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April 18, 2015


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Here's a story with an interesting ring to it

Here’s a rainy day story with a happy ending.

Following the Bluffton-Allen East football game on Oct. 4 – played mostly in a downpour – Allen East lost more than just the game.

Jordan Reffitt, one of the Mustang’s assistant coaches, lost his wedding ring during the game.

Fortunately, he is related to Donna Morrison, whose husband, Denny, just happens to have a master’s degree in metal detecting.

Denny spend much of Saturday with the detector, as he combed the visitor’s sidelines where he said that he found several coins, but no ring.


Born Free - Ride Free - who is he?

Who is the gentleman in the "Born Free - Ride Free" jacket standing on the sidelines of Harmon Field?

A couple hints before you look below...he works in Bluffton and probably assisted you at one time or another while you visited the Bluffton Hospital.

The answer is in the photo below (click on the right photo to read his name):


Follow us on Facebook is serious business for Bluffton Icon

Icon viewers interested in knowing the power of social media will appreciate following statistics.

The Icon's Facebook page has 1,034 followers and this list continues to grow weekly.

During the week of Sept. 24-30 the Icon Facebook page:

• Reached 1,144 persons
• Had 35 persons talking about it
• Added 3 new likes

Each evening The Icon posts one item on its Facebook page to attract viewers to the Icon website. Here is a sample of posts from Sept. 24-30 listed with the number of Facebook fans each story reached:


Video of the day: You never saw me

You never saw me.

Check out this raccon-eating-cat-food video.

But, you never saw me do it.

Click for video.


Jim Baumgartner and Bob Badertscher: Well, let's just say, they like to bowl - a lot

A new bowling season recently started at Southgate Lanes, Bluffton, and there's two very familiar bowlers among the many men and women who study the pins each week.

Jim Baumgartner, 83, starting bowling at Southgate Lanes, Bluffton, in 1960. The year it opened. He's still bowling there.

Bob Badertscher, who says he's a couple months younger than Jim, started bowling at Southgate Lanes the next season, in 1961. And he's still bowling there.


Video of the day: Darth Vader's theme vs. Beethoven

As The Icon searches the internet to bring viewers the best of videos, here's our first offering of "Video of the day."

We invite viewers to submit their own favorites. Send links to: info@blufftonicon.com


Iconic bakery: Easy homemade ice cream

Earlier this month residents of Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio made homemade ice cream. They sent the Icon the recipe. They even provided some photos. Here goes:

Try it yourself with this fun and simple recipe:

• In a pint or quart-size zip-lock bag, mix ½ cup of milk or half and half, 1 Tbsp. sugar, and ¼ tsp. vanilla.  Tightly zip the bag.

• In a gallon-size zip-lock bag, mix 6 Tbsp. rock salt (or ice cream salt) with ice cubes that fill up half of the bag.

• Place the small bag in the large bag and zip it closed.


Pew: Internet now leading news source for Americans under 50

It's not exactly a surprise, but now we have data. According to the Pew Research Center's biennial media attitudes survey, the internet is now the leading source of national and international news for Americans under age 50.


The Icons now members of Local Independent Online News Publishers

The Bluffton Icon and Ada Icon were accepted into membership this week of LION Publishers (Local Independent Online News Publishers).

This is the second online association that the Icons are members. The Icons also belong to the Online News Association (ONA).



Darvin Luginbuhl: Four irrefutable facts

Note: The following was given by Gregg Luginbuhl at the memorial service on Friday for his father, Darvin Luginbuhl. The Icon wants to share it with its viewers.

By Gregg Luginbuhl