August 29, 2014


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Ropp Triplett: A man for all seasons for Bluffton

Once, during an early morning trip to the Bluffton Hospital ER, I heard Ropp Triplett’s voice in  the room next door. I was in Room 1. He was in Room 2.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

His reply: I have a part in a play at the Bluffton sesquicentennial.  Someone told me to break a leg. So, I did.”


Here are three reasons to shop in Bluffton

Julie Stratton picks the three winners in the October Bluffton 3/50 drawing. Winners were Denise Fett, Judy Lester and Sabine Holzheu.

Denise's three businesses stamped on her entry form were from Greg's Pharmacy, Community Market and Et Cetera Shop. Judy's three businesses were Ten Thousand Villages, Communitiy Market and Et Cetera Shop. Sabine's three businesses were The Food Store, Community Markets and Greg's Pharmacy.

Here’s an updated list of prize donors.  


Want to hear a good Halloween story? Have you ever heard about Dead Man's Jog?

By Fred Steiner
Want to hear a good Halloween story? Here’s one. And it’s true.

Most of us have forgotten that the bend in the road on State Route 235 north of Ada was originally laid out as a 90-degree angle. If you head north, you can see a remnant of that angle - but look closely.


Want to know about Twitter in 140 characters or less? Read on

The Icon asked Alli Walbolt, our ONU intern on The Ada Icon, to explain Twitter to us and to viewers. Her explanation follows in a typical "Twitter" format. Except for her own name, the names here are imaginary.

If you have a social media question, sent it to info@adaicon.com. We'll forward it to Alli.

David Hartman @DHartman289
@Alli_Walbolt What is Twitter?


To Robin: "We'll miss you, Hon"

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner

Stepping inside Groves’ Quality Antiques and Collectibles in downtown Bluffton, there was the unmistakable smell of old furniture mixed with the distinct scent of whatever pet bunny or cat was living in the store’s animal shelter. And always — from somewhere in the store — came a cheery, “Hi Hon!” that had long been Robin Wilch’s signature greeting to her regular customers. Who knows? Maybe she called everyone that. No matter. It made each person feel special, and that was Robin’s intent.


From vintage Adidas Dragon to 2012′s Brooks GTS12: a retrospective

My Mary Pannabecker Steiner

Here’s the thing about running shoes. Just when you find the pair you really really like, the company’s “experts” decide it’s time for a change. Ask any long time runner — change is not always a good thing.

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Blanchard Valley Hospital pain management addresses community concerns regarding meningitis

Blanchard Valley Hospital Pain Management has received numerous telephone calls from patients who are concerned about a rare form of fungal meningitis (swelling in the brain with symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, and fever) that has been documented across the US in people after having injections in the back. 

The FDA identified the maker of the steroid involved in many of the cases as a specialty compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts.


Dave Moser wins week 7 football contest; David Glick and Duane Bollenbacher tied as contest leaders

The winner of Week 7 of The Icon Football Contest is Dave Moser, who correctly picked 12 games this week.  

Other contestants:


BHS Football Moms invite groups to join homecoming parade Oct. 19

The Bluffton High School Football Moms invite local businesses, churches and organization to participate in the Friday, Oct. 19, BHS homecoming football parade.

Parade line up starts at 5 p.m. The parade starts at 6 p.m. Line up is at The Centre and Bluffton Community Swimming Pool parking lot.

Groups may offer give-a-ways to persons watching the parade but these items must be handed out by walker and not thrown from participating floats or vehiciles.

For more information contact the Football Moms at 419-516-3260.


Photo essay of a master craftsman at work

Let's place this photo essay in the spirit of Charles Hilty. He had a knack for taking photos of what he called town characters but printed them in the local paper under the theme "Faces you know," or similar polite headlines.

So, along comes Denny Morrison with a camera. Let me tell you, Denny is a master craftsman himself. He tools by Larry Core, who is working outside in his yard on who-know's-what. Denny stops, talks with Larry, snaps some photos and goes on his way.