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November 30, 2015


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Another - earlier - photo of Owlsburg (or Van's, whichever you prefer)

Owlsburg Tavern, or Van's, which ever you prefer, appears to be one of the stories of the year on the Icon. It received over 6,000 Facebook recognitions in a recent story, reaching viewers all the way to eastern Europe.


For the many Icon fans of the establishment at the corner of State Route 235 and Lincoln Highway, here's an earlier photo from the Icon archives.


Something about that darn, boyish grin; Did he know something we didn’t know?

How can a guy from a place called Zelienople have so many friends in a place called Bluffton?

That guy, let’s call him “The Donald”  - he would have thought it funny -   showed up here about the time Nixon was in the White House. He never left.

Imagine - he was hired to serve as the disciplinarian to rowdy Bluffton College students. A thankless job. But, somebody had to do it.


Here's a video you'll want to watch - Bluffton's National Night Out

Did you enjoy Bluffton's National Night out on Aug. 4?

If so - or if you missed it - here's a video shot by Blane Miller. He took it high above the event. Can you figure out how he shot it?



"That thing you did about temporarily getting rid of the comment section was a good thing"

Note:  The Iconoclast View is a place on the Icon where we post opinion pieces. The following email came to us recently - unsoliciated from the Icon owner's brother, Rudi Steiner.

It fits in the opinion category and may help to explain what the Icon is and is not. We offer it here for viewers' enjoyment.

That thing you did about temporarily getting rid of the comments section was a good idea.


This street painting project is not a creation of BHS seniors

They are painting Main Street, but it's not the BHS seniors.

Zimmerman Painting is involved in creating a new paint scheme for Main Street. This week the firm is removing and replacing the crosswalks at the following Main Street intersections:

   • College
   • Franklin
   • Church-Cherry
   • Vine
   • Elm
   • Jefferson


It's only a paper moon - (it's not real grass)

Who hasn't walked, jogged, biked or driven past the Bluffton University football stadium and wondered what it looks like from the 50-yard-line on the home bleacher side.

Here's that look. The Icon visited the field earlier in the week and came home with several photos, which you may view below this story.

(The final photo is an artist's rendition of the completed field. The sixth photo shows a pile of turf cut up on the sidelines.)


There was a time when Methodists kept the Catholic church key in Bluffton

By Fred Steiner

Eariler this year I was asked a couple questions concerning the church key belonging to  St. Mary's Catholic Church, since I grew up across the street from it. I wrote this brief article for the church history and share it with Icon viewers.

My parents were Nelson and Margaret Steiner.


Icon will disable "Comment" opportunities next week - all comments will become "Letters to the Editor"

Icon viewers:

Next week, The Icon will disable its "Comment" option on its stories for the time being. Viewers are welcome to make comments by emailing them to:


All e-mailed comments will be posted under "Letters." All letters must be signed by the writer. The Icon will also post the writer's hometown. When a hometown is not provided, The Icon will insert (hometown not provided by the writer) under the writer's name.


Here's what we shared with an Ohio Magazine photographer

Josh Bickel, a photographer for Ohio Magazine, wanted to see the sights of Bluffton.

So, naturally, we took him to the clock tower of the town hall. Bickel was in Bluffton last Friday taking photos of Bluffton University campus and the village for an upcoming feature on Bluffton University. 

Watch for the September issue of Ohio Magazine. You can't miss the Bluffton University spread.


Shannon Cemetery Commission: A group of citizens who will do the right thing

The Icon applauds Mayor Augsburger’s selection of members to the newly established Shannon Cemetery Commission.

All are members of the village of Bluffton, as this commission should be.