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Mark Delisle

June 23, 2017


Poetic License

052887 - The Icon first thought this was a a zip code, but upon further study, we believe the owner of this plate was born on May  28, 2987. We welcome clarification from any Icon view with more information. We spotted this plate on a blue Honda CR-V in Ada. (The monthly renewal sticker confirmed our birthday theory.)

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Iconoclast View

A banker, coffee shop owner and retired chamber director walk into a bar

Seinfeld fans will understand this column attempt. It is truly about nothing.

A banker, a coffee shop owner and a retired chamber director walk into a bar.

Make that a bar and grill. No, make that “meet a bar and grill owner and coffee shop owner in the alley parking lot behind the coffee shop.”

It’s Friday morning. Each admits he doesn’t want to go to work – but in reality that is not true.

Minutes before, with cups in hands, the banker and retired chamber director purchase coffees-to-go.


Senior citizen book sale Friday and Saturday

The Bluffton Senior Center, 132 N. Main St., will have a book sale on Friday, Sept. 9, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday, Sept. 10th from 9 a.m. to noon.

Items include fiction with plenty of Amish books, nonfiction, paperbacks, magazines and movies. Books on Christmas, travel, crafts, sewing and nature to name just a few.


August 2016: Hotter and dryer than normal

August 2016 was hotter than normal with less rain than normal, according to Guy Verhoff, Pandora weather observer.

During August the average daily temperature was 76.1 degrees. The normal August average daily temperature is 71.1 degrees.

This year, August had 2.18 inches of rainfall. The normal August average is 3.28 in inches.

The high reading of the moth was 92 on Aug. 3 and again on Aug. 4. The low reading was 54 on Aug. 22.

The attachment below reveals the entire month's weather.


Watch the sky on Saturday - it's a Venus and Jupiter show

The Ohio Northern University Observatory, Ada, will host the first public event of the season from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 27.

A highlight will be the opportunity to view a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, in which they pass as close as 4/60th of a degree from one another. The event is free and open to the public.

The observatory is located on the western part of campus near Wander Field.


Football capital of America in Bluffton's backyard

FROM ADA ICON -There's a new paint job on a neighboring village water tower and it promotes something unique to that community.

Here's the Ada water tower looks, repainted this summer with the Wilson and NFL logos. The logos face toward the football factory so that all who enter the building will see them.

In the photo below:

Tim Reilly, a producer for Banner Collective in Chicago, videotapes the Wilson/NFL logos which are being painted on a water tower in Ada earlier this week.


Dick Weaver's legacy: He acted on the things he stood for

Click here for Dick Weaver's obituary

What label best describes Dick Weaver?

Bluffton College professor for 39 years?
Cub Scout leader?
Conscientious objector during World War II?
Social-justice advocate?
Cross-cultural learning pioneer?
Perhaps, all of the above.

Dick’s impact on Bluffton and particularly Bluffton College and University is significant.


Would you like your homemade ice cream in a cup or a cone?

NOTE: Answers to our front page business quiz are listed at the bottom of this story.

FROM ADA ICON - The Lugibihl family may not have an ice cream store in Bluffton, but that doesn't mean that folks in northwest Ohio can't get a taste of their homemade ice cream.

The Lugibihl ice cream store on wheels can be seen at many county fairs and festivals in the area during the summer.

Here, Dorothy prepares ice cream for those who attended the Farmers and Merchants Picnic in Ada last Saturday.


The bread will be ready as soon as it comes out of the oven

The mural is growing.

The mural, which when completed will show Bluffton history in a diarama on the former Groves' Bear building.

Here's a close up of a loaf of bread going into the Swiss society's outdoor bake oven.

Below is a progress of the entire mural.


Happy winter birthday to Tim Pannabecker

Imagine having an August birthday celebrated in the winter.

Bluffton native, Tim Pannabecker, now resident of New Zeeland, did that since August below the equator is in its winter season. His birthday was Aug. 1.

Here’s what he said about it on his Facebook:

“Thanks for all the birthday wishes....on my first winter birthday.

“I took time to think of each of you who wrote, often thinking back to how and where we met. Was a good exercise -- and I'm thankful for each of you.


It was a real zoo at Tommy Tire Sales on Friday

Tommy Tires dished gallons and gallons of homemade ice cream on Friday. The North Main Street company held a customer appreciation day as it has in previoius summers.

New to this year's event were a zoo of yak, camel, tortoise, kangroos and alpacas from Jungle Island Zoo of Delphos.

• Ice cream - Ellie Hoffman and Brenna Kindle
• Elizabeth Dotson (in pink)
• Alexis Dotson (in blue)