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Scott Hoff

October 22, 2016


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Poetic License

The Icon spotted "CHEER 63" in the Ada school parking lot in September. Look for it in a white Chevy Traverse LTE. Does it belong for a former cheerleader born in 1963? That's our best guess.

Do you have an interesting license plate? Send a photo to info@blufftonicon.com. Don't forget to tell us the plate's meaning.

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Iconoclast View

Iconoclast View: Bet you didn't know the most popular and famous Chicago park is built on the site of the city’s first cemetery.

Opinion piece by Rudi Steiner

Last week I had to do some work at Lincoln Park Zoo in downtown Chicago.

As I rode in a golf cart going about my business I passed some giraffes, camels, bears, tigers, lions, hippos, and hundreds of 4th graders on field trips acting like monkeys.

Winding through the park my journey took me past the “Couch family tomb” the only remaining gravesite left in what was once Chicago’s first city cemetery.


"Peter made me think that we are all more alike than we are different"

The Bluffton University "Diagnosis and Educational Planning class taught by Tim Byers recently spent an evening with Peter De Meo a new Bluffton resident. 

De Meo, an adult with Cerebral Palsy, recently returning to the area after years in California.

The class heard about his childhood, school issues, traveling with his disability, health related issues, positive and negative teacher issues, developing peer relationships, his career in California, and daily challenges which he has dealt with.


Robert Kreider's thoughts on Bluffton as a sacred place

Note: Robert Kreider, former Bluffton College president, comments from time to time on  growing up in Bluffton.

Here's a recent Kreider comment: 

I'm beginning to read McCullough's "The Wright Brothers," and Lois and I preparing to celebrate our 70th anniversary.

I have been reflecting gratefully on a sense of place: Bluffton, a town embraced by two streams - the Big Riley Creek and the Little Riley. 


Bluffton Icon supports Mental Health and Recovery Services Board levy

The Icon supports the 0.5 mil renewal levy of the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Allen, Auglaize and Hardin Counties. The levy is on the Nov. 3 ballot. If approved it will continue to support this agency’s current expenses for the next 10 years.

For 40 years, voters have approved this 0.5 mil levy, which supports basic mental health and alcohol and drug treatment for adults and children.

This renewal levy is not a new tax and ensures that these vial services for children, families and adults continue in our community.


Fresh catch for breakfast

Look closely at the bird. This guy is having breakfast.

The Icon watched Bluffton's great blue heron snatch a fish from the retention pond at The Centre late last week.

We witnessed the "catch," but missed the photo op by about 10 seconds. At least we snapped the fish going down the throat.

The great blue is pretty reliable on his schedule.

You'll find him around 10:15 a.m. every morning at the corner of Main and Snider - feet in pond, posing as a statue.


Icon supports Issue 1 on Nov. 3

This Nov. 3, Ohioans will have the opportunity to solve a divisive problem facing our state. Issue 1 defines a new method for drawing state legislative districts and embodies a compromise reached by Legislators of both parties.


BHS homecoming parades get better each year

Everyone loves a  parade.

Bluffton boasts the best small-town homecoming parade in northwestern Ohio. Despite the rather unfriendly winds, this year's parade drew a huge crowd, and showed lots of energy.

See for yourself. Open our 18-photo selection of photos as the parade passed by the Icon at the corner of Main and College.


Another - earlier - photo of Owlsburg (or Van's, whichever you prefer)

Owlsburg Tavern, or Van's, which ever you prefer, appears to be one of the stories of the year on the Icon. It received over 6,000 Facebook recognitions in a recent story, reaching viewers all the way to eastern Europe.


For the many Icon fans of the establishment at the corner of State Route 235 and Lincoln Highway, here's an earlier photo from the Icon archives.


Something about that darn, boyish grin; Did he know something we didn’t know?

How can a guy from a place called Zelienople have so many friends in a place called Bluffton?

That guy, let’s call him “The Donald”  - he would have thought it funny -   showed up here about the time Nixon was in the White House. He never left.

Imagine - he was hired to serve as the disciplinarian to rowdy Bluffton College students. A thankless job. But, somebody had to do it.


Here's a video you'll want to watch - Bluffton's National Night Out

Did you enjoy Bluffton's National Night out on Aug. 4?

If so - or if you missed it - here's a video shot by Blane Miller. He took it high above the event. Can you figure out how he shot it?