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June 18, 2019

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Historical Bluffton

Who is the teacher?

The Icon seeks answers to these questions?
• Who is the teacher?
• What grade are these students?
• Can you identify any of the students?
• What year was their graduating class?
Leland Gerber took the photo.

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From Alan Begg:

The students in the photo graduated in 1978. Some of the students are:

Was Miss Groman your teacher?

Here's a Bluffton Kindergarten photo with (Miss) Margaret Groman as the teacher. We recognize some familiar faces.

Icon viewers with more information please send to: info@blufftonicon.com

Bluffton school board from 48 school years ago

Here's the Bluffton school board from the 1969-70 school year.

Seated from left, Larry Mathewson, Lois Rodabaugh and Ropp Triplett, board president.

Standing from left, John Klay, Charles Hankish, Jr., vice-president.

Bluffton's boys of summer in '68

With the Major League Baseball playoffs underway here's the Bluffton High School boys of summer one-half century ago.

Names of the players  on the 1968 team are above the photo. This team went 9-9. Bob Everett pitched a no-hitter game, only to lose on an error to Hicksville, 1-0.

Bluffton Sunbeam Band circa 1910-15

This photos contains some Bluffton viewers' great and possibly great-great-"relatives."

Nearly 10 decades ago, these youngsters performed as the Sunbeam Band under the sponsorship of the Bluffton Lutheran Church.

Although members of the band were drawn from all denominations, the Lutherans sponsored the band because leader Turley Rupright was a member of that congregation.

Sunbeam Band members were:
Front from left, W.A. “Hap” Stratton and Harold Beals.

Mrs. Emmert with class of 1976

We know this is the Bluffton High School class of 1976. We also know Esther Emmert is the teacher when this class was in the elementary. We welcome class members to send us identification of the students.

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