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November 30, 2015

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Did you ever play in the BHS marching band? Want to do it again? Here's your chance

Were you ever in the Bluffton High School marching band? Now's your chance to once again march across Harmon Field with your instrument in hand.

The BHS alumni band will perform during the Saturday, Oct. 18, Bluffton HS football game versus Western Reserve Academy.

According to Rachael Lewis, assistant band director, all former BHS band members are invited to participate. A reception takes place at 6 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. Alumni will then march to Harmon Field at 6:45 p.m. The band will play in the pre-game ceremony.


Did you graduate from BHS in the classes of 1955 to 1965? Then, this message is for you

What: BHS alums 1955-1965
When: Wednesday, Sept. 17
Where: Luke' Bar and Grill patio
When: 3 p.m. to whever

Wouldn't it be great if there was a Bluffton High School alumni association with an annual banquet?

Read on and you might see the glimmer of that idea taking hold. A group of BHS alums has planned a Bluffton High School get-together at Luke's Bar and Grill. 


Iconoclast View: Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

At times like this, I chuckle. And no one hears me. That’s okay.

Standing in my back yard Saturday afternoon, minding my own business, the strains of “25 or 6 to 4,” wafted my way, played by the university pep band at a football game.

I bet myself not a player in that band could name the group who originally performed it, the musician who composed it, or, its meaning.

Hearing the tune, certainly made me pause. And chuckle. What is this world coming to?


Bluffton's beauty and the beast: August and January


We know...it's still warm out and trees are green. Tops are down on covertibles, shorts are the normal uniform of the day.

Here's a refresher course on Ohio winters, in case you've forgotten. In a strange sense, this Main Street January 2014 photo has some beatiful qualities: blue haze of a sunset, Christmas ornaments on light poles and Jack Frost. If we could only remove the temperature from the equation.

Below are comparision photos from August to December - same view.


Stop in at The Icon Grill

Icon reader Todd Gratz spotted the Icon Grill (GR LL sic) while in Seattle, Wash., recently. Always seeking new income streams, The Icon has considered opening Icon Grills nationwide. The Seattle site is an test kitchen. We will continue to keep viewers updated on our extensive ventures.


The cat not in the hat...it made the children laugh and play to see a "cat" in school


Here's an unusual and final look at the Icon's photos taken on the first day of school.

A small cat appeared at the elementary school front doors just as students entered prior to 8 a.m. It was noticed by several students, including the young boy in the doorway.

We're not certain, but we have a feeling that sooner or later during the day, the cat somehow achieved its goal of entering the building.

But, that's simply a guess.


Bluffton's official bird?

It appears that the official Bluffton bird may be some type of sea gull. On Aug. 4, while strolling down Main Street, the Icon checked the town hall clock for the time. We checked at 8 o'clock, to be exact.

That's when the we noticed this regal creature perched atop Bluffton's iconic clock tower. We'll watch again today, but probably won't see this guy. Perhaps he was searching for larger water than the Buckeye.

For a closer look check the photo below.


Ralf: an electrical engineer at heart, a CEO by profession, but his high school wrestler’s boyish grin made him one of us

In May the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce invited Ralf Bronnenmeier as a guest breakfast speaker.

Our experience inviting speakers falls in one of three categories:
1  the invitee needs to think about it and get back to us later,
2  the invitee needs to check his calendar and get back to us later,
  (Categories 1 and 2 require a second phone call to the invitee for a definite yes or no)
3 the invitee asks, “Why do you want me as your speaker?”

We invited Ralf and his response was none of the above. It was immediate.


Next time you see Gary Kirtland, ask him about the 1954 Ford he bought from Conner Stewart

Gary Kirtland says he bought his first car at age 15. Conner Stewart sold him the car. At the time Stewart owned a Sohio gas station at the corner of Main and Jefferson Streets (now owned by Kirtland).

“I told my dad that I wanted this car – a 1954 Ford – and I bought it,” said Gary. Stewart let Gary park the car on his Sohio lot.

Since he wasn’t old enough to drive, after school he’d go start it, rev up the engine and mess around with it. He eventually blew the engine simply by revving it up too much.


It's mid-July in Bluffton; that means Marlin Gerber has arrived with this season's blueberries

Maybe Marlin Gerber is the Johnny Appleseed of blueberries. Leduc, Michigan, blueberries to be specific.

Bluffton likes blueberries and Marlin Gerber feeds our appetites for the tiny summer berry.

Who is Marlin anyway and why does he come to Bluffton with blueberries?

Originally from Sugarcreek, he enrolled at Bluffton College in 1953. He took off a couple years to volunteer in PAX. Then he returned to graduate in 1960.