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Ben Moser

January 20, 2017


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You'll see this plate on a white Ford. It stands for a former Bluffton business, Dunifon Oil.

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2017 inspirational calendar carries many Bluffton scenes

Created by Jamie Nygaard, photographer

NOTE: Calendars are available for $20 each at Spectrum Salon, 442 N. Main St., and The Black Lab, 121 N. Main St., while supplies last. Out-of-town orders may be made to jbnygaard@gmail.com

There’s a 2017 Bluffton calendar ready to go on your wall this Christmas.

It has some fantastic Bluffton scenes (plus some great photos taken elsewhere) all taken by Bluffton photographer Jamie Nygaard.


You can view the entire Ream Holiday Folk Art disply from this video

For the first time, the Icon offers viewers a front row seat to view the entire Ream Holiday Folk Art display on the Bluffton Presbyterian Church lawn.

It's easy to take this winter display for granted, at least for Bluffton residents who pass by it nearly every day in December.

We encourage residents to take a moment in the evening. Stop, get out of your vehicle and walk around the display. You'll see familiar images and new ones.


Icon's village park pond poll grabs viewers

One of the most attention-grabbing polls on the Icon is the poll from last week (Dec. 1-5).

Our question concerned the village park pond. Sixty-eight viewers responded to the poll with 75 percent indicating an interest in keeping the pond. Fifteen person of those who responded said to fill it in. Two percent had no opinion.

Bluffton council, on recommendation of the village park board voted 5 to 1 on Dec. 5 to fill in the pond. Joe Sehlhorst voted against the measure to fill in the pond.


Newest Ream display cutouts?

At first glance you might think that two new silhouette figures joined the cutouts in this year's Ream holiday folk art display on the Presbyterian Church lawn.

But, after a closer look the Icon discovered that Fred Rodabaugh and Denny Morrison were at work on Tuesday morning. The high winds of Monday were too much for many of the cutouts. Many blew over.

Fred and Denny are unofficial caretakers of the display following acts of God.


Check out what the Icon spotted in the sky over ONU

U.F.O. in Ada?
Nope, just lens glare, according to Ken Collins, who took these Thanksgiving night photos in Ada.

Certainly sounds more fun seeing U.F.O.'s, however.


Opinion: Let's start by scraping the Electoral College

By John LaForge

For more details on how to abolish the Electoral College click here.

Sixteen years ago, as the 2000 presidential election recount in Florida transfixed the nation, the newly elected Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke directly to the likelihood that Al Gore would win the popular vote and still lose the election:


There once was an ugly duckling...

Each of us knows the story of the “ugly duckling” – that sad tale with a happy ending.

Bluffton kindergarteners watched the Han Christian Anderson story unfold last week on the Ohio State University at Lima’s stage.

More than 1,500 area elementary students, including those from Bluffton and Pandora-Gilboa watched the performance. Jamie Nygaard offers these photos of the experience.


100 years ago the presidential election in Bluffton was just as hot as in 2016

Read our account from an eye-witness - did Wilson win, or Hughes?

Milt Sprunger graduated from Bluffton College in 1920 and returned to Bluffton during his retirement. During his college years, he became very familiar with Main Street businesses and characters, and experienced the 1916 presidential election as a Blufftonite. Here is his election account, taken from "A Good Place to Miss: Bluffton Stories 1900-1975."


Bluffton food pantry shelves are low

Here's a list of items in short supply

Supplies are low at the moment at the Bluffton food pantry, housed is the St. John's United Church of Christ. Donations may be taken to the church.


A scary Halloween photo

Who needs a scary Halloween story when you can view a photo this scary. Imagine Pat and Richard Nixon in Bluffton during the 1979 (or 1980) Halloween parade. Accompanying the Nixons is Fred-in-Stein, who also frequents Bluffton at the end of each October.

Fred-in-Stein will be at the Bluffton Public Library tonight (Thursday, Oct. 27) taking photos of Halloweeners. Perhaps we'll see your photo later tonight on the Icon if you stop in at the library.