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February 25, 2017


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There's a pug lover in this grey Serra the Icon saw in Ada.

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Icon asks voters to support both local levies on Tuesday

Two significant local levies are on the March 15 local ballot:
• Bluffton school income tax renewal levy
• Bluffton Public Library renewal levy
Both deserve every voter’s support.
School levy highlights
Money generated by the school levy is used to replace roofs, buy new busses, remodel classrooms, air condition the elementary, purchase new boilers and update technology, etc. The money is not and cannot be used for salaries or fringe benefits.


Scouting for Food - Scouts will pick up your donations on Saturday AM

Bluffton Boy Scouts will collect non-perishable, non-glass food items in Bluffton on Saturday morning.

Last Saturday, Bluffton residents receive a yellow plastic bag, to be used for this week's collection.

The yellow bags should be placed on front porches (easily seen from the street) by 9 a.m. on Saturday.

The Scouts continue to perform this much-needed community service annually.


It's tennis season, and what a different a year makes!

Here's Mike Hilty, Bluffton High School boys' tennis coach, shoveling snow last March, in anticipation of the 2015 tennis season.

Yes, what a different a year makes. One year later, (below) here's Misha Groman practicing a serve as a warm up for the 2016 tennis season.

Temperatures were in the high 60s when this photo was taken. Last year we didn't check the temperature when the snow shoveling photo was taken, but it was at least a 35 degree difference.


No caboose on this train

It's not every day that Bluffton's railroad crossings stop traffic when an actual truck passes through town. The railroad's track maintainence car cruised through Bluffton last week and the Icon captured the trip.

Check photos below


This photo is a "keeper"

We've not seen the end of this terrific photo.

We predict severall things:
• it will eventually be in a high school yearbook when Bracyn is a senior. 

• it will also be on a high school graduation invitation.
• chances are good it might even appear in a wedding photo display some day, too.
• adding it to Facebook, it will now reach across the globe.

Bluffton police officer Mathew Oglesbee and son, Bracyn, enjoy some time
together at Bluffton Community Preschool's Donut's with Dad day. (Linda Headings photo)



Two woodpeckers walk into a bar...

You've probably not heard the joke about the two woodpeckers who walked into a bar. (As far as we know there is no such joke.)

But, now you can say that you've watched the photos of two hairy woodpeckers who landed on the Icon's suet bird feeder moments apart.

There's no such thing as sharing in this case. It was sort of territorial where winner takes all. The photos tell the story best.

Simply scroll down to watch. This episode occurs daily at the same suet bar. A couple squirrels, a sparrow and nuthatch tried mediate, but don't mess with hairy woodpeckers.


Music Boosters offer interesting Facebook feature

Here's a neat Facebook feature from the Bluffton Music Boosters. From time to time, the booster feature a different musican on its page.

This week it's Tayton Kleman, seventh grade band member. To view the booster's Facebook, click here.


Talk in a Box creators can get you talking...even if you want to keep quiet

Stanley Scott and Nancy Banman had a "game signing" event Saturday at Book ReViews.

The Bluffton couple has developed a game they call "Talk in a Box." It can be played by from two to eight players.

According to the game creators, Talk in a Box makes good coffee shop talk, picnic talk, pillow talk, road trip talk, inter-generational talk, table talk, retreat talk, and talk just about anywhere people come together.

CLICK HERE for a short video about the game.


What's coming up in your yard?

Spring is certainly just around the corner.

Many Icon viewers report green buds appearing in their yards and gardens. Here's an example of the early risers. Dennis Morrison took this photo on Feb. 3 from his rural homestead.



Walking on water

The Canada Geese at the Buckeye have special powers, and here's proof. Mary Pannabecker Steiner, using her cell phone, photographed this goose walking on the waters of the Buckeye.