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March 29, 2017

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The Icon spotted 2 COZY on a silver Mercury Milan in the Rosenberger Drive parking lot at Bluffton University. It's a Hardin County plate.

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Football capital of America in Bluffton's backyard

FROM ADA ICON -There's a new paint job on a neighboring village water tower and it promotes something unique to that community.

Here's the Ada water tower looks, repainted this summer with the Wilson and NFL logos. The logos face toward the football factory so that all who enter the building will see them.

In the photo below:

Tim Reilly, a producer for Banner Collective in Chicago, videotapes the Wilson/NFL logos which are being painted on a water tower in Ada earlier this week.


Dick Weaver's legacy: He acted on the things he stood for

Click here for Dick Weaver's obituary

What label best describes Dick Weaver?

Bluffton College professor for 39 years?
Cub Scout leader?
Conscientious objector during World War II?
Social-justice advocate?
Cross-cultural learning pioneer?
Perhaps, all of the above.

Dick’s impact on Bluffton and particularly Bluffton College and University is significant.


Would you like your homemade ice cream in a cup or a cone?

NOTE: Answers to our front page business quiz are listed at the bottom of this story.

FROM ADA ICON - The Lugibihl family may not have an ice cream store in Bluffton, but that doesn't mean that folks in northwest Ohio can't get a taste of their homemade ice cream.

The Lugibihl ice cream store on wheels can be seen at many county fairs and festivals in the area during the summer.

Here, Dorothy prepares ice cream for those who attended the Farmers and Merchants Picnic in Ada last Saturday.


The bread will be ready as soon as it comes out of the oven

The mural is growing.

The mural, which when completed will show Bluffton history in a diarama on the former Groves' Bear building.

Here's a close up of a loaf of bread going into the Swiss society's outdoor bake oven.

Below is a progress of the entire mural.


Happy winter birthday to Tim Pannabecker

Imagine having an August birthday celebrated in the winter.

Bluffton native, Tim Pannabecker, now resident of New Zeeland, did that since August below the equator is in its winter season. His birthday was Aug. 1.

Here’s what he said about it on his Facebook:

“Thanks for all the birthday wishes....on my first winter birthday.

“I took time to think of each of you who wrote, often thinking back to how and where we met. Was a good exercise -- and I'm thankful for each of you.


It was a real zoo at Tommy Tire Sales on Friday

Tommy Tires dished gallons and gallons of homemade ice cream on Friday. The North Main Street company held a customer appreciation day as it has in previoius summers.

New to this year's event were a zoo of yak, camel, tortoise, kangroos and alpacas from Jungle Island Zoo of Delphos.

• Ice cream - Ellie Hoffman and Brenna Kindle
• Elizabeth Dotson (in pink)
• Alexis Dotson (in blue)


Oh, deer! They are also in Ada!

FROM ADA ICON - On Tuesday morning, The Icon, heading east on Lima Avenue near Ohio Northern University, spotted a deer family traveling from the south side of the avenue to the north side and toward the woods on campus.

In addition to the deer, a flock of Canada geese stood ready to fend off anyone who came too close.

After stopping to watch, the Icon took the following photos of the deer crossing the street.

We've enhanced some of the photos to viewers can see the deer outlines - because we were shooting into the sun.


Burma Shave signs return for Ride to Remember

Anyone 55 and older can appreciate it. Those younger, well, you'd have had to be there to understand what happens next.

Part of the fun of the Ride to Remember held Saturday involving over 150 bikers was the "Burma Shave" style signage.

These signs were dropped in several of the routes to keep the riders guessing.

We offer you two examples. Start with the top sign reading: "A Bad Attitude is Like..." 

The signs continue below.




Jonah Agner interview - 13,389 Facebook reaches...and counting

The next time you stop in The Cask Room, Main Street, Ada, tell Jonah Agner that the Icon sent you.

The Icon knew that our story on Jonah Agner's vegetarian menu at The Cask Room, Ada, would be a big hit.

We underestimated how big.

Below is a screen shot of the Icon's Facebook announcement of the story. Check the number of people it reached: 18,398. In addition, the story had 72 shares and 31 comments.

And those numbers continues to grow.


Any color so long as it's yellow

Those yellow lines on Bluffton streets appears again - as they do each summer. The Allen County Engineers paint the streets for the village. The Icon caught the parade on West Street.