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June 18, 2021

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Bruno's Liquid Alarm Clock

By Philip A. Murphy

A friend and I developed this recipe a few years before Kim and Pete Suter opened Common Grounds.

It was too expensive to drive to Findlay every time we wanted a coffee drink, so we started looking through the kitchen cupboards and experimenting.
The ratios changed from time to time, but this was the mixture that worked the best.

"Bruno's Liquid Alarm Clock"
Instant Iced Mocha Latte' -- Makes 1 gallon

Take a one gallon plastic measuring pitcher. Add the following dry items and blend well:
Dry Instant Coffee for 2 Quarts (10 to 12 teaspoons. 12 tsp. = 1/4 cup)
Dry Instant Cocoa Mix for 1 Quart (10 to 12 Tablespoons. 12 tbsp. = 3/4 cup)
(No marshmallows -- it looks funny!)
1 1/2 to 2 cups sugar

Add cold water until the liquid reaches the 3 quart mark on the pitcher. Mix well using a plastic or wooden spoon.
The dry ingredients will settle out to some degree. This is normal.
Add 1 quart of milk (Whole works well, but 2% can be used) and mix well again.

For those of you with a science background, this is a 'super-saturated solution'.
In plain English for the rest of you, this stuff will settle into a strong sludge unless you re-mix it EVERY TIME you pour it. DO NOT EAT THE SLUDGE!
'Tis tempting, but it will weaken the brew for everybody else and will probably give you a headache.

Serve well chilled without ice. If you wish, flavorings may be added.
May be made in smaller batches (Why?) or larger batches (YES!) as long as the ratios are the same.