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Here's some spring gardening advice from Gardeners of Bluffton and Pandora

Here's some great advice from the Gardners of Bluffton and Pandora:

 If you have not yet made your order for seed from the catalogues that you have received in the past few weeks or months you should expedite this as soon as you can.

The later you make your order the later (exponentially speaking) you will receive it.

Those who wait to make there order, say the middle of March may not receive the seeds till late May or early June. If you make your order now you should get them sometime in the next few weeks.


Meet the Woodys

Woody showed up on Jan. 11 at the Icon bird feeder. She and Mr. Woody are regulars at the suet feeder.

Fortunately sparrows can't cling to this feeder and squirrels can't reach it. It's one of a kind.

Do you have a winter bird feeder photo? Send it to us at info@blufftonicon.com.


Bluffton Icon was "clicked" and visited 445,600 times in 2015

 Q: How many individuals viewed the Bluffton Icon in 2015?
A: Would you believe 138,203? That’s the answer, according to Google Analytics. 
The analytic program tracks more statistics that we know what to do with. Needless to say, it reveals lots of significant information.
We’d like to share some of our 2015 facts and figures with viewers. For starters, those 138,203 viewers clicked on the Icon almost one-half million times, or an average of 1,220 total visits per day!
2015 viewer summary


A little more about our new year's eve caroling tradition

By Fred Steiner
First posted on the Icon Dec. 30, 2010 - revised for 2015
To best understand our community, it's helpful to appreciate the musical gene of those who carry a Bluffton birthmark.

Growing up in a household bursting of Swiss traditions, this truth became obvious early on in the shaping of my own attitude toward events swirling around me.

A case in point is the David Rothen New Year's caroling folklore. My parents' reference to this event centered on their teen years in the late 1920s.


The ever-memorable Bluffton Robert Kreider

As a youngster, Robert Kreider lived in Bluffton from 1926 to 1935 when his father pastored First Mennonite Church. After moving away, he returned Bluffton  as a professor, academic dean and later Bluffton College president. In the 1970s he moved to Kansas. Click here for his obituary.

In an opening 1968 school year convocation, Bluffton College President Robert Kreider compared the height of the campus water tower to the timeline of earth’s history.


The Icon offers a modern version of a familiar story

In the seventh year in the reign of Obama, legislation passed that all U.S. citizens be counted in the county where their ancestors had settled. This unusual census was when Kasich was governor of Ohio and Jordan was fourth district representative.

Jose from Lebanon, Ohio, with his young housekeeper, Maria, who was nine-month’s pregnant with someone else’s child, and who Jose had intended to marry, drove to Bluffton in Jose’s 1996 Mercury Cougar. This was because Jose was a great-great-great-grandson of Swiss immigrant, Jesse Zurflugh, in Richland Township.


100+ year-old Christmas greeting from The Icon

"Peace, happiness and content to thee and thine." 

This Christmas card was mailed to Bertha Althaus, Bluffton, Ohio, from her brother, Andrew of Toledo. We can't read the postmark date, but Bertha was married in 1899, and after that was Bertha Hahn.

For the address side of the card, check the photo below. There's no street address and no zip code required on this one cent post card.

Bertha Althaus Hahn is the grandmother of Fred Steiner, of the Icon.



These Kings are princesses

Here's a portrait of the King sisters. Milena is on the lap of older sister, Madelyn. They are the daughters of Kevin and Allison King, Bluffton.

The photo is taken by Kerry Bush of Elysian Fields Photography, Bluffton, 419-581-9242.


The 12 days of Christmas...we mean the 12 day of university finals

Anyone who has experienced college final exams can appreciate this video.

It features J. Denny Beaver and his friend Jenny Beaver, Bluffton University mascots. The video is from Bluffton University.

It's a new version of the 12 days of Christmas.


Another math quiz: Steve rode his bike 15 mph for 4 hours...

Put on your  math thinking caps.

The Icon invited Chris Leuthold, adjunct math instructor at Bluffton University, to provide The Icon with some math puzzles. 

We want to assist our viewers with ways to survive the long, dark winter nights. Chris rates the level of difficulty  in his quizzes from 1 to 4, with 4 being the toughest.

He rates quiz 3 as a "3".


Steve rode his bicycle at the rate of 15 mph for 4 hours. Then, he walked at the rate of 5 mph for 2 hours. What is Steve's average speed for the entire trip?