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December 3, 2016


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Poetic License

The Icon spotted this BIKE ONE plate just off Main Street in Ada.

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Iconoclast View

The Icon offers a modern version of a familiar story

In the seventh year in the reign of Obama, legislation passed that all U.S. citizens be counted in the county where their ancestors had settled. This unusual census was when Kasich was governor of Ohio and Jordan was fourth district representative.

Jose from Lebanon, Ohio, with his young housekeeper, Maria, who was nine-month’s pregnant with someone else’s child, and who Jose had intended to marry, drove to Bluffton in Jose’s 1996 Mercury Cougar. This was because Jose was a great-great-great-grandson of Swiss immigrant, Jesse Zurflugh, in Richland Township.


100+ year-old Christmas greeting from The Icon

"Peace, happiness and content to thee and thine." 

This Christmas card was mailed to Bertha Althaus, Bluffton, Ohio, from her brother, Andrew of Toledo. We can't read the postmark date, but Bertha was married in 1899, and after that was Bertha Hahn.

For the address side of the card, check the photo below. There's no street address and no zip code required on this one cent post card.

Bertha Althaus Hahn is the grandmother of Fred Steiner, of the Icon.



These Kings are princesses

Here's a portrait of the King sisters. Milena is on the lap of older sister, Madelyn. They are the daughters of Kevin and Allison King, Bluffton.

The photo is taken by Kerry Bush of Elysian Fields Photography, Bluffton, 419-581-9242.


The 12 days of Christmas...we mean the 12 day of university finals

Anyone who has experienced college final exams can appreciate this video.

It features J. Denny Beaver and his friend Jenny Beaver, Bluffton University mascots. The video is from Bluffton University.

It's a new version of the 12 days of Christmas.


Another math quiz: Steve rode his bike 15 mph for 4 hours...

Put on your  math thinking caps.

The Icon invited Chris Leuthold, adjunct math instructor at Bluffton University, to provide The Icon with some math puzzles. 

We want to assist our viewers with ways to survive the long, dark winter nights. Chris rates the level of difficulty  in his quizzes from 1 to 4, with 4 being the toughest.

He rates quiz 3 as a "3".


Steve rode his bicycle at the rate of 15 mph for 4 hours. Then, he walked at the rate of 5 mph for 2 hours. What is Steve's average speed for the entire trip?


Leuthold math quiz number 2: 2015, then what year?

Put on your  math thinking caps.

The Icon invited Chris Leuthold, adjunct math instructor at Bluffton University, to provide The Icon with some math puzzles. Here's quiz number 2. (The answer to quiz number 1 is at the bottom of this story.)

We want to assist our viewers with ways to survive the long, dark winter nights. Chris rates  the level of difficulty  in his quizzes from 1 to 4, with 4 being the toughest.


Not your typical wedding pose

It's not your typical wedding photo - but who say your wedding photo must be typical?

The wedding photograph is of Richard and Windi (Warren) Kohli of Lima, who were married this past August. Windi is a 2009 graduate of Bluffton High School.

The photograph is by Elysian Fields Photography, LLC, owned by Kerry Bush, a Bluffton portrait photographer.

She is available for a variety of photos ranging from weddings, senior pictures, family portraits, engagements, and pets to whatever photographic needs are required.


Letter: How many Harmon Fields exist?

Icon viewers:

Last night Lima Senior played in Miamisburg on Harmon Field.  Years ago I took the Lake Shore Limited from Toledo to Chicago passing through a town to this day I do not know that had a Harmon Field along the tracks. 


Iconoclast View: Bet you didn't know the most popular and famous Chicago park is built on the site of the city’s first cemetery.

Opinion piece by Rudi Steiner

Last week I had to do some work at Lincoln Park Zoo in downtown Chicago.

As I rode in a golf cart going about my business I passed some giraffes, camels, bears, tigers, lions, hippos, and hundreds of 4th graders on field trips acting like monkeys.

Winding through the park my journey took me past the “Couch family tomb” the only remaining gravesite left in what was once Chicago’s first city cemetery.


"Peter made me think that we are all more alike than we are different"

The Bluffton University "Diagnosis and Educational Planning class taught by Tim Byers recently spent an evening with Peter De Meo a new Bluffton resident. 

De Meo, an adult with Cerebral Palsy, recently returning to the area after years in California.

The class heard about his childhood, school issues, traveling with his disability, health related issues, positive and negative teacher issues, developing peer relationships, his career in California, and daily challenges which he has dealt with.