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March 23, 2019

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Historical Bluffton

Bluffton Sunbeam Band circa 1910-15

This photos contains some Bluffton viewers' great and possibly great-great-"relatives."

Nearly 10 decades ago, these youngsters performed as the Sunbeam Band under the sponsorship of the Bluffton Lutheran Church.

Although members of the band were drawn from all denominations, the Lutherans sponsored the band because leader Turley Rupright was a member of that congregation.

Sunbeam Band members were:
Front from left, W.A. “Hap” Stratton and Harold Beals.

Mrs. Emmert with class of 1976

We know this is the Bluffton High School class of 1976. We also know Esther Emmert is the teacher when this class was in the elementary. We welcome class members to send us identification of the students.

Send to: info@blufftonicon.com

Bluffton school mates photos

Here are two photos, circa 1912, with Agnes Amstutz standing and Hallie Thut (seated). The second photo is Hazel Boothby (left) and Agnes Amstutz (right). Agnes graduated from Bluffton High School in 1913 and Hallie Thut Althaus graduated from BHS in 1912.

These two photos were provided to the Icon by Alan Eaton.

Geneva Shetler's elementary class

Two students in the second row of this class, taught by Geneva Shetler, well, they were distracted at the moment Leland Gerber snapped the photo.

The Icon asks anyone who can idenify this class and put names to the picture to email us at: info@blufftonicon.com

Was Mrs. Emmert your teacher?

Here's a Bluffton elementary class photo of Esther Emmert's class. We don't know the grade level or the graduating year of the class, or even the member names.

Anyone with assistance, please e-mail: info@blufftonicon.com


From Amy Jordan King: Class if 1983. My brother Tim Jordan is one of them. I think Nancy Badertscher and Deron Geiser possibly Kurt Badertscher also.

Vera Basinger's elementary class

Vera Basinger is the teacher in the elementary class photo taken by Leland Gerber. The Icon iinvites viewers to provide identifications of the students and the class year.  Send to: info@blufftonicon.com