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YouTuber’s search for helicopter ends in Bluffton, spotlights local Life Flight and airport

By Paula Scott

This week YouTuber Heavy D Sparks–who is also a co-star of the Discovery Channel series Diesel Brothers–posted a video on the successful end to the search for his dream helicopter, the Dolphin (a.k.a. Dauphin). The video is titled “How a $250,000 Scam Helped Me Find My Dream Helicopters.”

Local Life Flight pilot Aaron Antrim had learned of Sparks’s search and the scam in a prior video. When he discovered that two Dolphin helicopters were being retired by the Mercy Health Life Flight Network, he contacted the media figure about the opportunity.

Sparks documents his visit to Bluffton in this video, which also shows the flight by helicopter to and from Bluffton. The segment highlights the Bluffton airport, Dottie Anderson Terminal and Life Flight crew members based here.


Antrim speaks of his experiences on emergency medical flights and flying the Dolphin. Life Flight nurse Aaron Kreygar is also interviewed and recounts the kinds of emergencies on which she has assisted.

In the wrapup, Sparks describes the future he plans for the helicopters, which will include painting the exterior and removing the medical fittings inside. During the flights shown in the video, a member of Sparks’ team had to fly laying down on the stretcher.