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March 23, 2019

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Historical Bluffton

The teacher is Jill Zimmerly - who are the class members?

The teacher is Jill Zimmerly. That's all we know about this Leland Gerber elementary class photo, except for a couple familiar faces that we're trying to put names with.  Anyone with more names for this class are encouraged to contact the Icon at: info@blufftonicon.com.

And, thanks to Jim Diller and his sister in California, we've added some names to the photo posted last week. Click here for that update.

Bluffton HS home economics class demonstration

The Icon posted this photo taken by Leland Gerber. Jim Diller provided some background on this photo:

The class is in the Bluffton High School Home Economics class. I believe the teacher is Peg (Gagliardi) Diller, my sister, who taught there in the mid-1950s. 

Fourth from the left in front row is Louella Steiner my aunt, next to her is Verna Diller – my mom, next to Verna is Edna Ramseyer.  Behind Louella is a Mrs. Grismore, who I think Allen Grismore’s wife and grandmother to Ken Bucher.

Was Miss Hilty your elementary teacher?

Miss Minerva Hilty taught many Icon viewers in Bluffton elementary school. Here's a photo of one of her last classes. Leland Gerber took the photo. There are several familiar faces in this photo.

If you can identify students, please send information to: info@blufftonicon.com

This would have made national news today

These two photos are among the most frightening old photos ever posted on the Icon - for that matter, ever photographed near Bluffton.

Here's what we know about these photos. They show three burning oil tanks that were struck by lightning somewhere near Bluffton. Each tank contained 35,000 barrels of oil.

The photos are in post card format taken by Sidney Hauenstein.

Believe it or not - an early Bluffton swimming pool

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about Bluffton, a photograph like this shows up.

Ask your grandparents to explain this.  If they can’t help, keep reading.

It’s a photograph of the "floating" pool that served swimmers in Bluffton as early as the mid-to-late 1920s (based upon the style of swim suit in the photo) to the early 1950s.

It was constructed on the east bank of the Buckeye and then was moved to the quarry where it floated to allow swimming.

Three photos from the old pool...and the Buckeye

The Icon has posted these three photo previously, but it's summer and let's go back to the Buckeye.

Here's three views of Buckeye quarry, where swimming was once a Bluffton summer experience. Paul Diller snapped these photos.

The pool was on the east side of the Buckeye. It is included a bath house, baby pool, larger pool going to 6 feet, and the Buckeye quarry for persons who could pass a swim test. The Buckeye had three diving boards.