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February 9, 2016

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You weren't imagining it; that was hail falling

Yes, that was  two minutes of hail falling this morning in Bluffton, on April 22. 

If you don't believe us, watch the video below. The Icon captured nearly 2 minutes of it.



Icon's favorite spring photo of Bluffton - which one is better?

Our problem: which view do we like the best?

There ought to be an award for the most attractive spring scene in Bluffton. If such an award existed, the Icon votes for this scene.

Our problem is that we can't decide which view we like better. The location is the back yards of the Burokers and the Dillers on South Main Street.

The Dillers have a gorgeous magnolia tree. The Burokers have a white blooming cherry and yellow forsythia bush. The combination is out of this world.


50 years ago this week Bluffton experienced the sound of "a thousand freight trains" - the 1965 Palm Sunday tornado

Fifty years ago this week Bluffton experienced the sound of “a thousand freight trains.”

That sound was the Palm Sunday, April 11, 1965, tornado.

At 9:45 p.m., it ripped across the rural Richland and Orange Township landscape. It was like no other natural disaster experienced prior or since then in this community.

Had the tornado’s path been one mile north it would have struck the Village of Bluffton. Had it been 600 feet farther north it would have hit 32 planes parked at the Bluffton Airport.


Fast and long freight trains now the normal thing in Ada

While Bluffton experiences one daily short and slow round trip freight train every day - things are different in Ada.

Ada's rail traffic is now more frequent, with longer trains and traveling at higher speeds than residents are used to. A rebirth of the line through Ada for freight happened this winter.



Bluffton's new downtown mascot

The Icon reports several viewers have sighted a ring-neck pheasant in the downtown Bluffton area.

Tonya Meyers showed us the proof. Here's a photo of the downtown mascot behind Webb Insurance.




Seam at bottom of National Quarry cause of water loss

A report published by the Great Lakes Geological Survey - Eastern Division warns that the National Quarry, bordering Jefferson Street and the Norfolk & Western Railroad, could be empty by 2017.

The cause of the water loss is due to seams discovered in the quarry regolith, which is directly above the bedrock.


Jedd Marquart advises ONU team in SAE Aero Design East competition

The Ohio Northern University student chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) captured seventh place at the SAE Aero Design East competition in Lakeland, Fla., from March 13-15.

The advisor for the group was Dr. Jed E. Marquart, Bluffton, professor of mechanical engineering at ONU.

The ONU team, nicknamed the “Bad News Bears,” participated in the “Regular Class” of the competition and competed among a field of 37 teams in the “Regular Class,” including national championship teams from Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico, India, and Poland.


A Bluffton sunset like no other


Did you catch that Monday night sunset that only one thousands words could describe? How could you not notice.

The Icon staff, on a walk, captured some of the images on a cell phone. We offer a small sliver of the purples, golds, reds, blacks and everything inbetween.

Open the photo attachment below. Can you identify the location of the photos? Photos by Mary Pannabecker Steiner


They're back! and they always return between March 10 and March 15

Lima has the Bean as its mascot, so why not turn an ackward situation into a, well, a tourist attraction?

The buzzards are back in town. Lynn Nowak spotted them hanging out on Garmatter Street on March 10 and provided this photo. Since then lots of sighting have taken place.

We've observed these big, black guys in town every spring since 2001.Their appearance in town coincides with buzzards returning to Hinkley, Ohio, each March 15. Our hunch is that one of the flights to Hinkley in 2001 took a wrong turn ending here. 

The rest is history.


There's the Turkey Trot and then there's the Deer-Turkey Trot

Here’s an unusual animal story with some photos from Don and Joyce Hostetler of rural Bluffton. The Hostetlers are visited by wild turkeys each spring.


According to Joyce: The turkeys were back along the Riley near our house earlier this week. They only stayed two days this year, roosting in trees at night. Last year they visited us for several weeks.

There were nine turkeys this year. It was interesting to see young deer interact with them.