high school, but, Bluffton never left Tom

Tom Clark left Bluffton after high school, but Bluffton never left Tom.

The son of Jim and Mary Clark, he grew up with older brother, Steve, in the family house on North Main Street where Riley tees into Main. He graduated from BHS in 1977.

• Watch a video below with 4 U.S. referees, including Tom, working Junior World Championships in Romania in 2011.

• Click here to view his obituary.


Want to win a Bluffton Icon cap? Answer our question and, just maybe...

Want to win a Bluffton Icon cap?

The Icon wants to know what viewers think of when you think of the Icon.

To discover the answer, for the next six weeks, the Icon tosses out a weekly question for viewers to ponder.

The viewer offering the best answer for each week’s question will win this week’s cap.

Here’s this week’s question:
"If the Icon was an animal, what kind of animal would it be? Please offer a brief explanation of why you think the Icon is the animal you mention."


Pandora UM hosts free community meal Jan. 27

The Pandora United Methodist Church will host a free Community Meal on Wednesday Jan. 27  from 5:30-7 p.m. in the church fellowship hall, 108 E. Washington Street, Pandora. The meal this month is provided by Seven O’Clock Flock. The menu is Tomato Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Relishes, Dessert and beverage.  


My failed 2015 new year’s resolution - It wasn’t even a close shave

By Fred Steiner
In 2015 I resolved to succeed with a manly plan. Thought it would be like riding a bike. It wasn’t. 
While watching “Skyfall,” I saw Miss Moneypenny shave James Bond with a straight edge razor. You probably didn’t notice. I did.
If Moneypenny could do it so could I. It looked…manly.
My grandfather and his before him used one.  They were manly.


For 2015: Make commitments, not resolutions

By Laura Finley

It’s 2015. People everywhere are making resolutions…lose weight, read more, quit smoking, etc. To resolve is the act of finding an answer or solution to a problem. Yet most of our resolutions are never achieved. According to Marti Hope Gonzales, Associate professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, just six weeks after making a resolution, 80 percent of people either have broken them or cannot even recall what they resolved. And of course, we feel like losers when we don’t achieve these goals.


Size matters: It's the first thing that most people ask

By Andy Chappell-Dick
Small House Bluffton

Size matters.

How many square feet?  It’s at the top of a realtor’s house listing. Banks keep track. So does the county tax assessor and the municipal zoning board.  And by far, it’s the first thing that most people ask about the Small House Bluffton project at 207 North Lawn Avenue.         

960. Or perhaps 1,677. It’s an interesting question.


Delano: Whidbee: Lil Wayne's new single certified platinum

Reviewed By: Delano Whidbee
Artist: Lil Wayne
Song: Love Me
Genre: Hip Hop
Rating 5/5

According to the complex, Future has confirmed via twitter that Lil Wayne’s new single “Love Me” has certified platinum, having sold more than a million individual units to date.

Lil Wayne added Drake and Future to this platinum single which feature on his new album “I Am Not A Human Being 2.”


Harlem Shake: New sensation that swept the nation - watch it here

The Icon introduces a new music review column. After talking with Bluffton University student Delano D. Whidbee following a journalism class, we knew we found the right guy for the assignment. The sophomore from Flint, Mich., is a broadcasting and journalism major.

He tells us: "Music has always been around my life. The different creative styles interested me from a young age." 

This is more than a serious hobby for Delano. He said, "I check daily to see what new music or exclusive interviews, or music visuals have been released."



Guest columnist - Thoughts on Civic Engagement Day: Unintended Consequences

By Alyssa Flick

Once a year Bluffton University schedules a day of seminars led by college professors with a lot of interesting insight to the subjects they teach. The event is called Civic Engagement Day. This year the day took place on April 10.

One of these seminars was hosted by Dr. Darryl Nester a professor of math. He obtained his doctorate in statistics and has also taught many classes training college students how to be more technologically savvy.


Guest columnist Alyssa Flick: Rock concerts can be exhilarating

By Alyssa Flick
The lights are bright. You and friends are surrounded by others with the same enthusiasm for rock music. When the music begins to pulsate in the room the entire consciousness of the crowd becomes homogeneous through this single interest and common understanding in the music.