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January 25, 2015


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840 feet above sea level - but where is it?

How do we know Bluffton is 840 feet above sea level? There's a "bench mark," with that information. Where does one find the bench mark? 

Click on the photo below for the answer. You've passed it countless times. 







The bench mark is located at the corner of Main and East Elm Street in the lower outside corner of the town hall.


Meet Millie

The Icon welcomes Rachel Stutzman as a new columnist and blogger. She writes a blog titled "Small Town, Big World."  Here's a link to her blog and here's her second contribution.

I know.  Sweet, right?  Oh, but you should see her when she gets ahold of my slippers. Eight months old and I am completely out-maneuvered.


Welcome new columnist and blogger: Rachel Stutzman

The Icon welcomes Rachel Stutzman as a new columnist and blogger. She writes a blog titled "Small Town, Big World." It will begin to appear regularly on The Icon. Here's a link to her blog and here's her first contribution.


So, you think you know Bluffton?

So, you think you know Bluffton pretty well? Okay, where would you find the item in the photograph? We'll give you one hint: Tom Benroth knows the answer and visits this location probably every day of the week.

For a real interesting story, ask him for the combination.

Want to know the location?


Check the photo below and say, "45817."


You can't have a Super Bowl without Ada, Ohio - but you already know that

You can't have a Super Bowl without Ada, Ohio. But you already know that. The 2013 Super Bowl footballs, made at the Wilson football factory in Ada, are already created and shipped – and there are lots of them.

According to officials at the Ada Wilson factory, 54 balls were shipped to the Baltimore Ravens and 54 to the San Francisco 49ers. Those will be used for pre-Super Bowl practice.


Tiger, tiger, shining bright

Check out the tiger at BFR. Courtnee Morris is adding a jungle and ocean full of animals to fill out the walls fo the child care room at BFR Sports and Fitness. The room-size mural is nearly complete. Here's a close up of the tiger in the room.


And now a word from Bluffton Center for Entrepreneurs

Because The Icon is a small business, we are a member of Bluffton Center for Entrepreneurs. BCE has its own website and facebook. We encourage Icon viewers interested in becoming entrepreneurs or who own small businesses to check out the BCE sites.

One of the recent additionals to the site is a column from SCORE. It's called "Seven Ways to control chaos in your small business."

Here's a brief summary of SCORE:


Coaching football may not be easy, but entertaining a Bluffton chamber audience is a cinch for Carlin


Carlin Carpenter told Friday's (Jan. 11) Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce breakfast audience that this was the earliest he's been up since his kitchen was on fire several years ago.


Here's Gordon Diller's CaringBridge link

As many of our readers know, Gordon Diller has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and is currently hospitalized at the James Cancer Center, Columbus. Gordon and Jodi are grateful for the many prayers, caring thoughts and gestures extended to them by the community.


Bradley Smith wins Icon's college football bowl contest

Bradley Smith won this year's Icon football college bowl contest. Smith correctly picked 19 winners. Six contestants were one win behind the winner. The Icon will hold a Super Bowl contest coming coon.

Other contestants: