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February 27, 2017


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IM3 COM -The Icon found it in Bluffton on a grey Honda CR-V. Though we aren't certain, it has all the makings of a Justin Byers license plate. Viewers, please correct us if we are in error.

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Burma Shave signs return for Ride to Remember

Anyone 55 and older can appreciate it. Those younger, well, you'd have had to be there to understand what happens next.

Part of the fun of the Ride to Remember held Saturday involving over 150 bikers was the "Burma Shave" style signage.

These signs were dropped in several of the routes to keep the riders guessing.

We offer you two examples. Start with the top sign reading: "A Bad Attitude is Like..." 

The signs continue below.




Jonah Agner interview - 13,389 Facebook reaches...and counting

The next time you stop in The Cask Room, Main Street, Ada, tell Jonah Agner that the Icon sent you.

The Icon knew that our story on Jonah Agner's vegetarian menu at The Cask Room, Ada, would be a big hit.

We underestimated how big.

Below is a screen shot of the Icon's Facebook announcement of the story. Check the number of people it reached: 18,398. In addition, the story had 72 shares and 31 comments.

And those numbers continues to grow.


Any color so long as it's yellow

Those yellow lines on Bluffton streets appears again - as they do each summer. The Allen County Engineers paint the streets for the village. The Icon caught the parade on West Street.


Do you see what I see? - check our close-up photo

Bluffton's big bird may not have a Bluffton Sportsmen's Club fishing license, but who's going to stop it from fishing?

The Icon spotted the great blue heron again this week, this time on the west side of the Spring Street bridge over the Riley - sort of an idyllic view.

The photo below shows an close up of the same photo.


Didn't see James Bond or Danny Ocean, but we left the casino with $$ in our pocket

The Icon editor recently took a mini-vacation, visiting his daughter in Cincinnati. Among exploits was a visit to Jack’s Casino. This is an account of that adventure.

By Fred Steiner

Knowing nothing about cards and less about other games of chance, my daughter, Anne, and I decided to have some fun. We made a date with Jack’s Casino.

It’s pretty simple. Pick a slot machine. Drop in coins. Pull lever. Watch money pour out. So we thought.


Pirate ship ready to sail

The Icon totally missed this photo opportunity during the recent one-day flood.

Jeff Richards, Bluffton HS varsity football, took this photo on it Twitter. Looks like the pirate ship was built to sail.

Thanks for the photo Jeff. You can follow him at: Jeff Richards ‏@JeffRichardsBHS


Ada caboose renovation underway

Soon, the caboose in Ada Railroad Park will be back to its original color of deep red.

TJ Painting is finishing the exterior painting, having repainted the inside earlier. The 1941 Pennsy rail car was placed in the park in 1989.

Over the years, it faded to a rusty pink. The caboose is a main attraction in the park and photographed quite often.

The lettering will be applied in the near future. Pennsy caboose #477779 will look as good as new. (Monty Siekerman photo)


It's only a "strawberry moon"

The first time in decades that a full moon ("Strawberry Moon") has appeared on the summer solstice as seen here Monday evening.

The next such event?  2062.  (USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, and other news services) Ken Collins, Ada Icon photographer, took this photo in Ada.


There's a shuffleboard court waiting for you - here's your chance to learn the game

You've watched the shuffleboard matches at the Buckeye Park courts. Here's your invitation to learn the game.

On Saturday, July 2, and July 9, at 1 p.m at Buckeye Park, the Bluffton Shuffleboard Club will host clinics for anyone interested in learning how to play shuffleboard.  

Clinic instructors are Steve Slaughterbeck and Jim Zink. Some of the topics to be covered include basic strategy, court preparation, shooting form and game rules.

The club encourages everyone to come and join in the fun.


Saturday's Spectrum Salon cut-a-thon aids Bluffton Samaritan Women's Group

PHOTO: Jason Bracy gets a trim from Morgan Mills

Spectrum Salon, 442 N. Main St., Bluffton, holds its first-ever cut-a-thon, and you are invited to participate, according to Mandy Kinn, owner.

From 9 a.m. until noon on Saturday, June 18, Spectrum Salon stylists donate their time to cut hair with proceeds going to the Bluffton Good Samaritan Women’s Group.

There are no appointments connected to the cut-a-thon. It’s a first-time, first-served event. In addition to the fund-raiser aspect of Saturday, patrons will get a chance to win some door prizes.