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Recap of November 2023 Bluffton School Board meeting

By Paula Scott

On Monday, November 20, the Bluffton Board of Education meeting included two visitors, 7th grader Jaylen Guest–who is a volunteer technology assistant–and incoming member Alice Basinger, who will take her seat on the board in January. The agenda included approving the Ocean Focus field trip and submission of a renewal tax levy for the March 2024 ballot.

December 2023 calendar items request

December 2023 is almost here! Send upcoming items of general public interest to [email protected] to be included in the Icon's Community Calendar. 

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Agenda for November meeting of Apollo Board of Education

The 7:00 p.m. Regular Meeting of the Apollo Board of Education on November 27, 2023 will include new business of a Resolution of Acceptance In the  Ohio Facilities Construction Commission Career Technical Construction Program. The agenda is attached

The kindest acts

Columnist Bill Herr taught high school mathematics and science for 32 years before serving as a volunteer and then as a staff chaplain at two nursing homes. In this series of articles, he writes about his experiences with elderly residents. He does not use the residents’ real names.

By Bill Herr

Some of the kindest acts I have ever witnessed occurred when residents in nursing homes did acts of love and kindness toward fellow residents. One example was an exchange between Harry and Jim. Harry was formerly a farmer.  He had several strokes and was paralyzed on the left side. In his wheelchair he was bent over toward that side and his arm dangled lifelessly down, his hand nearly touching the floor. He couldn’t talk, but his eyes were clear and he could focus on you when you looked at him. He came to our meetings but I never was sure if he understood the discussions.  

One summer my wife and I and our kids had just made a field of alfalfa hay. I love the sweet smell of alfalfa hay. I decided to take a leaf of it to the nursing home the next week. Many of the men residents had been raised on farms and I thought the smell of fresh-made hay would stir memories. 


JAMPD nature photography exhibit begins Dec. 1

ArtSpace/Lima and the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan District announce the opening of the annual Nature Photography Contest Exhibition.


Gundy presents "Phantom Power" at Colloquium

Jeff Gundy, professor emeritus of English and writer in (non)residence, will present “Phantom Power: Words and Notes” as part of the Bluffton University Colloquium series. 

EVENT 4:00 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 1
Centennial Hall - Stutzman Lecture Hall, Bluffton University