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Look for some lane closures this week on Harmon Road

Bluffton Hospital contractors state that there may again be some lane closure on Harmon Road as they continue to make new utility connections in particular this will involve new water lines.

The mason is nearly finished with brick and stone work for this season.

The building has started to be enclosed with temporary materials that will allow a workable environment to be maintained inside the building and work to continue through the winter.

As a part of the building enclosure, temporary gas heaters are being prepared for installation and use in the surgery and Emergency Department additions.

Roofing continues on schedule and remains a priority to complete. It is a significantly time consuming process due to its complexity with the number of penetrations and amount of support equipment that is on that platform.

Interior stud walls and door frames continue to be installed.

Installation continues for mechanical ductwork, electrical conduits and plumbing.

The installation of the medical gas supply lines is about to begin in the surgery addition.

Specifications are being developed and prepared and ordering is in process for major pieces of clinical equipment such as operating room lights, booms and video equipment.