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November 27, 2021

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Historical Bluffton

Bluffton's newest 1950-era industry

Do you know where this building stands today? It was originally Bluffton's Ex-Cell-O plant. There, its employees produced machines that created paper milk cartons.

Today it is Diamond Manufacturing and it stands at the corner of Jefferson Street and the County Line Road.

Leland Gerber, Bluffton photographer took this photo in 1956 when the plant was constructed. Several things to notice:

52 winter seasons ago

The 1966-67 Bluffton High School boys' basketball team.

From left Bob Yant, Greg Luginbuhl, Steve Sutter, Dave Smucker, Jim Ehrman, Jim Opperman, Nelson White, Larry Eikenbary, Max Eastman and Dave Burkholder.

The team went 12-8. Less then 10 points would have given BHS an NWC title. Games were played in the old BHS gym.

Krehbiel Bridge 1943

This photo borders on the romanticized, but it shows a forerunner of Adams Bridge, originally called Krehbiel Bridge. The photo is from the the 1943 Bluffton College Ista.

Look closely in the middle of the far left and you can seek part of the word "KREHBIEL"" in wooden letters.

When Adams Bridge replaced Krehbiel Bridge, the bridge was rebuilt and relocated slightly to line up with the entrance to Ropp Hall.

1964-65 BHS Future Farmers of America

Here are members of the 1964-65 Bluffton HS FFA.

Front from left, Dennis McCarty, Bob Holt, Steve Tripplehorn, Bill Hauenstein and Mark Lutterbein.

Second row from left, Jim Dillman, Ron Steiner, Dale Dunlap, Mike Allgire, Tom Craig, Jim Augsburger, Paul Kloepple and Larry Mast.

Standing from left, Dick Huber, Bob Hilty, Jim Steiner, Bob Hauenstein, Wes Beery, Don Hohenbrink, Nolan Bucher and John Herron.

56 sports seasons ago - Bluffton's Varsity B

Here are members of the Bluffton High School Varsity B during the 1963-64 school year. Names are under the photo.

Front from left, Mike Reichenbach, Dave Montgomery, Joe Steiner, Gary Zimmerman, Loren Core, Steve Clark, Larry Crow, Tom Benroth, Gene Balmer.

Second row from left, Dennis Gable, Bill Swank, John Mericle, Larry Amstutz, Dave Travis, Fred Rodabaugh, Tom Bogart, Jim Dillman. 

Third row from left, Tom Basinger, Dan Lehman, Sam Reineke, Tom Warren, Charles Baker, Tom Augsburger Lee Cookson, coach Mark Covert.

Buckeye floating pool 1944

Here are two rare photos of the floating swimming pool in the Buckeye quarry. These photos was taken in 1944, during a Lions Club picnic, following a removation of the pool area by the club.

For people who can visualize the location, this is east end (Main Street side) of the Buckeye.