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August 24, 2016


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Iconoclast View

Stan Schneck's mark on Pandora will remain for a long, long time

By Fred Steiner
We all know Stan Schneck was “Mr. Pandora.”

There’s more to that title than you might think. Stan's older brother, Don, passed the title on  to Stan, and Stan carried it well.

Don and Stan’s father, Clarence, then might as well be considered the Father of two Mr. Pandora’s. In an earlier generation, Clarence was an important heartbeat of the Pandora community.

Stan was about as Swiss as you could get – having a Schneck father and a Burkhalter mother and holding a life-long St. John Mennonite membership.


Your assignment: Taste 25 different pies and pick three winners

A chocolate pecan pie won this year's Relay for Life pie-baking contest. 

Judges were: Jeff Stratton from Citizens National Bank, and Michael Donley, Bluffton Family Recreation sports coordinator and office manager. Their assignment covered 25 delicious homemade pies.  


June rainfall reached 10.24 inches; normal is 4.15 inches

Exactly how much rain did we receive in June?

According to Guy Verhoff, Pandora weather observer: "A lot." The June 2015 weather summery follows:

June 2015 rainfall: 10.24 inches
Normal June average: 4.15 inches

Maximum June temperature: 89 on June 11
Minimum June temperature: 46 on June 2

Average June temperature: 69.6 degrees
Normal average June temperature: 69.4 degrees

Normal Avg. Temp

Normal Avg. Prec

Max Temp
on the 11th

Min Temp
on the 2nd


High noon in Bluffton - waters continue to rise

This time we had advance notice. The rains came and continue. The Riley rises and continues to rise.

The set of photographs with this story show scenes in Bluffton photographed between noon and 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 27.


• Watch the Harmon Field Video.

 Watch the Buckeye quarry Video.

Earlier today  two messages from the Bluffton Police Department follow:


Shirley's donates $4,620 to University of Findlay's free literacy program

The Clubhouse, The University of Findlay’s free literacy program for children in Hancock County and surrounding areas, received $4,620 from Bluffton-based Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn Co.

The funding will help pay for The Clubhouse’s tutors.

Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn Company representatives presented a check to Clubhouse organizers on Monday during the closing celebration of the Summer 2015 3-2-1 Program, which provides free small group tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


Coyote spotted in Ada - no fooling

By Monty Siekerman, from the Ada Icon

I saw a coyote in Ada.

The critter was across the street from where I live on State Route 81. He was near a large walnut tree, just yards from the Baptist Church.

At first glance, he looked like a stray dog, which is not an unusual sight in this area of town where dogs escape their confines or are dropped off by bad owners and left to fend for themselves.

The animal and I made eye contact. Thinking it was a stray dog, I tried to coax it to me with a sack of cat food that I happened to have in my hand.


Wheels' weekend - a perfect time to talk about some famous Bluffton vehicles

Rudi Steiner, a 1961 Bluffton High School graduate, may well deserve a master’s degree in Bluffton automotive science 1945-1961. During this period he watched who drove what and sometimes, why. Here’s a summary of the Bluffton’s chrome and fin vehicle age from one who observed it first hand. This column is reprinted from "Bluffton, A Good Place to Miss."


MMH croquet court could use some local TLC

The Mennonite Memorial Home’s croquet court, located at 410 W. Elm St., Bluffton, needs some tender loving care.

The court, located behind MMH was developed for use by Home residents and members of the community. For several years the court was used on a regular basis.

Play on the court has diminished in recent years, but is available if a group of serious croquet players have an interest in rejuvenating it.


Skipping Stones magazine says ‘Swords to Plowshares’ one of this year's outstanding books

A children’s book published last fall by The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center of Bluffton University has been named as one of this year’s 25 outstanding books by Skipping Stones magazine.

“Swords to Plowshares: The Creation of John P. Klassen’s Mennonite Central Committee Medallion” has received a 2015 Honor Award from the international literary magazine for youth.


Bluffton Senior Center to celebrate 45 years of operation

In November 2015, the Bluffton Senior Center will have been in operation for 45 years. In honor of the upcoming anniversary, the window at the Senior Center has been decorated with items familiar to senior citizens when the center opened in 1970. Keith and Shirley Sommer have collected various items such as a record player, a rotary phone and a vintage hair dryer. The Bluffton High School art department has provided a sign that says “45 years and counting." All are invited to view the window decorations.