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100th Eagle Scout honored by Troop 256

List of 100 Bluffton Eagle Scouts below

On Sunday, September 11, 2022, Bluffton Boy Scout troop 256 held an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Daniel Robert Creeger at the Beaverdam Church of Christ.

Attended by family, friends, and scouts of all ages, the ceremony included a presentation of the Scout Oath and Scout Law, presentation of Parent Pins by Daniel, comments on Daniel’s experiences as a scout by Mike Metzger, recognition by the Lima Elks Club and the Eagle Scout Charge conducted by all Eagle Scouts that were present.

Daniel’s parents are Loren and Robin Creeger, and his sister is Hannah Creeger. Daniel presented the Mentor pin to his Loren and explained how his father supported him throughout the years and in his Eagle project, renovating a “ramshackle” shed at the church. The scout joked that he has actually come to enjoy scouting in recent years. Daniel is 17 years old and still has the opportunity to add to his many merit badges.

Eagle Scout is the highest advancement rank in Boy Scouting. Daniel Creeger is the 100th Bluffton Boy Scout to achieve this rank in Troops 256 (formerly 56). He explained that he joined the Bluffton troop after a Rawson troop disbanded. The Bluffton troop is sponsored by American Legion Post 382 and meets at the Sportmen’s Club at 405 S. Spring St., Bluffton.

Troop 256 has been under continuous charter since 1939. The troop is currently chartered by American Legion Post 382. Eagle Scout Darrel Groman noted that the red and white checked neck scarf is a tradition representing the fact that Bluffton scouts are always ready to eat.

Information about joining scout Troop 256 can be found HERE.

Information about joining Cub Scout Troop 3256 can be found at

The following 100 Eagle Scouts from Bluffton Boy Scout Troop 256 are listed on plaques posted at the Bluffton Sportsmen’s Club.

2022 Daniel Creeger

2021 Carter Dailey

2021 Will Neff

2021 Ben Eiden

2020 Jonah Brown

2020 Levi McClain

2020 Logan Mathewson

2019 Neil Metzger

2019 Harrison Stechschulte

2017 Casey McGuire

2017 Jon Smith

2017 Christian Groman

2016 Jacob Thompson

2016 Brice Metzger

2016 Kaden Reneker

2015 Misha Groman

2015 Jared Metzger

2015 Clay Burkholder

2014 Carrick Lancaster

2013 Roger Zeits

2013 Jonatan Moser

2013 Justin Paul

2011 Justin Weaver

2010 Luke Oxender

2010 Taylor Steele

2010 David Moser

2009 Honorary Dr. Phillip Weisenbarger

2009 Joel Groman

2009 Drew Gable

2007 Aaron Tendam

2007 Thomas Fett

2005 Andy Tendam

2005 Michael Schwager

2004 Jason Rhodes

2004 Dustin Bucher

2004 Drew Whte

2004 Kurt Groman

2003 Samuel Haynes

2003 Jonathan Harmon

2002 Jason Harmon

2002 Nathan Klingler

2002 Steve Dye

2001 Luke Voth

2000 Benjamin Harmon

1997 Jonah Wetherill

1992 Jason Follas

1984 Mark Shinaberry

1982 Brian Jackman

1978 David J. Englehardt

1977 John Shaffer

1977 Robert Badertscher

1974 Richard Weiss

1974 John LaRoche

1974 David Kreider

1974 Michael Flinn

1974 J. Daniel Groman

1972 Fred Wiess

1972 Terry McKibben

1972 Darrell Groman

1972 Robert Ernsberger

1970 Randall Luginbuhl

1969 J. Lowell Friesen

1967 Steve Ream

1967 James Pannabecker

1967 William McKibben

1966 J. Edward Poss

1966 Kenneth Cookson

1965 Mark Kinsinger

1965 Kent Kinsinger

1965 Max Eastman

1964 David Smucker

1964 John Pannabecker

1964 Bruce Marshall

1963 Clifford Eastman

1962 Lee Cookson

1960 Michael Emans

1959 Steve Sutermeister

1959 Dan Luginbuhl

1956 Thomas Brauen

1956 Ronald Zimmerly

1956 Doug Reichenbach

1956 Terry Marshall

1956 James Jordan

1955 Larry Smucker

1955 David Little

1954 Ralph Reichenbach, Jr.

1952 Don L. Badertscher

1945 Gene Patterson

1945 Dean Niswander

1943 Charles Triplehorn

1943 Robert Stratton

1943 Robert Ramseyer

1943 Donivan Augsburger

1942 Otto Klassen

1942 John Schmidt

1942 Robert Oberly

1942 Bill Mericle

1942 Wilhelm A. (Bill) Amstutz II

1927 Robert Schaublin 

1924 Donald Fenton


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