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April 18, 2015


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KISS concert at ONU? Sorry, you are 40 years too late!

A group of Ohio Northern University students and their professor are researching the concert and how it impacted the Ada community, according to Harry Wilson of ONU's management and information systems.

This May 9th marks the 40th anniversary of the event at ONU’s newly-built King Horn center. This was during KISS’ Dressed to Kill tour and they were on the verge of becoming very famous.

"We have reason to believe that KISS played Rock & Roll All Nite for the first time ever live at the ONU concert," said Wilson.


Ice circles on the Riley - a rather rare occurrence

There are crop circles (you won't find them in Bluffton), and ice circles (and now you will find them in Bluffton).

Look closely at this photo.

It shows ice circles on the Riley. Brennan Davies noticed them on the Riley near Kimmit's Hill. (That's the bluff along Riley Street near Garmatter Street, for anyone under 40.)  He learned about the on the Weather Channel. 

Here's a definition from the Internet:

An ice disc, ice circle, or ice pan is a natural phenomenon that occurs in slow moving water in cold climates.


Same song, different verses - first there are leaves, next comes snow

Bluffton photographer Dennis Morrison provides Icon viewers with an interesting series of photos that are more difficult to take than you might at first think.

Last fall he photographed scenes at the Bluffton University college cabin and Riley Creek along Bixel Road.

Then, following the recent heavy snowfall, he repeated his photography. 

The result is an interesting collection of two scenes - one from fall and the other from winter.

Open the attachment at the bottom of this story to view his work.


You lose it and we find it for you

You lose it – we find it.

The Icon “lost and found” classified ad posted on the evening of Feb. 3 read: FOUND: A little boy lost one of his favorite toys at a Bluffton home basketball game. I did not get a name of his mom. But I did finally find it. She can contact me at: shieldsd@blufftonschools.org - Thanks, Daryl Shields.

Sounds like an almost hopeless loss.

Then, 12 hours later, on Feb. 4 this email arrives at the Icon:


30 candles - or in this case 60 candles on the cake

Okay, it's a slow news day.

Even so, we predict this post will explode on the internet. It's a "selfie" of former Bluffton natives Kristen Lugibihl, Ashley Luginbuhl, Ben Luginbuhl and Ben's wife, Alex Roth.

Since Ben has a zillion Facebook friends, this photo has already landed in practically every Buffton Facebook follower's page anyway. In our way of thinking that puts it in the Public Domain.


Two older, experienced Buckeye fans

Where were you on Jan. 24?

A couple "older experienced Buckeye fans" Marcia Gallant and Brenda Byers attended the OSU National Championship celebration at OSU stadium Saturday Jan. 24.

They left Bluffton at 6 a.m. with a bag full of winter clothing and enjoyed the band, the team and thousands of other Buckeye crazies as the National Championship trophy and other awards were shared with the crowd.


Peanut peanut butter and jelly is the winner

And the winner is...PEANUT PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY!

Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Co., invited customers to participated in an employee popcorn cook-off held Saturday.

According to Shirley's website the team of Amber and Sean created the winning flavor.

Shirley's is still working on the details, but expect to see Peanut Peanut Butter & Jelly available in the store as a flavor of month soon.


Oh, what a beautiful morning! Did you take photos?

How many photos of the frost did you take this morning? The event was technically a "hoar frost." Here's one explanation: 

"Under clear frosty nights in winter soft ice crystals might form on vegetation or any object that has been chilled below freezing point by radiation cooling. This deposit of ice crystals is known as hoar frost and may sometimes be so thick that it might look like snow."

As you probably found out, the beauty doesn't last long, especially when the sun comes out.


The customer comes first

Remember, this is Bluffton Pediatrics. And, Beth Bish, CNP, pediatric nurse pracitioner, has thought of everything.

Therefore, you'd expect a kid-sized toilet for clientel. You'll find one in the men's and women's rooms at Bluffton Pediatrics.

Bluffton Pediatrics opened Jan. 5, at 505 E. Jefferson St., Suite A. The child's size toilet is just one of the many items designed for youthful patients.




For me, Christmas meant my doll "Ruthie" received a new head

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner

When Fred sent me this photo, I just groaned. I knew it wasn't a good idea to leave him alone with my dad's slides and photos....sure enough, one has resurfaced. Dad labeled all of his slides and photos but this one had been digitized without a date identification. My best guess was that I was 8 because my brother, John (far right) is 8 years older and looks about 16 in the photo.