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August 31, 2015


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Check out dashing Derek Dukes - and is that a Bluffton Icon cap on his head? 

Yes it is. It sports Bluffton High School's red and white with a nice accent of Bluffton University's purple.

Want a Icon cap? All you need to do is ask: info@blufftonicon.com.

We deliver.


Thoughts on blowing out 65 candles

By Fred Steiner
Bear with me as I gobble – care for piece? – a fork full of my birthday cake.

For me, Nov. 9 is the sweetest day on the Roman calendar. And, unlike previous birthdays, this one comes with a nice ring to it.

My Uncle Sam sent me my own Medicare card.

In a birthday wish to appreciate how previous paternal ancestors celebrated their 65th birthdays, please consider the following stories:


A story about my grandmother who voted in Bluffton 99 years ago

By Fred Steiner

Somewhere in a collection of family photos is a 1920 snapshot of my Hahn grandparents, Bertha and Fred, standing in front of their home at 216 W. Elm St., Bluffton.

I know it was 1920 because taped to the window behind them was a Harding for president poster. I never felt the significance of the snapshot until election day 2014. It was then when I recalled a brief notation in my grandmother’s diary. It read: “I went to vote and Margaret and Florence went with me. Margaret is one year old, Nov. 2, 1915.”


Vie geits! Dust off your Swiss language skills on Nov. 4

"Vie geits! Dasz ish zum eina anderes Fogel singen."

Naturally, you all know that I just now said: "How goes it! There once was yet another bird." (This means that either things are changing or bad weather is approaching.)

Whatever its meaning all Icon viewers - of Swiss descent or otherwise are invited to come speak the Swiss dialect at 3 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 4, in the Family Room at Maple Crest, Bluffton.


Bring on the new bread machine

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner

Well. We’ve managed to destroy yet another bread machine. Here’s the thing. Some people eat cold cereal for breakfast. Some eat eggs. Some eat nothing. I eat cinnamon raisin bread — NOT the store-bought spongy, flaccid stuff — only homemade.

For more columns by Mary Pannabecker Steiner, click here.


Meet the "Keep Bluffton Beautiful" clean-up crew


You won't find this photo in the next Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce Explore Bluffton visitors' guide, but you will find this photo unusual.

Ever wonder why Bluffton is absent of road kill? These four feathered friends are part of a the local Keep Bluffton Beautiful clean-up crew.


Icon wants to know your favorite horror flick

By Torie Wright, Icon intern
My favorite time of year is now. Fall’s weather is perfect and we also celebrate my favorite holiday: Halloween. We’re about a month away from seeing costumed kiddos roaming the streets, but it’s just the right time for getting into spooky movies.

I challenge you this: starting now, watch one horror movie per week. On October 31, report back to us at the Icon with your list of movies watched and tell us which one was your absolute favorite!


It's mis-match day at school

Hannah Davis, Bluffton fourth grader models her mis-match day outfit. The day was one of several special dress-up days for Bluffton school students thanks to Homecoming Week.

The Icon found Hannah after school and she agreed to talk with us about her special outfit for the day.

According to Hannah, her shoes don't match, she has several different hair styles, and check out her socks.

Then, there's severall mis-matched jewelry items including Halloween, Christmas, winter, and Fourth of July.

To top it off, she has a fancy scarf mis-matched with casual clothes.


Did you ever play in the BHS marching band? Want to do it again? Here's your chance

Were you ever in the Bluffton High School marching band? Now's your chance to once again march across Harmon Field with your instrument in hand.

The BHS alumni band will perform during the Saturday, Oct. 18, Bluffton HS football game versus Western Reserve Academy.

According to Rachael Lewis, assistant band director, all former BHS band members are invited to participate. A reception takes place at 6 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. Alumni will then march to Harmon Field at 6:45 p.m. The band will play in the pre-game ceremony.


Did you graduate from BHS in the classes of 1955 to 1965? Then, this message is for you

What: BHS alums 1955-1965
When: Wednesday, Sept. 17
Where: Luke' Bar and Grill patio
When: 3 p.m. to whever

Wouldn't it be great if there was a Bluffton High School alumni association with an annual banquet?

Read on and you might see the glimmer of that idea taking hold. A group of BHS alums has planned a Bluffton High School get-together at Luke's Bar and Grill.