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First novel published by local author Taylor Starnes

Taylor Starnes is a Bluffton area stay at home mom with two daughters and 10 years of experience as a short story writer. In November 2023 she released the novel Hard Chargin' Love on 

Starnes plans to make this the first installment in a 3-part series. Amazon says that the author “takes classic romance and gives it her own unique zing.”

The Starnes family has been in Bluffton almost a year, and live in "an old (but perfect) farmhouse" outside of town. Her husband Joe flies for PSA airlines out of Dayton.

Hard Charging Love
"Where to next?" was the only question Lt. Preece had on his mind, until that day. Until those words were spoken. Chandler "Checkmate" Preece lived for the thrill, the danger, and the heart-pumping exhilaration of being a Naval Aviator. Missions, detachments, and special orders all went to the way-side when he met her. Mae Johnson, the feisty mechanic that made Lt. Preece's world invert. Was she enough to pull him away?