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July 31, 2015


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Skipping Stones magazine says ‘Swords to Plowshares’ one of this year's outstanding books

A children’s book published last fall by The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center of Bluffton University has been named as one of this year’s 25 outstanding books by Skipping Stones magazine.

“Swords to Plowshares: The Creation of John P. Klassen’s Mennonite Central Committee Medallion” has received a 2015 Honor Award from the international literary magazine for youth.


Bluffton Senior Center to celebrate 45 years of operation

In November 2015, the Bluffton Senior Center will have been in operation for 45 years. In honor of the upcoming anniversary, the window at the Senior Center has been decorated with items familiar to senior citizens when the center opened in 1970. Keith and Shirley Sommer have collected various items such as a record player, a rotary phone and a vintage hair dryer. The Bluffton High School art department has provided a sign that says “45 years and counting." All are invited to view the window decorations.


That's one high flying flag. How did it get there?


Persons attending Bluffton's Memorial Day service at Maple Grove Cemetery couldn't help but miss Bluffton's tallest-ever flying American flag.

Here's a close-up view. Check the photo below for the long view to better understand the height of this red, white and blue symbol.

How did it get there?

Bluffton resident Navy Reservist Nathan Ulrey of Arbor Elite LCC Trimming Service was the  mastermind behind the flag display.


How about a six-seater?

Ever seen a six-seater?

Grandma's day care (Brenda Byers manager and Tim Byers recreation coordinator), which takes care of eight little, or not so little, grandkids has added this unique vehicle.

The six-seater stroller is 128 pounds of metal and canvas and, according to Landon, Emily and Molly Byers and Conner Clum and Ellery Byers it is a great ride!

Three more grandkids join the day care once school is out so Dalton, Blake and Levi Clum will be on hand daily from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to do the pushing to town from Tom Fett Road.


Dennis Morrison - great choice for Lions citizen of the year

Things don’t always go the way you wish.
The Icon took a vacation in late April and we missed the Bluffton Lions Club Citizen of the Year presentation.

Here’s our belated note of appreciation to Dennis Morrision, recipient of the club’s 2014 citizen of the year award.

Morrison's involvement in the community touches countless organizations.


Meet the prom king and queen

Bluffton High School's 2015 prom was April 25. Makayla Smith, daughter of Larry and Heidi Smith was selected as the prom queen and Skyler Noble, son of Pam Marsh, was the prom king.
(Photo by Troy Breidenbach)


You weren't imagining it; that was hail falling

Yes, that was  two minutes of hail falling this morning in Bluffton, on April 22. 

If you don't believe us, watch the video below. The Icon captured nearly 2 minutes of it.



Icon's favorite spring photo of Bluffton - which one is better?

Our problem: which view do we like the best?

There ought to be an award for the most attractive spring scene in Bluffton. If such an award existed, the Icon votes for this scene.

Our problem is that we can't decide which view we like better. The location is the back yards of the Burokers and the Dillers on South Main Street.

The Dillers have a gorgeous magnolia tree. The Burokers have a white blooming cherry and yellow forsythia bush. The combination is out of this world.


50 years ago this week Bluffton experienced the sound of "a thousand freight trains" - the 1965 Palm Sunday tornado

Fifty years ago this week Bluffton experienced the sound of “a thousand freight trains.”

That sound was the Palm Sunday, April 11, 1965, tornado.

At 9:45 p.m., it ripped across the rural Richland and Orange Township landscape. It was like no other natural disaster experienced prior or since then in this community.

Had the tornado’s path been one mile north it would have struck the Village of Bluffton. Had it been 600 feet farther north it would have hit 32 planes parked at the Bluffton Airport.


Fast and long freight trains now the normal thing in Ada

While Bluffton experiences one daily short and slow round trip freight train every day - things are different in Ada.

Ada's rail traffic is now more frequent, with longer trains and traveling at higher speeds than residents are used to. A rebirth of the line through Ada for freight happened this winter.