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October 24, 2021

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Historical Bluffton

Hilty school 1913-14

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Methodist Episcopal Sunday school picnic

Methodist picnic circa 1891


Although this photo is not clearly identified there are several obvious features that reveal interesting stories. The photo is from the collection of Richard Boehr.

The back side reads "M.E. Sunday School picnic held on College grounds." That translates to (Bluffton) Methodist Episcopal Church (now First United Methodist). The college was established in 1899. One theory is that the photo is actually older than 1899, however. More on that as additional research takes place to prove this theory.

Photo: Early 1950s version of Handel's Messiah

Messiah directed by Russell Lantz

This photo shows an early 1950s-era production of Handel's Messiah in Founders Hall. Russell Lantz is the director. It is from the collection of Richard Boehr.