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May 28, 2015


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Here are my Christmas memories as a pre-teen; what are your's?

No question about it.

My memories of the best Christmas ever come in a package wrapped from stores located in the Lima public square.

I know. It's sounds impossible to viewers born after Neil A. walked on the moon; but it's true.

There was nothing...nothing like going to Lima and shopping downtown for Christmas.

Picture this: Somewhere on South Main, Lima, there was Porter's Music Store. You could actually select a 33 1/3 rpm album, enter a listening booth and listen to the album in privacy. That way you'd know if you wanted to buy it or pass.


Christmas memories: When Rudolf lived in Bluffton

Allow me to explain the photo.

It was taken in the days when Truman was in the White House. The scene is from our family yard at 201 N. Lawn Avenue, at the corner of Lawn and Elm.

My brother, Rudolf, was born in 1943 or was it '42?. He was named after his great-grandfather, Rudolf Althaus. Well, everything was going along fine until Gene Autry recorded Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. That was in 1949, the year I was born.


No, Virginia, there will be no comet for Christmas this year

Looks like it didn't make it. One million year old comet Ison apparently disintegrated on its trip around the sun on Nov. 28.

According to USA Today: Like Icarus, comet ISON appears to have flown too close to the sun and broken up in its corona.

Scientists had hoped that the comet from the farthest reaches of the solar system would be able to slingshot around the sun Thursday and emerge streaming a tail visible to the naked eye next month.


Can you name the community that fits this description? (it may surprise you)

You know your town pretty well, right?

Allow the Icon to pose this question: “Can you name the community that fits the following description?”

Spoiler warning: There’s an Icon in Bluffton and Ada. This column posted on both Icons today. The answer is at the bottom.


Want to hear a good Halloween story - it happened south of Bluffton

By Fred Steiner
Want to hear a good Halloween story? Here’s one. And it’s true.

Most of us have forgotten that the bend in the road on State Route 235 north of Ada was originally laid out as a 90-degree angle. If you head north, you can see a remnant of that angle - but look closely.


Welcome to Bluffton...Missouri

Don't blink or you'll miss it. If you've not figured out the purpose of this photo, look closely at the sign circled in red. It's Bluffton and the state is Missouri.

Phil Pannabecker biked through Bluffton, Missouri, recently and sent this view including two others, which are posted below.



Here's a story with an interesting ring to it

Here’s a rainy day story with a happy ending.

Following the Bluffton-Allen East football game on Oct. 4 – played mostly in a downpour – Allen East lost more than just the game.

Jordan Reffitt, one of the Mustang’s assistant coaches, lost his wedding ring during the game.

Fortunately, he is related to Donna Morrison, whose husband, Denny, just happens to have a master’s degree in metal detecting.

Denny spend much of Saturday with the detector, as he combed the visitor’s sidelines where he said that he found several coins, but no ring.


Born Free - Ride Free - who is he?

Who is the gentleman in the "Born Free - Ride Free" jacket standing on the sidelines of Harmon Field?

A couple hints before you look below...he works in Bluffton and probably assisted you at one time or another while you visited the Bluffton Hospital.

The answer is in the photo below (click on the right photo to read his name):


Follow us on Facebook is serious business for Bluffton Icon

Icon viewers interested in knowing the power of social media will appreciate following statistics.

The Icon's Facebook page has 1,034 followers and this list continues to grow weekly.

During the week of Sept. 24-30 the Icon Facebook page:

• Reached 1,144 persons
• Had 35 persons talking about it
• Added 3 new likes

Each evening The Icon posts one item on its Facebook page to attract viewers to the Icon website. Here is a sample of posts from Sept. 24-30 listed with the number of Facebook fans each story reached:


Video of the day: You never saw me

You never saw me.

Check out this raccon-eating-cat-food video.

But, you never saw me do it.

Click for video.