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May 25, 2015


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Iconoclast View

A Bluffton sunset like no other


Did you catch that Monday night sunset that only one thousands words could describe? How could you not notice.

The Icon staff, on a walk, captured some of the images on a cell phone. We offer a small sliver of the purples, golds, reds, blacks and everything inbetween.

Open the photo attachment below. Can you identify the location of the photos? Photos by Mary Pannabecker Steiner


They're back! and they always return between March 10 and March 15

Lima has the Bean as its mascot, so why not turn an ackward situation into a, well, a tourist attraction?

The buzzards are back in town. Lynn Nowak spotted them hanging out on Garmatter Street on March 10 and provided this photo. Since then lots of sighting have taken place.

We've observed these big, black guys in town every spring since 2001.Their appearance in town coincides with buzzards returning to Hinkley, Ohio, each March 15. Our hunch is that one of the flights to Hinkley in 2001 took a wrong turn ending here. 

The rest is history.


There's the Turkey Trot and then there's the Deer-Turkey Trot

Here’s an unusual animal story with some photos from Don and Joyce Hostetler of rural Bluffton. The Hostetlers are visited by wild turkeys each spring.


According to Joyce: The turkeys were back along the Riley near our house earlier this week. They only stayed two days this year, roosting in trees at night. Last year they visited us for several weeks.

There were nine turkeys this year. It was interesting to see young deer interact with them.


Concerning dog "scat" (we'll use another descriptive word in the story)

The Icon received this request from a Main Street business owner. We've also stepped into this "scat" or whatever you'd like to call it.

Would you be able to put something on the Icon regarding people walking their dogs and not cleaning up their messes?

Especially along Main Street businesses! We have had several issues since last fall with a dog(s) pooping on the sidewalks.

Not to provide too much detail but mess appears to come from a large dog. Today there were about six or seven large logs right in front of the double doors to our building.


Here's this year's 10,000 Shot Club members

Let’s see how many shots you can take to the hoop.

Boys in grades 3 to 12 were recognized for their efforts in the 10,000 Shot Club during the final basketball game of the season recently.

Here’s how it works:
Boys are given a shot sheet with a calendar to track any shots they make April through August. 

At the end of August, they have to get their form to Todd Boblitt, BHS varsity basketball coach, to be recognized for the shot club. 

Youth in grades 3-5 only have to make 5,000 to receive recognition.


KISS concert at ONU? Sorry, you are 40 years too late!

A group of Ohio Northern University students and their professor are researching the concert and how it impacted the Ada community, according to Harry Wilson of ONU's management and information systems.

This May 9th marks the 40th anniversary of the event at ONU’s newly-built King Horn center. This was during KISS’ Dressed to Kill tour and they were on the verge of becoming very famous.

"We have reason to believe that KISS played Rock & Roll All Nite for the first time ever live at the ONU concert," said Wilson.


Ice circles on the Riley - a rather rare occurrence

There are crop circles (you won't find them in Bluffton), and ice circles (and now you will find them in Bluffton).

Look closely at this photo.

It shows ice circles on the Riley. Brennan Davies noticed them on the Riley near Kimmit's Hill. (That's the bluff along Riley Street near Garmatter Street, for anyone under 40.)  He learned about the on the Weather Channel. 

Here's a definition from the Internet:

An ice disc, ice circle, or ice pan is a natural phenomenon that occurs in slow moving water in cold climates.


Same song, different verses - first there are leaves, next comes snow

Bluffton photographer Dennis Morrison provides Icon viewers with an interesting series of photos that are more difficult to take than you might at first think.

Last fall he photographed scenes at the Bluffton University college cabin and Riley Creek along Bixel Road.

Then, following the recent heavy snowfall, he repeated his photography. 

The result is an interesting collection of two scenes - one from fall and the other from winter.

Open the attachment at the bottom of this story to view his work.


You lose it and we find it for you

You lose it – we find it.

The Icon “lost and found” classified ad posted on the evening of Feb. 3 read: FOUND: A little boy lost one of his favorite toys at a Bluffton home basketball game. I did not get a name of his mom. But I did finally find it. She can contact me at: shieldsd@blufftonschools.org - Thanks, Daryl Shields.

Sounds like an almost hopeless loss.

Then, 12 hours later, on Feb. 4 this email arrives at the Icon:


30 candles - or in this case 60 candles on the cake

Okay, it's a slow news day.

Even so, we predict this post will explode on the internet. It's a "selfie" of former Bluffton natives Kristen Lugibihl, Ashley Luginbuhl, Ben Luginbuhl and Ben's wife, Alex Roth.

Since Ben has a zillion Facebook friends, this photo has already landed in practically every Buffton Facebook follower's page anyway. In our way of thinking that puts it in the Public Domain.